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 Pets and Summons Guideline

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PostSubject: Pets and Summons Guideline   Thu Aug 27, 2015 5:04 pm


Pets are a common sight in the world of Ninja; and not all are battle ready monsters. Most ninja have some type of pet; usually nothing more impressive then their house cat or family dog. Summoners especially seem fond of having pets; usually a member of their contracted clans, or a representation there of. Anyone may have a non-combat pet; so long as it does absolutely nothing in battle; you're free to mention, NPC RP with, and otherwise work it into your character's plot line however you wish.

However, any animal with a special ability, function, or combat prowess must be purchased, won, for gifted via your clan before it can be used. There are two types of pets that fall into this category: Combat and Non-combat.

Non-combat pets are normally small or serve some function that is not inherently tied to battle. For instance; a small bat is perfect for tracking or scouting at night; but almost useless in battle. Your pet may start as Non-Combat and through training, ranking, and enhancements become a combat pet at a later time; however this process is expensive in both ryo and word counts, as well as restricted by the type of pet you start with. Something extremely small and frail such as bats, birds, or small lizards are unable to be converted to combat pets; however a cat, dog, or the like that has natural abilities to fight are allowed. Non-combat pets CANNOT have elemental affinities; however animals that are naturally strong swimmers such as dogs or deer can have abilities tied to such.

Non-Combat Pet Template:


|Combat Pets|

Combat pets are fierce and loyal companions that serve to protect their ninja masters. They are invaluable on the battle field; as well as being very useful for missions and other tasks; as decided by their species and abilities. Lower ranked combat pets are typically smaller in size and less powerful to start; but through upgrades and enhancements can become extremely powerful. A general idea for the basic sizes and power of Combat pets is as follows:

  • D-Rank: Smaller animals with minimal fighting abilities such as smaller dogs and domestic cats.
  • C-Rank: Somewhat larger and more powerful: large breed dogs, wild cats up to the size of leopards, deer, etc. Most Avians (Birds) fall into this ranking
  • B-rank: Large animals and predators such as bear, lions, moose, etc. Large raptors (Eagles and the like) are in this category
  • A-rank: Extremely power beasts with elemental enhancements or large, currently extinct in the real world animals such as Sabre-Toothed Cats or Mammoths. If you're lucky, you might even be allowed a dinosaur or some mythical creatures. Usually of near human-level intelligence and able to speak by this point.
  • S-rank: Supremely powerful animals of the largest sizes and massive powers; such at the mountain sized Toad summons or the chakra beasts. Mythical creatures such as wyverns or creatures of human level intelligence are in this category.
  • SS-rank: Near deity-strength creatures inhabit this category. Only the truly powerful can handle this level of beast. Mythical beasts such as Dragons or Phoenix are also on this level.

Combat pets auto-rank with the user. This means that as you rank up, they rank up -- however, their stats are equal to tier zero of your rank.

Combat pets may start with 2 special characteristics that do not exceed their current ranking; with the option to buy 1 additional characteristic as they rank up. They also start with a maximum of 2 jutsu, with a number limit based on ranking. They are only able to learn jutsu up to their own rank; they cannot learn jutsu above it.

D-rank: 2 jutsu
C-rank: 3 jutsu
B-rank: 5 jutsu
A-rank: 7 jutsu
S-rank: 10 jutsu (Limit of 1 S-rank jutsu)
SS-rank: 10 Jutsu (Limit of 1 SS and 2 S-rank jutsu)

Combat pet chakra pools are also tied to ranking.

D-rank: 50 chakra
C-rank: 75 chakra
B-rank: 100 chakra
A-rank: 125 chakra
S-rank: 150 chakra
SS-rank: 200 chakra.

Bijuu and other chakra beasts will have a different chakra pool amount; which will be announced when said beasts are created and released.

Combat Pet Template:

[b]Special Characteristics:[/b]

Purchasing your pets is a simple enough matter, and there are few restrictions to what you can start with. So long as your pet does not break the rules and abilities for it's rank, it's almost a sure bet that it will be approved; provided you don't try to app something ridiculous.


You cannot purchase a base pet above B-rank. Anything higher must be trained, captured, or won.
Don't try to app a large pet below it's rank. You're not getting a full grown bear at D-rank. You can however buy a bear cub and raise it as it grows into the ranking. This goes or any large beast; if you buy it as a baby, you can buy it at a lower rank and train it as you see fit. This means that once they hit their final rank they will be stronger then the average beast of that ranking; because more effort has been put into them.
Just because X person got an animal approved does not mean that you will be allowed the same pet. Summoners will have some leeway with their pets so long as they are part of a contract the summoner already holds. This means that they may have D or C-rank pets with small elemental enhancements. That's not to say that the powers of the pet will exceed it's current rank; just that it is allowed a slightly better ability thanks to it's clan abilities.

Pets are priced on an individual basis; and based on their individual abilities. The majority of pets will fall within these parameters:

D-rank:100-500 ryo
C-rank: 500-1000 ryo
B-rank: 1000-1500 ryo
A-rank: 1500- 3000 ryo
S-rank: 3000-10000 ryo
SS-rank: 10000 ryo or more

Notice that a price is given for pets above B-rank. This is because you are able to undertake special capture missions that will allow you to acquire beasts of these higher ranks. However, you must pay for the privilege. The special conditions are as follows:

Staff approval for the missions
Ryo payment of per-determined amount
Sufficient ranking to even tame the beast (Cannot exceed your ranking unless otherwise stated)

Simple enough. Be fully aware however that you are NOT guaranteed success. You may well fail the mission and lose the beast; the staff will determine this for you. If we feel that you did not adequately complete the mission; you will lose the beast and may possibly lose your life; depending. ALL CAPUTRE THREADS ARE DEATH ENABLED. This is non-negotiable. You can die. You can fail. Be VERY sure you wish to take the mission before you petition for it; because all ryo paid for these mission is NON-REFUNDABLE. You are allowed to run this missions as part of a group; but it MUST be determined before the start who will actually be capturing the beast. However; betrayal is a possibility; and it is not against the rules for your group mates to betray and steal your prize.

Once a beast is captured or purchased; you must have a means of storing it. Smaller pets may accompany you at all times; but you cannot have a giant monster of a pet around at all times. Too many complications. The costs for larger beasts includes a special summon contract that DOES NOT require summoning as a specialty to be used. If you have another means for calling the beast that you wish to use; staff is willing to work with you. If it's allowable, we will let you have it, and it will be included in the ryo cost as well.

Enhancements, abilities, and jutsu beyond the beast's initial set must be purchased and trained; just like with anyone else. All purchased enhancements, abilities, and jutsu must of the pet's rank or lower. A general idea for the cost of each is as follows:

D-rank: 100-300 ryo
C-rank: 300-500 ryo
B-rank: 500-700 ryo
A-rank: 700-900 ryo
S-rank: 900-1400 ryo
SS-rank: 1400 ryo or more

This is not a strict guide; staff make adjust pricing as they see fit. Jutsu follow a separate pricing guide.

D-rank: 100 ryo + 1000 words
C-rank: 300 ryo + 1400 words
B-rank: 500 ryo + 1800 words
A-rank: 700 ryo + 2200 words
S-rank: 900 ryo + 2600 words
SS-rank: 2000 ryo + 4000 words.
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PostSubject: Re: Pets and Summons Guideline   Thu Aug 27, 2015 5:05 pm


If you have Kuchiyose as one of your specializations you may use summoning. This may vary from weapon summoning to animal summoning.

  • In order to summon animals you must have a contract with them. Once summoned, the animal can perform a task or help the user in battle. The summon is not required to help the user, and may be more of a hindrance than an ally. In addition, summons are able to summon their summoner.
  • Upon creating a character, your summons may be counted as part of your free jutsu. To create additional summons, you must write a new jutsu for them and train them appropriately (See Jutsu Rules).
  • Additionally, summoning casts chakra. For initially summoning an item or animal, a certain amount of chakra is deducted from your chakra pool. For every turn that the summon is active, additional chakra is deducted (This only applies to living creatures, i.e: Plants, animal, ect. This does not affect mokuton, plant release, ect. If you have any questions, please ask). The amount withdrawn depends on the jutsu’s rank:

D: 10 + 0 every turn
C: 15 + 5 every turn
B: 20 + 5 every turn
A: 25 + 10 every turn
S: 30 + 10 every turn

While each character may hold multiple summoning contracts; there is a limit to how many you may have at once. This limit is governed by rank; and is not affected by Senjutsu contracts. At the same time; you may only have one contracted summon active at a time. That is to say, you may only summon creatures from one contract at any given time; if you wish to summon a creature from another contract, you must dismiss all current summons.

In order to utilize summons, you must create the contract. Each contract may be for a clan, or a specific summon. If you create a contract for a clan, each individual summoning must be further created as a jutsu in your personal jutsu registry. If you so choose, you may create the contract for a specific creature alone; at which point you must list all jutsu and abilities said summon is able to use within the summon contract. All contracts are bought via the Self-Creation Item Shop; and are priced in relation to the highest rank summoning of the contract itself. So if the highest rank summoning for a specific contract is B-rank, then the overall contract is considered B-rank, and priced as such. However, any may purchase a contract of A-rank or lower; regardless of their personal ranking. This does not mean you may summon an creature and/or item beyond your normal ability; merely that you may own a contract up to that rank. You must by Jounin (A-Rank) or higher in order to purchase an S-rank summon.

All S-Rank or higher summons MUST be created using the full contract. Even if you have previous created a contract with said summons’s clan, this is required. It will also fill one of your contract slots. So say you are a Jounin with S-rank summoning, and you wish to have an S-rank creature; you would have a maximum total of 4 slots for separate contracts, and the S-rank summon would take up one, leaving you with only 3 for other contracts. This is non-negotiable.

Any lower ranked summon, as stated previously, will be created via the normal jutsu template. Any abilities and jutsu used by said summon are also created via the jutsu template. All summoning and summons’s jutsu created this way will take up one of the user's jutsu slots; as determined via the user's ranking.

You are able to hold up to 2 summons from any summon clan at a time before you MUST create the clan's contract. However, you may have any number of random summoning as you have jutsu slots, dependent on rank. S-rank summons do not count towards this limit, as they are limited via contract slots, not jutsu slots. However; if we find that you are abusing this in order to avoid the clan lock; we will force you to lock into a summon clan, or retroactively deny summons in order to restore balance and bring you within the rules of the specialty.

When you create a jutsu for a specific summoning, you must tag the jutsu a specific way. The proper tagging is:

Quote :
Specialties: Summoning, (Summons’s name/clan)

Powers|Abilities|Number of Jutsu

A summon's power, abilities, and the number of jutsu it may have is determinant on it's ranking. The idea is simple enough; the higher the rank, the more powerful and rarer the summon is.

D-Rank: Small animals such as non-predatory birds, foxes, smaller felines
C-rank: Larger canines, medium sized feral cats, larger reptiles and predatory birds
B-rank: large mammals and carnivorous reptiles; animals with near human or of average human intelligence
A-rank: mythical creatures; approved extinct beasts; etc
S-rank: legendary creatures and clan; large mythical beasts with extreme abilities

  • Summoning for plant contracts follows the same general guidelines; however no plant may contain a lethal poison nor be strong enough to kill below B-rank. Exceptions for death via drowning or suffocation are made on a case by case basis.

  • Weapon summons do not fall under these guidelines. If you wish to have a weaponry based contract; then you must create the contract at the rank of the most powerful weapon you plan on sealing within it. Each weapon is bought individually; and added into the contract at that time. However; in order to add a new weapon to a contract; the weapon must be related the contract itself (You can't seal an xyz weapon into an abc contract).

|Note To Summoners|

Anyone that takes Summoning as their PRIMARY specialty receive their first contract for free. This contract may be up to A-rank. Clans that are Summoning oriented may dictate the specific contract that they receive.

Summoning Contract Template:

[b][u]Summoning Contract:[/u][/b]

[u]Animal/Plant Type:[/u]
[u]Elemental Affinity:[/u]
[u]Summon Type:[/u]



[b]Summoning Process:[/b] 

[b] Drawbacks:[/b]

Weaponry Contract Coding:

[b][u]Summoning Contract:[/u][/b]

[u]Elemental Affinity:[/u]


[b]General Weaponry Description:[/b]



[b]Summoning Process:[/b] 

[b] Drawbacks:[/b]
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Pets and Summons Guideline
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