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 Marquetta Yanagi

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Marquetta Yanagi UCDYFey

Name: Marquetta Yanagi Jun Chi
Age: 21
Birthdate: August 27th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Clan: Yanagi | Jun Chi
Rank: Sabakukage

Village: Sabakugakure
Element(s): Earth | Fire | Lightning | Magma
Specialties: Taijutsu | Ninjutsu | Fuuinjutsu | Senjutsu
Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Master Sensory
    Type: Personal
    Description: The user is a master sensor. They are capable of utilizing everything around them, including the ability to sense the chakra of others, air movement, ect. to detect when living creatures are nearby; up to 100 meters away. Only those with a Perception at least 1 tier higher then the user can hide from them, all others will be detected.


5 Foot 3 Inches
Weight: 115 Pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
General Description: Marquetta is rather small for her age; standing at only five feet three inches tall. Yet, she's a powerhouse all of the time. Lean muscle cover most of her frame, leaving only a slight hint of feminine features with the curve of her hips and her ample breast size. Her skin is tanned darkly, and her hair is straight and black, hanging down her shoulders and ending at about the halfway point of her back. Her eyes are red in color, though they tend to change to a goldish color when she's calm and completely relaxed; not something that happens very often for someone in her position.

Her general outfit consists of a black tank top that shows her well toned stomach, and a pair of light gray, baggy pants. A red sash is worn around the pants to hold them in place, the ends of which trail off down her legs. Feet, despite the heat of the sand, are kept bare at all times.

About You!
Personality: Marquetta is fiercely independent, sarcastic, direct, stubborn, and confrontational. She has a carefree and adventurous personality, and is very tomboyish in the way she acts and dresses in contrast to the delicate doll her parents see her as. Capable of making most females uncomfortable due to little things such as the fact that her feet are constantly dirty - something that tends to happen due to the Yanagi having to constantly be barefoot.

Marquetta loves battling and takes great pride in the skills she has inherited from the clan. She always seems eager to prove herself, especially to prove that she's just as strong and battle ready as anyone who has the ability to see. In battle she can come across as exceptionally ruthless, and determined.

Marquetta isn't one to take pity from others especially when dealing with her blindness; and will attempt to do things on her own when ever possible. She's brutally honest when criticizing others, finding no reason to lie or sugar coat things when speaking of where someone can improve - and expects the same in return.

Marquetta has shown countless times in the past that she's a quick leaner. Her courage and loyalty to her friends knows no bonds. She can come across as tough, unyielding and steadfast when in battle - especially when defending those she cares about.

Marquetta had high self confidence and self esteem. She's well-educated in the manners and bearings of high-society - she merely consciously and constantly chooses to ignore them, especially when she knows it bothers someone.

History: Who the fuck puts a sociopath in charge of an entire shinobi village? Well, we'll get to that. Because, if Marquetta is anything, a sociopath definitely sums it up. You could perhaps say it was predetermined, something woven into fates tapestry far before she was born: before she was a twinkle in her father's eye. Perhaps fate thought her life would be one great humor for them: of course, that was before she kicked fate in the teeth, bent them backwards, and snapped their spin over her knee.

Of course, we're getting pretty far ahead of ourselves so let's take several steps back and over to the left and head back to the very beginning, back to the evening that Marquetta was conceived. You see, while Marquetta was brought up to believe that the man who raised her was her biological father, he wasn't. In fact, while Marquetta was led to believe she was a full blooded Yanagi up until her fifteenth birthday this certainly wasn't true: no, because she was also part of the Jun Chi clan though she manifested none of the signs until the truth was revealed. In fact, her best friend Houjin just so happened to also be her half brother though the truth was left hidden from the both of them for quite a while.

Her mother had a moment of weakness, and gave in to base urges. These urges led nine months later to Marquetta being born. Her mother kept the affair quiet, and allowed everyone around her to believe that Marquetta was her husbands daughter.

Of course, this didn't bode well either way for Marquetta. Her parents were part of the more well to do portion of the Yanagi clan and they flaunted it at every step. The only downside? Marquetta's blindness. Like the more common Yanagi she was born without the ability to see through her eyes; and instead she relied on the earth sensing ability that all blind members of the Yanagi clan – and even some who aren't blind – were capable of. It was through this that Marquetta could see.

Her parents tried to hide this blindness the best they could: they wanted their daughter to be perfect, and she wasn't in their eyes, she was defected. They spent the majority of her childhood sending her to specialists, and paying loads of money in an attempt to cure this blindness. In the end their efforts stopped: there was no cure, and they would simply have to deal with it. So, instead they insisted that Marquetta acted like the proper young lady she was: her mother forced dresses, fancy clothing, fancy material items, and parties on her at every chance. This never boded well with Marquetta of course: she wanted to fight, she wanted to become a proper shinobi.

Her parents of course forbade it: they would not allow their only child to risk her life to help those they thought beneath them. Therefore, Marquetta went about it in secret. She forged the paperwork needed to enter into the Academy and traded one school for another. She blew off her tutors meant to teach her how to be a lady, and instead threw herself into her ninja training. She flourished at it, too. She wasn't the top of her class – she got into too many fights for that – but she was damn near one of the best. In the end no one wanted to face her: they were all afraid of having their teeth kicked in because by the time Marquetta was twelve her hands and feet had become lethal weapons capable of destruction.

Halfway through her time in the Academy Marquetta's parents found out about what she was doing: she had hid it far longer than she thought she would be able to, but she could hide it no longer. There was no way to hide the way her body was developing, the way she was packing on more and more lean muscle as her training at the Academy intensified. There was also no way to hide the various bumps and bruises she got from time to time during sparring. Her parents, as she thought they would be, were furious when they found out. They forbade her from returning to the Academy, and even hired a bodyguard for her in the hopes that having someone watching her all of the time would stop her from being able to sneak off to learn.

This, of course, didn't work out the way they planned. The bodyguard saw no reason why Marquetta shouldn't learn to defend herself, especially as her saw her being a easy target for those who would look to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. Therefore, Marquetta continued to go to the Academy as “their little secret” and graduated shortly after turning thirteen.

Marqeutta's parents showed up at her graduation but not to congratulate her: they were furious. They had heard about the graduation from another friend whose son was enrolled in the Academy. They fired Marquetta's bodyguard on the spot, and then proceeded to attempt to bitch out anyone and everyone who would give them enough attention: it didn't work. Marqeutta had officially graduated, and as a Genin she was considered an adult even at the age of thirteen: there was absolutely nothing they could do about it.

Even though her parents threatened to disown her for becoming a shinobi Marquetta didn't care; she had freedom more so then ever before. Plus, it gave her a legitimate reason to beat the seven shades of hell out of someone if they even put a toe out of place; all without her having to worry about getting into trouble afterward. In the end her parents threats were empty; and they simply demanded on dragging her to various villages for vacations; though Marqeutta preferred the vacations spent with her best friend, Houjin.

Through missions, and a great deal of dedication to her own personal training, Marquetta became a Chuunin by the time she was fifteen years old. Due to becoming a Chuunin Marquetta found herself with far more time on her hands and a lot more freedom, privileges she abused in order to see Houjin more often. It was during one of these trips – one that her parents happened to join her on – that an incident occurred and it became known that who Marquetta thought was her father wasn't. It became revealed that Marquetta was in fact a Jun Chi, and her father was none other then Houjin's father – a man who made a brief appearance shortly afterward.

Following this her parents left, arguing with each other and hardly seeming to pay any attention to Marquetta who was beginning to go through some changes. At the realization that had come also came a bit of change that her body needed; she gained the ability to see shortly afterward, as well as a wicked amount of fire manipulation ability; both of which would come in later in a confrontation with her parents that turned violent.

It was at that point that Marquetta decided to live away from her so called 'parents'. She continued to train, and continued to rise highly through the ranks until, on her twenty first birthday, she was announced to be the next Kage for her village: a title she took rather seriously even though many thought she would deny it.

RP Sample: -Points towards my other characters with a resting bitch face.-

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Marquetta Yanagi
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