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 First stop, Desert [Travel, Kurayami ---> Sabaku]

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Alec Kane

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PostSubject: First stop, Desert [Travel, Kurayami ---> Sabaku]   Mon Sep 21, 2015 3:00 pm

The Mossberg handled like a dream. It seemed to glide over the water. Once they were out of the tight confines of the dock areas and into the wider river, it really began to move. Alec steered them along while the crew hustled on the deck, working to keep the ship in working order. On either sides on land, wild animals could be seen on the ground and in the trees. Out of the darkness of Kurayamigakure, everything became bright and sunny.

Alec told Konran the whole story of how he began and how he ended up where he was now. He spared no detail, telling him of how he became known as a villain, Missing-Nin, his list of many murders, his robbing of Sharingan eyes from 2 different Uchiha and his eventual rise into a feared crime lord. Alec described Makkura as being very similar to Kurayami, and how he came to meet all of his friends, such as Holeman, Kinzoku, Kurai and Hikari, Emiko, and Artemis's mother Avery.

After telling Konran about destroyed villages, individuals who talked big but did nothing to back their words, assassinations, and a library of secret and often forgotten abilities, he noticed the heat rise dramatically, and that the landscape slowly changed from green and jungle-like to yellow colored sand. It wasn't much longer before a village and crowds of people came into view, and Alec was parking the Mossberg at the docks...


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Jounin (S)
Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Re: First stop, Desert [Travel, Kurayami ---> Sabaku]   Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:52 pm

Artemis kept her attention focused on the river banks, watching the various creatures nearby. She remained in the same place she'd been in since she had gotten on the ship since it had such a good view. Eventually the darkness of Kurayamigakure gave way to the bright and sunny heat of Sabakugakure. The desert was within sight and with it came new creatures and plants: things that thrived in sunlight instead of in darkness.

Artemis kept silent the entire time her father told his story of himself and everyone else, not wanting to interupt. Instead she just looked on ahead, waiting for their arrival and wondering what next adventure was in store for them. Would the kage of Sabakugakure react like Temaki? Or would this kage not like making friends with ex-criminals.

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PostSubject: Re: First stop, Desert [Travel, Kurayami ---> Sabaku]   Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:57 pm

Jynx was fascinated with the whole trip now that she could see it better than ever. The animals moving along on the banks of the river, and the different types of shrubbery that were now no longer hidden from her eyes. Birds in the air, and animals in the trees, all of it was for her viewing pleasure. It was quite a ride and got more exicting as the landscape changed from that of darkness to one of sunlight. Jynx had never in her life seen the sun outside of pictures in books and that hadn't done it justice.

The heat on her skin was an interesting experience and she found herself sticking her hand out and flexing her fingers curiously. "Wow.." Jynx also listened to the story that Alec was telling for Konran, but it couldn't steal her attention quite like the first time being in sunlight could: something that had Jynx giggling and quite happy the entire time.

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Jounin (A)
Jounin (A)

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PostSubject: Re: First stop, Desert [Travel, Kurayami ---> Sabaku]   Mon Sep 21, 2015 5:26 pm

When the ship came out of the constant darkness of Kurayamigakure and into the bright sun, Konran began to feel himself being... powered up, for lack of a better description. Because of the Yang properties in his blood, the sunlight began to be absorbed through his skin, making him feel more... alive. If stared at correctly, Konran could be seen with a bit of a glow.

The ride was amazing. He was leaned over the back left side of the railing, staring at the water, staring at the landscape, staring at the animals he'd only previously seen in books, staring at the blue sky, the clouds... staring at everything. It was a bit overwhelming after having stared at a dull grey wall for the first 14 years of his life.

Konran paid close attention to Alec when he told his story. He didn't even care when he said that he was once a murderer and a crime lord; he thought it was cool. Everything he did sounded like it all had legitimate reasons behind them, anyway. Konran knew about his eyes, his sword, and even the cloak he was wearing that was actually a living organism. He knew about his original village Makkuragakure, and found himself wanting to visit there and explore Dark Tower.

He knew everything now, and was in fact glad he met Alec and his people. When it suddenly got hotter, Konran looked to see that they had entered the desert, a sandy world of heat. This would be interesting.


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PostSubject: Re: First stop, Desert [Travel, Kurayami ---> Sabaku]   

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First stop, Desert [Travel, Kurayami ---> Sabaku]
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