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Name: Nevan [Redacted]
Age: [Redacted]
Birthdate: [Redacted]
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Clan:  [Redacted]
Rank: Jounin S

Village: Umigakure
Element(s): Yang | Yin
Specialties: Kenjutsu | Ninjutsu | Genjutsu | Senjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Name: Master Sensor
Type: Supplementary
Tier: 3
Description: A Master Sensor is the best of all. It's nearly impossible for anyone to hide from them, and they're expert trackers. Only those with Perception higher than the user can effectively hide from them. Those of the same perception as the user has a fifty percent change of hiding. Those below are instantly revealed. This sensory allows them to find people even if they're using items or jutsu to mask themselves.
Training Requirements: N/A


Six Foot Two
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Silver
General Description: Nevan [Redacted] is a bit of a odd individual. While the rest of his siblings have black hair, it seemed that Nevan was was blessed to inherit white hair. In a normal setting, Nevan tends to wear a blue armored vest on his chest. Around his neck there is a necklace that Nevan seems to treasure. His lower half is clothed in blue trousers and brown boots. Over this ensemble, the male seems to wear a strange black cloak.

About You!
Personality: Nevan [Redacted] is a quiet individual, an introverted and reflective soul. He does not speak unless spoken to, nor does he speak without thinking first. The outcome of this patient approach to socializing is often a witty remark, or wise saying. Even then, his responses are short. His quietness often sets him apart. His elders often said that he would grow up to be "the strong, silent type". He is a thinker, not in the battle sense, but philosophical, due to the teachings that his parents instilled in him.  He’s polite and even gracious, particularly to people who treat him with respect. Those who do not treat him this way or those who insult him should know he will not hesitate to spit words of venom and bile in response and, when necessary, punch out a few teeth.

History: [Redacted]

RP Sample: Nevan [redacted]. There isnt much known about this man, save for what he is willing to share with the leaders of Umigakure. It was said he was found on the surface, floating in a boat above the village. Others said that he descended from heaven to save the village.

Since his arrival in the village, Nevan has kept to himself, taking on missions for the village in order to provide for himself. His unique skills allowed him to take on and complete missions that no one else could. In time, Nevan was able to make a name for himself as the 'go-to' person if the kage needed someone gone.

According to Nevan, he has quite a few brothers and sisters, all older than him. While most still reside in his home of [REDACTED], one does wander the world like him. Nevan has shown a fierce loyalty to the village since his arrival, taking it upon himself to protect its people by any means deemed necessary.

Faceclaim: Vergil ~ Devil May Cry
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