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 Vaaacaaatiiiooon [Umigakure -> Sabakugakure]

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PostSubject: Vaaacaaatiiiooon [Umigakure -> Sabakugakure]   Fri Sep 18, 2015 11:07 pm

”Vaaaacaaation. Vaaaacaaation. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Vaaaacaaation! Wiiiiith ice cream! Dodododo~”, Neo sang softly as she danced and twirled around her bedroom while gathering up what all she as taking with her to Sabaku: which wasn't much, really. She was only bringing the essentials so that she had plenty of room to bring back trinkets and souvenirs. The last thing she grabbed outside of her headband and weapons was her umbrella sword. She threw her bag over her shoulder and then leaned her closed umbrella against the same shoulder.

She danced and twirled her way out of the house, down the street, and continued the whole way through the village. The villagers were all too used to her cute little antics so outside of a few chuckles and a lot of smiles and waves, she was left alone as she started what was to be the beginning of her journey.

Once outside of the village her umbrella was opened and rested on her shoulder; which it remained while she traveled. She didn't bother hurrying – this was a vacation after all – and basically skipped an twirled her way across the country. She stopped to rest and to camp when needed; noticing with each time that she stopped to either eat, drink, or rest that the air was beginning to change more and more.

Eventually, the wet moist air gave way to much dryer air as the heat and general temperature increased. The sun seemed to grow brighter and the landscape gave way to the sand that marked the desert. Thankfully, with Neo's umbrella, she was able to semi-comfortably finish up her last legs of her traveling during the day; though a lot of umbrella twirling was had as she went. But, sure enough to made it to Sabakugakure...

”Vaaaccaaaation...”, she exclaimed upon arrival; twirling and spinning as she went to find a place to stay...

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Vaaacaaatiiiooon [Umigakure -> Sabakugakure]
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