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 Artemis Kane

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Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Artemis Kane   Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:21 pm

Name: Artemis Kane
Age: 13
Birthdate: August 21st
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Rank: Jounin [S-Rank]

Village: Kurayamigakure
Clan: Uchiha | Kuriyami
Element(s): Fire Release | Yin Release | Yang Release
Specialties:  Ninjutsu | Genjutsu | Taijutsu | Fuuinjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Yin Release:
Yang Release:


Weight: 85 Pounds
Hair Color: Golden-Blond
Eye Color: Reddish Orange
General Description: Artemis is a bit small even for her age. She stands at an even five feet tall, and weighs only eighty five pounds; though as she often says “Dynamite comes in small packages” and this is true for the Taijutsu user.

Her skin is pale in color, causing reddish orange colored hues to stand out even more; even among all of her long golden-blond colored hair. Artemis' usual choice of outfit consists of black leather boots with buckles up the sides that go nearly to her knees with deep purple colored stockings that go nearly the whole way up her thighs worn beneath them. Dark gray, nearly black, shorts cover her bottom half while a black t-shirt with a purple jacket over top cover the top half of her. Over her head she often wears a black beanie with stands of her hair hanging out freely.

Her fingernails are often painted black with a purple spider web design over top of them; and she wears no makeup at all. Her most common accessory would have to be her light gray backpack outlined in lime-green with a monkey on the front pocket.

About You!
Personality: Artemis is a very sweet and caring child. She's helpful; more than willing to do what is asked of her and always one of the first to volunteer when someone needs help with something.

She's a very happy child; always giggling and laughing.

She's a good child; patient, understanding, and who listens to what she's told. When she doesn't understand something, or when she feels something isn't right, she's not afraid to question it however she does so respectfully.

She's very intelligent and a very fast learner; capable of catching on to things with relative ease. The sort of person who never has to study for a test because the answers just come simply enough and because her memory recall is excellent.

She is a very determined person; unwilling to give up on something she wants or allow something to get in her way when attempting to reach a goal. This determination effects her training and studying as well; allowing no answer to escape her, and being unwilling to stop training until her goal is reached.

However; on the flip side to all of this she does have a temper problem. It takes a while for it to show; and rarely announces itself. However, when she is angered it's not hard to tell. She'll yell, scream, or even physically attack someone of it comes to it especially if that person has threatened her or her family. She's very protective over friends and family; so going from happy to pissed off in zero seconds is a common thing when she feels people she cares about are in danger.

Likes: Artemis loves colors. Blues, pinks, purples, greens; anything bright and happy. That isn't to say she won't wear darker colors; she's just more distracted by the brighter ones and feels they better go with her over-all happy personality.

Artemis also loves candy: her favorite would be gummy bears but she'll also eat lollipops, chocolates, and other hard candies. Her favorite gummy bears are the sweet and sour ones; start out sour and turn sweet once all of the soured sugar is dissolved.

Artemis loves to read; the more knowledge she can absorb the better. Histories, biographies, anything she can get her hands on that contains knowledge.

Artemis has a very soft spot when it comes to animals, though the one she likes the most would have to be kittens - she loves finding kittens around and taking them home.

Dislikes: Brussels sprouts, even in a butter sauce are a severe dislike for Artemis; one of the only vegetables that she actually will not eat. Another food she strongly dislikes would have to be lima beans, she believes they're one of the most disgusting things on the planet and worth of lima bean extermination!

Artemis also has a strong dislike, hatred really, towards bullies and those who abuse their power. She knows she lives in a world where violence normally does solve problems faster than trying to talk it out; but a complete abuse of ones power is just disgusting to her.

What also disgusts her are those who claim they've done something just to puff themselves up and put them above someone. She believes actions speak louder than words and talking about past glories that might or might not have happened says nothing about the current state of an individual. Bragging is for those who cannot accomplish their goals anymore; words to hide behind because they're too scared to face reality.

Smart child is smart.

Motivations: What could possibly motivate a child? Could it be the idea of candy or some awesome toy as a prize? Perhaps the idea of doing better in itself is enough? Artemis, while capable of being swayed by the promise of candy or a new toy, tends to do things more for the purpose of wanting to help other people, especially her family and friends.

Something as simple as wanting to get stronger because she wants to be like her other siblings is enough in itself; she looks to them as roll models and they provide a great deal of motivation that she would otherwise lack.

Fears: What does a normal child fear? The Boogeyman? The Candyman? The monster under the bed? Perhaps the one who lives in the closet and likes to wait until three o'clock in the morning to come creeping as a shadow with long branch-like fingers across the room? Perhaps those are the fears of a normal child.

However, Artemis is by all means not a normal child. She knows that monsters are very real but she also knows that so long as she is with her family nothing can or will hurt her. It allows her to see things from another perspective; as does her ability to analyze and break things down at such a young age; to see where the shadows and creepy noises are really coming from instead of giving into her fear like a normal child would.

History: Artemis was born to Avery and Alec roughly ten years ago. From the time she could talk she watched her older siblings train and fight, taking a great interest in being able to do the same despite being so young. She watched her brother blow things up without seeming to try, she watched her sister cue diseases and heal people back from things that no other medic could have possibly healed and cured. She had a great deal of examples to follow by, but her destiny was her own and she would learn slowly of her own untapped powers and talents.

Early on it became noticeable that Artemis showed talent towards Ninjutsu and Taijutsu and so those skills were honed to the perfect they are today. Each of her family members offered tips and suggstions to help her further her goal. One day an Academy instructor happened by while Artemis was playing around with a bo staff in the local park near the tower that she lived. This Academy instructor was a visitor to the village she was in but seeing potential such as hers he quickly created an Academy and began to instruct her and all of the other children in the village who were interested.

Artemis blossomed even further, quickly surpassing her instructor and learning all that she could. When this day came she graduated from the Academy and a celebration filled the entire village. Artemis couldn't be happier that she had accomplished but one goal in the many her future would hold.

When things settled down after another few years passed her father brought up beginning to travel and Artemis was quickly interested: a chance to see more of the world was a chance to be able to learn new things and grow her powers even more significantly. Instead of telling her that she should be happy with the power she had, or telling her to wait until she was older, he agreed to allow her to come with under the condition that she listened to everything he said - and if she was told to run to do so, no matter how confident in her abilities she might be. Artemis agreed, although she hoped in the back of her mind that a situation like that would never rise up, and so she began to travel around with her father and see the world and meet all of the interesting shinobi and other people within it.

As she traveled around with her father she began to pick up on new things, including Yin and Rang Release. Like many prodigies she was capable of harnessing it before her time, allowing her to use it years younger than she should have been able to under normal circumstances. It was during this time that another specialty peaked through her latent talents: the art of sealing: Fuuinjutsu. Who knew what the future could possibly hold for the ten year old?

RP Sample: "You're just a little pip-squeak! Why don't you run along to your daddy little girl and leave us big guys alone, eh?", said one of the three thieves who Artemis had just caught sneaking into one of the many store-houses around the village.

"....." Artemis grinned slightly; these men had no idea who she was and no idea who her father was, or else they would have never mentioned her running along to her daddy like that. No, they likely would have taken off like the devil himself was chasing them and never looked back or stepped foot into the village again. But, Artemis wasn't going to spoil her own fun by informing them. "No, I don't think I will."

Laughter followed her response. "Oh? You're a brave one, eh? Then what are you going to do about it little girl? We're big scary guys and you're just a midget."

.... Midget. They had just called her a midget. Her face contorted slightly in her anger; the smile was wiped off and replaced with a deep scowl of anger. Hands were clenched into fists as she marched herself right over to the one who had called her a midget without an ounce of fear to show. More laughter rang out, meaning that the guy didn't see what was about to happen: Artemis snapped her leg out quick and slammed her foot right into the man's left shin. A snap of a sound followed and the man went down hard.

Artemis put her hands on her hips, still looking angry as she watched the man roll around holding his leg while howling in pain. "Anyone else want to continue stealing stuff? Or are you gonna go home and cry to your mommies?", she asked.

The men looked shocked as they looked between such a tiny child and a full grown man who had just had one of the toughest bones in the human body snapped like a twig with a kick. "That's... that's the kane kid. Let's get outta here!" Two of the three men scrambled away, leaving their injured partner behind who took one more look at Artemis before fainting.

"Stupid butt faces..", Artemis grumbled as she turned and walked towards home, thinking that something was likely going to come along very soon and eat the fainted man.

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PostSubject: Re: Artemis Kane   Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:23 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Artemis Kane   Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:18 pm

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Artemis Kane
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