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 Tako, Anshō

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PostSubject: Tako, Anshō   Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:42 pm


Name: Tako, Anshō [蛸, 暗証]
Age: 36
Birthdate: October 9th
Gender: Androgyne (usually male pronouns)
Sexuality: Demisexual
Clan: Seiketsu-sa
Rank: Umikage | Jounin (S)

Village: Umigakure
Element(s): Suiton | Awaton | Raiton | Ranton
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu | Genjutsu
Special Characteristics:

Awaton :
Toxin/Poison Resistance:
Toxin/Poison Creation:


Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Teal
General Description: Anshō is an individual whose lithe body been shaped by the life that he has lived. His body is littered with scars, but luckily none have ventured up to form of the man’s face, and he is quite satisfied by this. He prefers that his face looks clean and youthful, which makes it harder for people to tell his age, even with his sharp eyes that have clearly seen much. It is also quite often that he is mistaken for being a lot younger than he truly is, being over thirty.

Anshō's hair is black, and often curls and clumps together almost seemingly like the tentacles of his companions would because of the slick of soap that is naturally produced and coats his body. Over his lithe body, when he works, he is commonly found in a black wet-suit that has yellow fingers. When he is off duty he simply wears a common brown striped shirt, green jacket, and blue pants, though it’s not completely unusual for him to work even in these clothes.

About You!

Personality: Like his body, Anshō personality is also one that has been shaped by the life that he has led. As a child he was quiet, built up by his distaste for his father’s business, but he was also one to want to have fun, even if there were times that he was bullied and teased for being such a strange member of his family. Always wanting to save the octopi from their certain deaths as meals for those who were hungry for their flesh, to the point that with jutsu his go-to is now creation of such creatures. This bullying, despite making him become all the more shy, created a hard emotional shell that he usually keeps up to this day.

However, when he joined the academy it allowed him to drop this shield quite a lot and truly become interactive in the village despite his family’s disapproval of becoming a shinobi. At the academy he found acceptance and something to truly become dedicated to. This strengthened his loyalty to the village itself, whether or not he had issues with those in it, or not. His dedication to the village is something that is likely to never be broken down by anything including torture. He has always been devoted to his village and the people in it since that time, and he displays a fierce loyalty that has never wavered even in times where he has doubted himself. He will protect anyone from a young child to the elders of the village against danger should he have a need to.

After leaving the academy, Anshō devoted his life to his career, throwing himself into his work, whether it was working with individuals on teams, or on solo missions. Anything that he could do to help his village and prove that despite his parent’s disapproval that he was there to do all he could, he would do. Anshō has a fierce desire to prove himself in the world of the shinobi, and does the best that he can. Though, like every other human being, he does make mistakes and can, at times, certainly be a bit lazy. Over all though, Anshō wants those within the village to succeed and feel safe within their homes, and he does what he can.

Anshō is an individual of extreme kindness to a point, even if he does not reveal this as often as he should. Seeing the horrors that life can bring for a shinobi has certainly scarred him in a great many ways, making him reluctant to allow people close to himself. However, he’s never let the nightmares that he has get to him that much when he is among others, using will power to focus on the others rather than the hallucinations and PTSD that sometimes breach his reality. However, this is not something that he’ll talk about with anyone who he’s not extremely close to, and even then he rarely does, preferring to keep the horrible events he's gone through on some missions away from those he'd prefer to protect. Even when angry, it is hard for him to display this, preferring to be kind. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, if he lets the heat of battle get to him or if it is someone who he truly has an amazing dislike for or is harming someone from the village, he can be truly cruel and sarcastic. He’s not one to keep gore out of the equation when fighting, and he can be truly brutal.

History: A soft sea breeze caressed the ocean on the evening of the day that the twins were born, bringing in the tide. The day had been just like any other day really, sunny, fair weathered and good for Kyūsokuna’s octopi fishing empire.  On this evening the father greeting the captains of his ships that went out each dawn to collect octopi, as he usually did when they normally returned each night, to make sure that their catch had been good. However, on this night he greeted them with an additional exciting announcement that his two children that they had been waiting for the past few months, had been born at about noon that very day.  

That particular noon that they were born on had been warm in the two-story home that the family owned, their mother having decided to give birth in their home with the help of a nursemaid or two. The air conditioning had broken the day before, and was being fixed at the time that the cry of the first of the brothers entered the air, Katō. The second cry, Anshō’s, joined his brother’s only a few minutes later, and not long after the coos of their older sister, Shiokaze, and parents joined the noises in the room. It was a pleasant day that they were born on, though a day that would start Anshō’s childhood of ridicule, as he was not what they deemed a ‘normal’ boy as an androgynous individual, or the first born son in the old fashion merchant family.

Because he was born in the Port of Dreams to a Merchant family with a distaste for the shinobi, the childhood of Anshō is one that is not quite like many of those who become shinobi for the village of Amagakure. His family was very disappointed when he first announced that he wanted to become a shinobi after hearing a story from a sailor about the amazing feats of what shinobi could achieve. The feats that he knew he would never be able to achieve if he were to stay within the family business. Only seven and he was already being overshadowed by his brother.

It was his brother who clung to their father, begging him to teach him how to run the business and how to catch octopi. It was Anshō who hated doing such things, preferring to rescue the octopi and secret them away to a hidden place that he could protect them. He hated seeing the magnificent creatures harmed in any way, and they were always shipped off so that they could be eaten. A staple of his family’s meals that he had never been able to eat. He’d even been caught and reprimanded more than a few times for attempting to rescue the poor creatures. Anshō hated it, and he had been dubbed the freak of the family by everyone, even his brother, though Kato tried to make Anshō feel better most of the time.

Much to the displeasure of his parents, and after much begging and shouting, Anshō was finally allowed to join the academy at the age of ten, and sent off to the main village, where he would live from that point on, almost as if his family had disowned him. However, he didn’t mind this, his dream of becoming a shinobi looked as if it was going to be realized. He had missed a couple years, but he worked hard, and he graduated with his peers at the age of twelve as if he had joined the academy at a normal age, and kick started his career as a shinobi.

As a genin, Anshō only continued to grow and thrive. He was truly dedicated to his work at this point, and he loved working with his sensei and his team on the mission that they were given. Some of them might have been truly silly, like hunting down lost pets, but each one was important to keep the happiness of the village up to par.  It was during this time he met a sensei and two others who created a new form of elemental release with him. Awaton. It made them special, apart from the others, and he thrived. It wasn’t until Anshō became a chuunin at the age of fourteen that things started to take a darker turn in his life again.

Fourteen, and Anshō began to see how cruel the world could be again, even away from the family that had tormented him as a child. One of his team mates was killed in action during one of their first missions as chuunin, but it wasn’t something that they could linger on for long, as the mission had to be completed. And complete it they did, and their team mate was replaced not long after that mission. They hardly had time to mourn the loss of the friend that had been with them since the academy. Of course, the one who joined their team had also gone to the academy, but it was still something that was quite hard to live with.

Still, life moves on, and Anshō found himself moving on as well. As a chuunin, he began to take more solo missions, until by the time that he was a special jounin he was taking essentially all solo missions. Solo missions were something that he found he preferred in many ways. If he made a mistake, it was his to take care of, and it was his life risked. There were no others to lose their lives if he were to do something wrong. Still, taking solo missions left a lot to be desired, and he found himself wanting company, and he found this in the form of a young baby girl named Neo that he adopted at the age of twenty-two. Raising this girl, coupled with working was a challenge, but one that he welcomed, and it helped him grow out of the insecurity around his own coworkers and he slowly grew out of it.  And by the time he was a jounin at age twenty-three, he had returned to taking group missions with others, a lot of the time as the leader of the group because of his rank.

Guiding others was of course difficult at first, but slowly he grew accustomed to it with the help of Neo, though he is not certain he will ever take on a team of genin. He does prefer to work on teams of people who have more experience than that. And, solo missions still popped up every now and then, and he still takes them, sometimes needing a break from barking orders at individuals. He knows that it is his duty to do so, but he’s not certain that it’s what he wants to constantly do. However, As long as he can protect his village he will do what is necessary. He’s proved that time and time again, including in recent mission that he recently returned from where he was declared missing in action for nearly a year after being captured and tortured by the enemies that he had been sent after, resulting in a bit of deterioration of his sanity. Home now, Anshō plans on taking a small break before jumping right back in to the field.

RP Sample: The twelve year old Anshō wasn’t completely sold on the idea of acting as a security guard for a ‘respected family’ in the village, but it was his job to do so. A lot of times, respected families turned out to be like his own family that disapproved of his career as a shinobi. They only liked shinobi during events like this, preferring to separate themselves from shinobi the rest of the time, looking at them with disapproval. Like shinobi were dirt, when in actuality, being a shinobi was one of the most respectable occupations. It was an awful though that this family might have his own at their party. He really didn’t want to deal with them, as he had gone almost a year without having to deal with them, and it felt nice just to live his life without their pressure and disapproval being broadcast daily.

Pursing his lips, Anshō walked the last few meters to the venue, going immediately to the party planner to announce that he was there, and he was given a list of the guests with invitations. As a guard, his job was going to be to make sure that no one got in without having an invitation, meaning they would be on the list. He’d also had to put his weapons to the side, hidden, so that they wouldn’t frightened the guests. He’d been assured that they wouldn’t be needed by the party planner, but it was a ridiculous notion to him. Surely they wouldn’t mind weapons if they knew that it would keep them safe. Anshō huffed and glanced down at the list, skimming it, as he took his place by the door.  Luckily the party would only be a few hours, and he wouldn’t have to deal with it after that.

Anshō gave a slightly annoyed noise when his eyes caught the names of his family in a row. It would have been fine if it had just been his brother and sister that had been invited, but there were the names of his parents as well. Oh for Susanoo’s sake, he was probably going to get an earful when they arrived. Great. Maybe with luck they’d go through a different entrance and he wouldn’t have to deal with them, as there had been a few shinobi hired to guard the other entrances in addiction to himself. Unfortunately, that was not the case for the young shinobi.

After allowing a few individuals with invitations to pass by him, and turning away a few people who thought that they might have been able to crash the party, his family had arrived. Just his luck. Anshō sighed and leaned against the wall next to the door as the four attached the door, reaching out to block their entry with his arm. "For entry please produce your invitation and state your names." He frowned up at them. After all, he was only twelve, he was not the tall and slightly intimidating figure he would be when he got older just yet.

Internally, it gave the boy pure joy to see the disgruntled looks forming on his parent’s faces as they fished in their pockets and the confused faces of his older sibling’s faces, even if his brother was only a few moments older. After a moment of shock they clearly realized who he was, and his brother immediately stepped forward and clasped him on the shoulder, much to Anshō’s displeasure. “Why! It’s Anshō! What on earth are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be throwing ninja stars at somebody?” he laughed, gaining laughter from their other family members. Ugh. Katō really didn’t know how to talk to him anymore. Katō catered to the torment of their parents. Anshō sighed and brushed his brother’s hand off of his shoulder.

”I’m working.” Anshō quipped in reply, not really feeling like explaining any further. He wasn’t really in the mood to be there already, and his family’s appearance just made it worse. He was relieved that his father handed him the invitation, even though he could hear the snide comments coming from his mouth. Without responding to the horrific comments about his occupation, Anshō quickly found their names on the list and beckoned for them to enter. ”Enjoy the party.” He said to them as they entered, leaving him without much fuss, thank Susanoo, though in their case he almost certainly didn’t mean it.

For the remainder of the party, once he had finished letting people with invitations in, Anshō did as he was told, attempting to not let the appearance of his family bother him. At least they hadn’t come back over to him to harass him. This was just a job and he wasn't going to let them get to him. Only a few hours later, the party was over and he was going home.

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Tako, Anshō
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