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 Karuaya Kaname

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Jounin (S)
Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Karuaya Kaname   Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:47 pm

Name: Karukaya Kaname
Age: 24
Birthdate: 8/18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Clan: /
Rank: Jounin (S)

Village: Morikagure no Sato
Element(s): Katon || Katon || Raiton || Nova
Specialties: Taijutsu || Ninjutsu || Medical Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics: /

Height: 5'11
Weight: 160lbs
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Gray
General Description: Karukaya is a fairly average male; he doesn't really stick out of the crowd very much. Slightly on the tall side, he's been called handsome by his peers, although he's not the type to really care about his appearance beyond making sure he bathes fairly regularly and that there's not a layer of mud caking his body for longer than necessary. Red hair is uncommon, but not rare, in his village; and his is on the more subdued side; closer to a bright auburn or red-chocolate than the flaming red some have. Gray eyes seem to clash in a way with his brighter hair, the only physical trait he inherited from his father; beyond his eyes he could be almost a clone of his mother and her family. On an average day, he's either wearing whatever his on-duty uniform of choice is; namely the common cargo shorts, dark tee, and ninja vest of appropriate color and cut for his rank and village; or whatever his off-duty set up for the day (depending on what training or socializing he plans on) is, usually loose fitting shorts and a cotton tee, some sort of monk-ish pants with no shirt, or a tunic and long pants if he's feeling formal.

About You!

Personality: Walk softly, carry a big stick. This is NOT Karukaya's philosophy. Not only does he not walk softly, he wouldn't be caught dead carrying a stick, big or otherwise. No, his passion is boxing, in all it's forms. Put him in the ring with a good set of gloves and properly wrapped feet, and he's in paradise. Boxing, kickboxing, even a little bit of capoeira and muay thai for the giggles; he loved it and he loved perfecting the arts. While not the loudest person around, once you get Karu talking, it's hard to make him stop until he's run out of things to say. Usually rather friendly, he's the type you end up wanting to go have a drink with; double so because he's the type that will sit there and buy round after round with no care or worry about what it costs. He's not rich by any means, but he'd rather spend it enjoying himself than horde a bunch of useless paper. He's lucky enough to have his little apartment to store his gear and grab some sleep or keep a little bit of long haul foods (ramen, crackers, peanut butter, things like that) for when he splurged a little too hard on his friends, or complete strangers he met in whatever bars or pubs he frequented that month.

History: Born in late summer, Karukaya has always been a bit on the large side; he was a heavy baby, and by the time he'd worked off his baby chub, he was growing like a weed. Eldest of four siblings, with two brothers and a sister all several years younger than him, he spent much of his childhood roaming the streets of the village with the other kids his age from school or that lived nearby to his family. A rambunctious boy, he was still mostly well behaved, although he got in his fair share of fights. The vast majority where the kind that you got into to show off who was stronger or better at something, that little boy thinking that the strongest or best fighter was the default best at everything.

School was nothing special; he excelled at gym, lunch, and recess; less so at actual academics. It wasn't that he wasn't smart, he just had too much energy to sit and behave the way the teachers wanted. It didn't take long for his parents to realize that he wasn't going to do well in 'normal' schooling, so they enrolled him in the local ninja prep school for a semester, to see how he did there. Needless to say, he fit in pretty well. He gravitated toward the physical skill sets, the trainers and teachers seeing potential for a physical fighter in him. Acing the prep program, his parents sent him off to the local ninja academy, where he did the usual courses and training. The increased physical demands helped to drain his hyper-active energy, allowing him to focus on his academic classes finally, allowing him to show a bit of a talent for chakra skills and brainpower, on top of his physical prowess.

When he graduated, he was at the top of his class physically, and above average in most other subjects; leaving him in the top end overall. His first genin team was a pretty standard set up; his taijutsu power complemented by a ninjutsu user and a kid that, while good with genjutsu and able to round the team, had dreams of being a medic ninja eventually. They where lucky enough to get a sensei that was a solid jack of trades kind of ninja; with plenty of experience in almost every aspect and specialty of ninja life. In between running the usual errand and fetch mission in town, or the harder, but more rewarding escorts and such between villages, he spent his time in the training fields and gyms of the village, making his punches harder and his kicks more devastating.

RP Sample: Nothing like a warm, sunny day with a cool breeze to train. It was one of his 'random' days, the days when he worked on whatever he felt like, instead of his normal routine. He had his training broken into three day blocks, focus exclusively on one discipline or exercise for three days, take a day off to rest and recover, then move on to the next block. He'd been working on his kickboxing earlier in the day, but now he was focusing on his elbow strikes. A staple of Muay Thai, the elbow strike was a devastating attack that he was only recently starting to train. He was using his normal punching bag for the moment; the soft, firm nature of the sandbag  made it easier for him to perfect his technique without hurting himself to badly before he started pounding on wooden blocks or stones to work up his endurance.


"Hn...?" Karu stopped mid strike, craning his head around toward the voice that sounded suspiciously like his sensei.

"Mission. Let's go."

Joooooy. "Alright, gimme a minute to run home and change. Usual meeting spot?"

"Yep. We're moving out in 20."

"I'll be there.~"

Faceclaim: Akashi Seijuurou - Kuroko no Basuke
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Karuaya Kaname
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