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 Ryuu Kishi

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PostSubject: Ryuu Kishi   Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:07 am

Name: Tenchi Tsukino Ryuu Kishi
Age: 21
Birthdate: Jan 8
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Rank:Jounin (S)

Village: Umigakure
Clan: Dohvahkin
Element(s): Raiton | Suiton | Futon
Specialties: Fuinjutsu | Taijutsu | Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Water Breathing:

Weight: 130 lbs
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color: Emerald
General Description: Ryuu stands at five feet ten inches and weights one-hundred and thirty pounds. His skin is lightly tanned in color and his build is muscular and yet slim. His hair is black in color with a section of hair on the right side of his face, a portion of his chin length bangs, having a white streak in them. His hair goes down to mid-back; dreadlocked, and held back in a ponytail. Eyes are emerald in color, and there is a thin scar going horizontally across his nose. His face is overall elfen in appearance; with the very tips of his ears being pointed.

Ryuu wears a gray sleeveless coat that closes in the front and which goes down to his ankles; the gray coat has black trim along the edges and a rose stem like design on both the back and top front of it. Beneath this is a white top with green trim that has a similar but smaller decorative design. Pants are black in color while the outer edges, from slightly above the knee to the bottom of the pantleg are green with the same design as the gray coat; over this green are a series of straps that connect the two sides. Feet are planted firmly into boots that are polished and shined; causing them to gleam slightly.

About You!
Personality: Cold. Calculating. At least, that is the vibe that Ryuu seems to give off. He refuses to speak, causing him to become a practitioner of 'actions speak louder than words'. To him, every action is the truest intention of the human mind. The actions of the world can be reduced to simple black and white to Ryuu, if one were to think rationally about it. Actions define who we are, and what we've done. Words hold no weight, talk is cheap. And given that Ryuu mostly refuses to speak; he holds no value to words. For those whom he trusts, however, Ryuu trusts thier words completely, bordering on blind loyalty. That isnt to say that wll not refuse to believe evidence that points out the contrary...
He tends to think a situation through before acting, taking time to factor in several different approaches and scenarios, even going os far as to formulate plans for unknown factors. This allows for Ryuu to become able to adapt to most situations in a matter of seconds, shifting plans and strategies mid-combat. Ryuu prides himself on this; something he believes that the average shinobi needs to expand upon. He would offer to show them how, but...

Likes: Ryuu loves to read. He seeks to expand his mind, and knowledge every chance he gets. When the male is not on missions, he can usually be found in the village library, surrounded by a mountain of books. What Ryuu reads usually will vary from day to to day, depending on how engrossed into a subject he becomes. He's earned himself quite the reputation with librarians; most find his love of books admirable, even if they find Ryuu himself a bit odd.
Beyond reading, Ryuu strives to better himself physically. He trains himself constantly, pushing to break his limits. He views his body as limited by his mind, and believes that if one expands the mind and pushes themself to virtually have no limits, they would be unstopable.

Dislikes: Ryuu really dislikes braggers. To him, they embody all that he hates about people. Ha has no problem with people who are confident of thier abilities, mind you. But those who boast that can beat anyone that they come across, reguardless of if they can or cannot. He takes great joy in proving these people wrong; a well placed punch to the throat will usually suffice in silencing thier noise.
In the same vein as disliking braggers, Ryuu, he also despieses liars. People who willingly decieve others for thier own means, whether its through religion, propaganda.... he understands the concept of a white lie... but a lie crafted to twist the masses to do one's own dirty work.... these are the people that need to be silenced.

Motivations: Ryuu is motivated primarily by the bonds that he shares with his family. He adores them all to the point that he would gladly lay down his life for them, just to thank them for all they have done for him. While he does agree that this mindset has flaws, he believes that it will never come to pass; but if it did, he would not hesitate to fulfill it.

Ryuu is also motivated by love.. not the sexual kind, but that of passion. He hold his ideals in great esteem, and will not back down when they are challenged. That isn't to say that he is thickheaded and stubborn; if presented with a reasonable argument; he may change his way of thinking to incorporate this idea.

In either case, he does believe in love of the romantic kind; family bonds, the embrace of a close friendship. He's not sure if he wishes for the latter, but the former is what he's built his life around.

Fears: There is nothing that Ryuu really fears. With that being said, he has the normal fears that everyone has; the fear of losing people close to him. While many would see this as a normal fear, Ryuu takes it to a whole new level; his aunts and uncles are what keep him grounded. His uncles are his idols in many ways, urging the boy to better himself. His aunts are the voices of reason and wisdom in his life, always offering him bits of advice should he ask. To lose them.. well, he'd rather not think about that. While he would not lack for anything if something should happen to them, he is more worried about what would happen to himself.

It should go without saying that his worst fear is himself. He knows of his clan's violent past, and strives to pull himself away from that. That isnt to say that he doesnt love his kin; but given their past, Ryuu does not wish for himself to fall victim to the cycle

History:Once upon a time, there was a little ninja that could! What he could do, he didnt do, and what he did do, he shouldnt have done. His days were filled with happiness, sunshine, and rainbows out the ass. He positively skipped everyewhere he went, and the worl was just so ha-- Sorry. I can't do that anymore. The false happiness is gonna make me puke.

This story isnt filled with happiness. There are no fucking rainbows, no enternal sunshine and no ponies talking to each other about what a wonderful day it is to go on a picnic. If you're looking for that, you're in the wrong place. No, this story is a bit darker than most, and not for the 'faint of heart'. Or, I could be just completely bullshitting you. Time will tell if you are capable of separating the truth from my ramblings. For now, please have a seat-- no, not that one. That one is reserved for the porcupine.

The story begins like so many others: a man and a woman. His father was a retired Anbu captain from Umigakure whom wanted a quiet life: His mother was a seamstress from a small town outside of Konoha. Together they built a life outside the busy walls of Kumo, one where they could live out thier days in happiness. Tsukino Tenji was tired of the political posing and in-fighting of his family, tired of the looks of comtempt that he and his wife, Reimei, recieved from the other Tsukino. He moved himself and his wife to her home village. Tenji used his skills as an shinobi to to become a hunter for his family, providing them with a wealth of food while Reimei was able to save them money by using her skills as a seamtress to keep the family clothed. Together, they built themselves a simple yet beautiful life.

Imagine thier joy some three years into thier wedded bliss when Reimei announced to Tenji and thier close friends that she was carrying thier first child. Tenji quickly wrote home to his family, excited about the bundle of joy on the way. Tenji's father was overwelmed with joy-- but not many other people of the clan were happy. They did not like the prospect of thier 'pure blood' being mixed with that of commoners, yet no one would dare voice thier opinions against Tenji's father. But nothing could stop the sour expressions and mocking tones that were given to the couple when the elder Tsukino's back was turned as the young couple came to visit.

After nine months, Reimei gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, one whom she named Tenchi. The child was born healthy with a head of black hair, much to his parents shock. Thinking nothing of it, Tenji, Reimei, and Tenchi lived happily together for years. As the child grew older, Tenji taught Tenchi how to fend for himself in the wild; to hunt and track game, how to formulate traps with fuinjutsu for smaller animals and the like, which Tenchi took to like a fish to water. By the time the child was seven, he was was spending several days a week camping in the nearby forest with his father, coming home with enough small game to supplement his father's earnings. It was also around this time that Tenji taught Tenchi Taijutsu, oas well as basic practice in Soujutsu (Spear techniques, strictly for the purpose of self defense against some of the larger creatures of the forest). Under his father's tutelage, Tenchi's skills grew to be comparable to that of a genin shinobi.

On a personal level, Tenchi was not one to always play nice with others. On the days that he went to the market with is mother, Tenchi was in charge of watching the stall while Reimei handled the money. After a particularly nasty incendent in which most of thier trade was stolen, as a precaution, Tenchi always rigged his stall with Fuinjutsu traps. As the thieves would attempt to steal skins from the stall, they'd find themselves rooted in place and staring down the shaft of a spear until they either payed or were arrested. He had no mercy for would-be theives -- even the children. An kunai launched near the foot to snare them with fuinjutsu, followed by another to 'shock' thier feet until they returned what they attempted to steal. As time passed, thieves grew wary of the child and his mother when they came into town, avoiding them entirely out of fear for thier own safety; the child was less forgiving as he grew older. What were once simple traps designed to protect his wares evolved into more sinister displays of brilliance -- fingers were often lost, sometimes a whole hand. Of course, Tenchi would return the appendages -- after the local police were informed.

It would be these 'incidents' that would prove to be the downfall of the happy family. The local mob boss was not happy with this little 'rebellion'. Other merchants, seeing a mere child protect his wares in a such a way, were refusing to be exploited. Deciding that the best way to stop this newfound bravery was to make an example of the Tenchi and his mother, the boss ordered his men to follow the family home and ambush them.

As the family settled down to dinner at dusk, there came a knock at the door. As Tenji got up to answer the door, the windows of thier cabin were smashed inward, through which numerous armed thugs jumped through. The men, expecting to only see Tenchi and his mother, were shocked to see the enraged form of Tenji, who promptly began to beat the life from the nearest thug with the door of thier cabin. Tenji ordered Tenchi and Reimei to get out of the house-- something that Tenchi was able to accomplish with a bit of a struggle. Miraclously, the teen was able to snatch up his spear before grabbing his shrieking mother and pulling her with him through a window as Tenji covered thier escape. Several of the thugs got out of the cabin to follow the duo as the cabin erupted into black lightning...

For several of the men following Lee and Reimei, life was about to take a fatal turn for the worse. Lee and his mother fled into the parts of the forest that was laced with various hunting traps; a plan thought of by Tenchi as he dragged his mother along behind him. He would wait amongst the treetops until a trap had been activated, before moving closer and raining down spears into the unfortunate soul whom been caught. The game of cat and mouse continued on for hours until his mother's scream broke the air. Rushing to where he'd left her, he came upon her lifeless body clutched in the hands of one of the men whom raided his house. It was at that point the male was knocked unconsious by one of the remaining men whom snuck up behind him.

The first thing Tenchi felt when he woke was the weights on his wrists and ankles; chains placed upon him to keep the child from running off. Deciding that death would be too good for him; the mob boss had sold the boy into slavery. For two long years the child was forced to work in a mine, whipped everytime he refused to do what he was ordered to do. For two long years the child labored in this situation, until a task force from Umigakure raided the mine. It was then that Tenchi was freed, and reunited with his family.

Tenchi grew to call his clansmen and women Father and Mother respectively; the children became known to him as brothers and sisters. He was never excluded from activities; the children always remembered to invite him to participate in family events. Tenchi grew up as a quiet child, rarely speaking unless spoken to. He was raised to remain calm in the face of all opposition, no matter the threat.  While some people often mistake this for cockiness, Tenchi quietly replies that fear has no place in his life; and hesitation will only get one killed.

Tenchi entered the Umigakure ninja academy when he was eleven much to the shock of his elders.  His elders had generally assumed that the child had no interest in the ways of a ninja. He'd never paid much attention to the elders of his clan whom were Shinobi; he complained quietly that they smelled like blood. When questioned as to why he decided to become a ninja, he simply replied that he wished to protect those whom he cared about. In his mind, he believed to do this, he would need to be stronger; and the path of a ninja was the best way to do this.

In the Academy, Tenchi was an average student in terms of his studies; never less than a C in his subjects. His special talent emerged one day during weapons training class. It was here that he discovered his love for spears. He could wield a single spear with enough proficiency to disarm a chuunin.

Upon hearing this, several members of his clan began to murmur and snicker, citing that Tenji's blood was stirring in his son. Tenchi shrugged off the comments, and began to focus himself into his training. The boy quickly learned to supplement his growing Soujutsu skills with the fuinjutsu skills his father taught him in order to achieve various effects. The boy's prowess with Soujutsu grew to the point that he literally fought his way to the top of his taijutsu classes.  As a present for becoming a Genin, his family presented Tenchi with a old spear, one that would allow him to be able to use his Soujutsu skills.

For the duration of his Genin career, Tenchi's life was uneventful. He completed missions assigned to him, some of high difficulty, others, not so much. He learned to refine his skills, and spent his time developing jutsu that would supplement his specialties. Tenchi would continue to use the spear he was given, taking very good care of it. It was a normal sized spear, complete with a holster to hold it on his back.. However, the blade and shaft was very old, and beginning to rust in several places. During the final round of his Chuunin exam, Tenchi broke his spear against his opponent's blade. Rather than forfeiting the match, the male picked up the broken pieces of the spear, and continued to fight with it. Despite putting up a tremendous fight, Tenchi was defeated. Even with his defeat, the male proved himself to be worthy of being promoted..

For years, Tenchi was content with his life, carrying out his duties as a shinobi without question. As time went on, his abilities grew exponentially, starting with the unlocking of two distinct abilities that his father was infamous for utilizing. But even still, he felt something inside him. The political infighting of the Umigakure 'elders' was something he could not deal with. Even with a tour of ANBU under his belt, he felt as if he were being torn between the politacal figures of Umi. And so, rather than serve as a mindless servant, the male opted to leave his village..
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuu Kishi   Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:26 am

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Ryuu Kishi
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