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 Kuro Nara [Items]

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Kuro Nara
Jounin (S)
Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Kuro Nara [Items]   Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:19 pm

Item: Forehead Protector
Rank: E
Quantity: 1
Price: Free
Description: The most important article of clothing for any and all shinobi is their forehead protector. This headband signifies where the loyalty of a shinobi lies. It also signifies equality among shinobi of the same village. In order to be considered an official ninja, one must graduate and earn one of these headbands. A missing-nin puts a scratch across their village symbol on these to signify their defection from that village. They can also serve a practical purpose, acting as protection for a ninja's forehead whilst in battle.

Item: Kunai
Rank: D
Quantity: 6
Price: 15 Ryo per kunai. Available in packs of 10 for 100 Ryo.
Description: The kunai, or throwing knife, is one of the
most common tools of the shinobi, as it is useful for both close quarters and long range combat, as well as being used in conjunction with other materials such as explosive tags or wire to form deadly combinations.

Item: Senbon
Rank: D
Quantity: 20
Price: 1 Ryo per senbon. Only Available in packs of 10 for 10 Ryo, 50 for 50 ryo, and 100 for 100 ryo
Description: The senbon, first used by doctors in acupuncture, began to become utilised by shinobi, specifically hunter-ninja. The senbon is valued for it's ability to hit precision points on the targets body, able to cause death, cripple limbs or knock the target unconcious. In the right hands, of course.

Item: Shuriken
Rank: D
Quantity: 6
Price: 15 Ryo per shuriken. Available in packs of 10 for 150 Ryo.
Description: The Shuriken, or throwing star, is a common long range projectile weapon of the shinobi.

Item: Flash Bomb
Rank: D
Quantity: 5
Price: 150 Ryo each
Description: These small paper spheres release a blinding light when they detonate, useful for distractions or for creating shadows for jutsu that manipulate them.

Item: Wire
Rank: D
Quantity: 200 feet
Price: 150 Ryo per 100 feet.
Description: Wire is a common utility tool amongst shinobi, as it has countless uses. These highly durable strings are able to be used to Rappel, manipulate weaponry, bind an opponents movement, as tripwire and countless other things. They are limited only by your imagination.

Item: Explosive Tags
Rank: D
Quantity: 5
Price: 150 Ryo per tag
Description: The exploding tag is a piece of parchment paper which has a seal on it that serves to facilitate it's explosive properties. The shinobi can attach the notes to other objects such as a kunai or a log. When the note is set, they can be triggered either with a spark, an impact or by the shinobi who placed it forming a half tiger seal to trigger it's explosive properties.
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Kuro Nara [Items]
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