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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:51 am

Here on Naruto Odyssey there are a specific set of rules that all who wish to be on the site must abide by. They are rules meant to keep the site running smoothly while ensuring that all members of Naruto Odyssey are treated justly and fairly. These rules are subject to change from time to time at staff's digression, so please check back periodically.

Role-Playing Rules

Here is where you can find rules that directly affect role-playing threads and IC (in character) interactions.

  • When posting the title of a thread please ensure that you dictate who can and cannot enter your thread. To do this you simply put tags such as [Open], [Invite Only], [John Smith], [Private], so on and so forth. Any thread not tagged will be considered Open to any who wish to enter.

  • If you are in an Invite Only tagged thread only the thread creator can invite characters into the thread; all other participants cannot.

  • All topics are considered Kill-Enabled unless they've been marked with a [No-Kill] type tag.

  • Please keep the posting order. This means that if John, Mary, and Sue enter the thread in that order then that is the order they must post in. The only exception to this rule is if it has been seventy two hours; then you may skip the person who has been absent and continue on with the thread.

  • Do not take OOC information IC. This is called meta-gaming and is taken very seriously here on Naruto Odyssey and is not tolerated by any means.

  • If your Role-Play is going to consist of something “inappropriate” then please mark it with a thread rating [PG-13], [R], ect. This way people are warned of the kind of content the thread may contain before opening it.

  • No character can be in more then five threads at any single time. Nor can they be in threads in multiple villages: you are only allowed to participate and post in threads that are located within your current village.

Chatbox Rules

The Chatbox is a privilege that some sites don't bother with due to the 'abuse' that can happen in it. Here on Naruto Odyssey we have established the following rules to try and keep the Chatbox as friendly a place as possible.

  • Five Minute Rule! This rule is especially important as a means to keep Naruto Odyssey Staff from feeling overwhelmed. What this rule means is that you cannot bug/pester/harass members of Staff within five minutes of them entering the Chatbox, or within five minutes of you entering the Chatbox.

  • Respect each other. At no time is racism, discrimination, belittling, ect tolerated. Keep the peace, and try and keep foul language to a minimum.

  • No arguments or flame wars in the Chatbox. If you have a problem with another member on the site take it to PM or elsewhere: we do not want to see it.

  • Spoiler images and long links. The Chatbox is easily broken by links that are far too long, or images that are too large.

Basic Rules

  • Please, before asking a member of Staff about something, attempting to see if you can find your answer in the guidelines. Yes, Staff is here to ask questions and to help explain things when needed, but most of the information you need can be located within the Guidelines; and that is what they're there for.

  • Respect Naruto Odyssey Staff. What a staff member says, goes. Do not argue, do not flame, and do not throw a fit when you are denied something: doing these things will not get you your way.

  • If you have an issue with someone, think that someone is breaking a rule, or generally being a jerk, please PM a member of staff and bring it to their attention via screen shots (though Chatlogs will be taken in a pinch). If you do not have proof of the offense there is nothing we can do about it.
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The Rules
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