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 Jun Chi, Houjin

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Jun Chi, Houjin  V8iQCuA

Name: Houjin Jun Chi
Age: 23
Birthdate: 5/5
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: Jun Chi
Rank: Jounin (A)

Village: Sabakugakure no Sato
Element(s): Fire || Earth || Magma
Specialties: Ninjutsu || Taijutsu
Special Characteristics:


Weight: 195 lbs
Hair Color: Red, Orange, Yellow
Eye Color: Golden
General Description:  Houjin's appearance is somewhat normal for Sabakugakure born Ninja; his skin dark from the sun and heat like everyone else, however his flaming hair and eyes make him stick out. A comparison between flames and his hair is fairly accurate; as his hair is very much like the flames of a well tended fire; yellows, golds, oranges, and streaks of red and white throughout. His eyes are liquid golden, with a ring of deep red around the edge of his irises. This is not unheard of in his clan; however it is far more normal to have someone with one or the other of the three traits; dark skin, flaming hair or eyes; not all three at once. His clothing is more normal; at least for a clan of fire sages. He wears what would be a slightly modified acolytes uniform; even though Houjin himself is far past his days as an acolyte in his clan. He just prefers the uniform for easy of movement and the like. The uniform itself is form fitting, if not tight; sleeveless and short legged. The shirt is high collared and red trimmed, a zippered front giving it a trail of gray down the center. His pants aren't much longer then the average shorts, tied off just below the kneecaps with white pull-cords. He wears knee-high, black socks; with red colored waraji tied across the top of his foot and across his ankles. He wears black gloves that stop at the midpoint between wrist and elbow, with a red cloth bangle around each wrist. He uses a very long, orange-red scarf as a belt; wrapped around his waist twice before being tied off at his back so that the loose ends are allowed to hang down freely to the back of his knees.

About You!
Personality:  Houjin was a creature of fire, and it showed; heavily. Impulsive, impudent, and hot headed; those where favorite descriptors of the teen. Most of his clan saw him as normal; outsiders couldn't understand how he managed to go a day without being attacked over his brash personality. Never one to waste words or sugar coat; Houjin could best be described as brutally honest; beyond the level of fault. Could he lie? Of course; the young Jun Chi could lie with the best of them, if he needed to. He just preferred to tell it how it was; far as he was concerned, there was no time to waste with pretty words and coddling. His was a world of fast moving action and posturing; the ones that burned hottest burned brightest. They tended to burn out young as well; be he found he cared little about this possibility. Better to focus on getting things done then throttle back and fail. That being said; he could be friendly enough; even if he tended to offend people with his lack of a verbal filters. He was used to people moving in and out of his life; it was all too common in the youth of the fire sages. Acolytes where injured and washed out; elders burned out and where hidden away; people died on missions, of old age, accidents, etc. It was just the way of life.

History: Houjin was born in the middle of the hottest day of high summer, in the middle of a rather nasty heat wave. While the rest of the village baked under oppressive heat the Jun Chi fire sages flourished. Bright hot, sunny weather made them a happy clan. The children played under the sun, the adults trained harder then ever. This was the atmosphere that Houjin was born into. His mother was lucky; Jun Chi had a predisposition towards difficult pregnancies; but Houjin had been relatively easy. A few minor hiccups, but over all easy enough. He was one of the rare babies born with a full head of hair; fiery and bright. In generations past; he would have been instantly marked for special training; placed in special programs to prepare him for the life of a High Sage; never trained in active combat, never allowed outside the clan compound until he was well into adulthood and ranked among the elder sages in power and knowledge. The practice of segregating children that where “marked by the flames”, as Houjin would have been considered; had been discontinued in the time of his great-grandfather. So it was that Houjin was spared a life of loneliness and isolation; and allowed to grow up with his cousins and siblings; just another one of the dozens of new sage acolytes born every year. He was lucky to actually know and be raised by his own parents; children of the Jun Chi where normally raised by the clan as a whole; they where never given individual rooms, merely dorms based on age and to a smaller degree, ranking. Children of the high sages had smaller groups, more room and slightly better accommodations, but the difference was slight. An extra shelf for storage, a little more padding in the beds, an extra half hour or so before lights out. The trained the same, they learned from the same teachers.

The life of a Jun Chi was... difficult, by most measurements. Outsiders saw nothing but brutal heat and dangerous training regiments; exhaustive and full of potentially lethal accidents in waiting. The Jun Chi saw pleasantly warm rooms and fun puzzles to by solved. They saw the roaring flames as a safety blanket; the crack of stone and thud of falling objects as a bedtime lullaby. The world of young Jun Chi was ashen gray and brilliant blue-white; fire and ember, smoke and flame. They saw not the differences between people; what differences where there when everything was equally covered in ash and soot. This effects the world-view of the Jun Chi highly; they where raised with little concept of differences between people, and therefore the concept of racism, sexism, etc; they are foreign concepts to the Jun Chi. Only as adult can they form anything like those notions; and even then, they focus only on the things that matter; the effects another has on the world. They discriminate against those that cause harm and ruin the safety of their land. Enemies of their people, of the Jun Chi and anyone they had sworn to protect; they had to be destroyed at all costs. With one, minor exception; their cousin clan, the Tsukino. No Jun Chi had harmed a Tsukino in a thousand generations, the clan's friendship and alliance has run longer then records themselves. They are forever bound as friends and allies, no matter what the circumstances.

Houjin was moderately above average for his age; top ten normally, occasionally sneaking into the top 5 for his year every so often. He wasn't the type to study per se; but he did learn quickly and usually absorbed it properly the first try. It would show sometimes, his lack of studying; test scores would sometimes dip far lower then they should for someone with a mind like his. He was just not into studying. He preferred to train, to be outside where the sun shined and there was room to run; or in chambers of smoke and fire with the young summons to play and hone his own flames. This lead to... problems, once he was enrolled in the academy. With such a new concept, the teachers and trainers were inexperienced at best, and boys like Houjin tested their skills in ways that they where ill equipped at best to handle. He was a headache, many of the children from non-ninja clans were; but they (mostly) managed to succeed in those early years. Graduation brought them rank and the first bit of status in the village; even if it meant years of faceless struggle to move up the ladders. That was something that Houjin was used to; the Sages were meant to be faceless, nameless; until they had earned their fire and their titles.

In all of his life, there have only been two notable times he cares to remember. One is not worth retelling at the moment; as it is something that is only memorable to him, the day he found his favorite companion (beyond his sister); the other is the day he discovered that he even had a sister at all.

He'd been raised as an only child, sort of; no one in his clan was ever totally alone in relation to siblings and the like; while not as communal as their Tsukino cousins, the Jun Chi where still very much of the 'it takes a village' mindset in relation to taking care of children; so bloodlines tended to be very close families. He'd had plenty of cousins and friends his own age to keep him company; not that he ever wanted it often. He wasn't a raging dickmunch to his family, but he wasn't a social butterfly either.

It had been a rather... normal day; he was off with Marquetta raiding her former home for her stuff and generally causing trouble as he did when he was younger; when... problems arose. Long story short; the building was damaged pretty good, Mar's parents showed up and where threatened with fire, his father showed up and dropped that bomb of Mar being his half sister, she told her parents to fuck off, they left with her stuff and went home to ice cream and happy times. That was years ago, and they'd never once looked back; best friends settling into the new dynamic of brother and sister instantly and easily.

RP Sample:  This had to be a joke. It really did. There was no way this kid had lasted this long without being spotted. Houjin had noticed him nearly instantly. His eyes where too clear, movements to guarded. It was blatantly obvious that he wasn't drugged; clear minded and overly-wary. Some undercover agent. It was Houjin's job to track; keep tabs; make sure no one screwed this mission up. Too bad it was a inter-village mission. Too many variables; especially when no one knew what the others looked like. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Shit, target was fleeing. Joyfuckingsex.

Houjin was gone like a flash; he'd managed to work himself high enough up the hierarchy not to draw attention going after someone that was obviously behaving out of the norm. “Oi! Stop running and get back here!”

Damn it. Knew that wouldn't work. The target had darted into a side room; if he remembered correctly it was a storage closet of some sort. Awesome. Well, small spaces made extraction easier. Sort of. He was fucked if the room had a window. Sandals screeched some as he slid across the floor; hand wrapped tightly around the doorknob; used as a pivot point and a stop block. Wrenching the door open; he almost dove inside; instantly shoved tightly against warm flesh, cloth, and wooden storage. Yay; small room, no escape points. “You IDIOT! The hell where you thinking bolting like that!? Do you want to die!?”

He forced himself to get a good look at the other male finally; noticing instantly the tanned skin and icy eyes of a water sage. Oh good, he was right. This must be one of the Suiren that had been inserted late game. Welp; he'd been told to extract anyone not on like final listing; and no Suiren was. No way the sage council would trust a Suiren to finish the mission. Not something this important. No... only a Jun Chi or a Tsukino... maybe a Yanagi...; but never some snake tongued water sage that couldn't even handle not getting noticed by even someone as horrible at tracking as Houjin was; half asleep at that. “You're out. Everyone not on the last dispatch list was supposed to be extracted two days ago! What the holy fuck are you doing here!?”

The Suiren only growled; even a sound that aggressive sounded soft and nearly lyrical. It truly was impossible for them to be anything but. Or so he'd been told, several times. This was the first Suiren he'd ever met. “You're damn lucky I'm the one that found you... I'm buddy buddy with the Tsukino passing out the reverse summoning tags... I have a spare. Like hell I’m letting you stay here and risk blowing this entire operation. I've lost too much of my family to these sickos.” He didn't even give the Suiren time to argue before he was fishing the paper tag from his pocket; catching only expletives and something that sounded like a name and 'I don't take orders from a flaming bitch' and the like. Yep; sending him far, far away. “Bye!~” Aaaand seal activate. The Suiren was gone in a flash, replaced with a doppelganger, a Seal Clone, worked into the reverse summoning seal the Tsukino where using for extraction. It would last just long enough for the remaining ninja to finish planting the charges on the building and start taking out the people in charge.

No one would ever think to kidnap the children of the Sages; ever again.

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Jun Chi, Houjin
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