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 I Made a New Friend [Kurayamigakure -> Morigakure]

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I Made a New Friend [Kurayamigakure -> Morigakure] Empty
PostSubject: I Made a New Friend [Kurayamigakure -> Morigakure]   I Made a New Friend [Kurayamigakure -> Morigakure] EmptyTue Sep 15, 2015 10:01 pm

The trip was over: she had met the new Kuraikage, and had extended her hand of friendship which had been accepted. When Alec was ready he would venture to Morigakure and bring with him the information needed to get some trade agreements in place. Now, all there was to do was go home: she would have looked around and stayed a while but she was sure that Rin along with the rest of her family was likely anxious to have her back and ensure she was safe and sound. She took off at the same dead run once she was outside of Kurayamigakure as she had done when journeying here to begin with.

Blast and Cana kept pace with her as she went, flanking her. All manner of beasts and creatures lurking in the darkness were left in her dust the same as before, not being given the chance to even try and attack herself or her wolves. The darkness swallowed them up as they went, but it wasn't to last. Soon the darkness and relatively decent temperature gave way to the blistering sun and high heat of the desert. Outside of preparing Blast and Cana for the trip across the sand she didn't bother to slow her pace: she didn't want to spend longer than necessary there. Only when Blast and Cana needed water – their fur far too thick for them to be comfortable in this heat for long – did she bother to stop so that she could tend to their needs.

When ready they ventured on again, the sand and heat giving away to the lush green-ness that was Morigakure's land not long after. The forest swallowed them up as they traveled along winding and maze like paths long since memorized. Hours after their departure from the shadowy lands they arrived back at the gates of Morigakure.

Temaki slowed to a quick walk, Cana and Blast keeping pace with her: she was heading straight towards her office – both to assure Rin, Karu, and Nyx that she was okay and that everything had gone well, and to get out of the hat and robes she detested so much.

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I Made a New Friend [Kurayamigakure -> Morigakure]
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