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 Yukine [WIP]

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Yukine [WIP] ZrTPdLG


Name:  Yukine Kishou
Age: 26
Birthdate: April 4th  
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Celibate
Rank: Colonel

Village: Hanagakure
Element(s): Shadow Release
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu | Taijutsu | Fuuinjutsu

Special Characteristics:  


Height: 5 Foot, 3 Inches
Weight: 115 Pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
General Description: As far as the basics go Yukine stands at five feet, three inches tall; far shorter than the average soldier, let alone the average twenty-six year old female.  She weighs in at exactly one hundred and fifteen pounds; her feminine form having a slight hourglass shape, and yet packing onto it lean muscle. She has a D cup bust, though this is normally always hidden beneath several layers of clothing. Her skin is a light tan in color, indicative of the hours she spends training under the sun. Yukine's hair is black in color and exceptionally long; going down to the bottom of her butt, and her eyes are a deep brown in color. Upon her body are several markings: the most important of which are two seals located on her back: usually hidden from view by several layers of clothing. On her right shoulder is a ornate cross tattooed onto her skin, and on her left ankle is a date written in a cuff and chain tattooed onto her: the date she was freed from the hell she had been living in up until she was twelve years old.

As far as attire goes, that tends to vary on the situation.

When in the field Yukine tends to wear a sleeveless camouflage top that buttons up the front; usually with the last two buttons unbuttoned to expose her belly. With this is worn a pair of black pants which are slightly baggy to allow for free movement, and which are tucked into black combat boots. On her hands she wears black gloves that go up almost to her elbows. Around her left arm is a band with a wolf patch sewn on. Around her right arm is a band with a medical symbol sewn on. During this time her exceptionally long black hair is worn either down or back in a high ponytail at the back-top of her head.

When in the office her attire tends to be very professional in nature. While she will not by any means wear a skirt she does tend to wear a buttoned up short sleeved white blouse with a black suit-vest worn over top. During colder times she'll wear a dress suit jacket over top of this, black in color. Always worn with this are a pair of slacks and a high polished dress shoes. Her hair is either kept down or back in a long french braid.

When completely off duty, and simply relaxing, she'll tend to wear a black t-shirt, a pair of sweatpants normally gray or black in color, and comfortable sneakers. Her hair is usually thrown up in a ponytail, albeit messier than the one she has when in proper uniform, so that it's out of her way.

About You!

Personality: When Yukine was a young child, before the world had gone to shit around her and true evil had reared its head and made itself known, she was constantly happy. She was known for being bubbly, barely able to ever keep still. She always wore a smile on her face that even brightened her own stormy gray colored eyes. She was the type of child who could see the good in any situation, and could make friends without any effort.  

She was the sort of person that people gravitated to naturally, her energy pulling them in and making it hard to resist her. She laughter and smile were infectious, capable of turning even the more sour faced person's frown into a grin.

When she was forced into slavery that personality vanished. She became withdrawn, and barely spoke. There no longer was a smile on her face, but a completely impassive and emotionless mask. Happiness gave way to a total and complete zoned out feeling: she numbed herself to the pain she felt every day both emotionally and physically. She reacted only when needed, but otherwise would sit for hours completely and totally still, staring off into space with the gaze of the condemned.

During this time period it was clear to any who would look upon her that she was simply waiting to die; waiting for her ticket to be punched and the proverbial lights to go out one final time. At times this single want would drive her to extreme action: she would purposely cause trouble, purposely do something that was considered wrong by the standards of those who kept her prisoner, simply for the hope and wish that this time when they beat her they would finally push it too far and end up killing her.

Of course, that all changed the day that her twin, Amatsu, rescued her. It took a while; she was jumpy at first and scared of almost everything: though while those emotions eventually died down within her the urge to never be touched - outside of training - remained. However, as time passed she became more relaxed. It took a good bit to make her smile, but she was once again able to feel happiness. She went from completely numb to internally peaceful; something that showed easily enough with the vast amount of time that she spent meditating.

There was, however, a flip side to this. When it came time to train she became a completely focused and fierce opponent: to face her was to fight as if your life depended on it. When she wasn't spending time with her twin or meditating she spent it training; sometimes pushing herself to such extremes that her brother would have to carry her home – her single minded goal to become as strong as possible driven by the need to never be the victim again. It's also this same drive that causes her to lash out against those who would threaten to do her brother harm: she's willingly to do anything to keep him safe as well - even if it means killing to accomplish that goal.  

As Yukine aged, found a god to believe in and a best friend, her personality changed once more. Yukine now appears to exhibit a stern, business-like demeanor when she's on duty, and on missions. She keeps a very professional air around herself, and believes in being a proper example for her village: attempting to avoid making her village look bad. Also she always seems to wear a self-assured smile and is exceptionally polite, especially when dealing with strangers or those she doesn't have a reason to be rude or crude towards.

She easily shows confidence on the battlefield, though sometimes this leads to her taunting and mocking her opponents while fighting. It also leaves her to being a tad bit reckless; leading to her often attempting stunts and moves that others wouldn't dare try due to how dangerous they would be. Off of the battlefield this leads to Yukine being more then willing to try extreme sports; hiking without proper gear, cliff diving, exploring different caves and a variety of other things.

Yukine is also shown to have a slightly psychopathic and cruel side especially against those who attempt to mess with her cause harm to her friends and family, or her village. In battle she shows no mercy; she will slaughter any and all who are considered a threat to those whom she holds dear.

She's very loyal to her friends, family, and her village: therefore this cruelty tends to increase when dealing with those defecting from the village or otherwise doing something to betray it.  

However, this loyalty also leads her to show a much kinder side as well: she can be super and kind, willing to lend a helping hand without a second thought to any who she can consider an ally.  

When she's not on duty, or otherwise on missions, Yukine has a very bubbly and happy side to her personality. She likes to be active, and constantly on the go. She's happy almost all of the time, and has a smile that is very infectious. She loves to joke, and goof around.

History: Storytellers. Orators. Keepers of ancient secrets. The Kishou is an old clan, with older secrets. They are the keepers of an ancient library, one that recorded the history of man before the time of shinobi. Nowadays, the clan is little more than a family name but at a time in history, the Kishou were revered.

The clan were infamous as shamans, priests and priestesses of the old religions; men and women whose lives were inexplicably tied with the deities they worshiped. To the people around them, the Kishou were strange folk, obsessed with what they believed were 'the spirits of the world'. Mythical creatures; dragons, dijinn's and aspects of the elements, just to name a few. The Kishou worshiped them all, and in return were protected by these creatures.

As time passed, the old religions fell and the world of the Shinobi rose. The collective deities, knowing that they would have no place in the 'modern' world, gathered their followers for one last request. The Divine Court, as they were known, gave their followers one final decree; the members of the Kishou clan were tasked with carrying on the legacy of the Divine Court. The Kishou were to keep the stories of the of the Court alive through the ages; in return the Kishou would forever be protected by them.

Though the exact terms of the contract are unclear and or lost to time, a general consensus is that the clan members were to bind their life force with that of a deity upon their second birthday, allowing that deity to manifest into this world and thus remain 'alive'. In return, this diety is the main source of protection for the contracted kishou member, for if the clan member dies, so does the deity.

Once upon a time, there was a little ninja that could! What she could do, she didn't do, and what she did do, she shouldn't have done. Her days were filled with happiness, sunshine, and rainbows out the ass. She positively skipped every where she went, and the world was just so ha-- Sorry. I can't do that anymore. The false happiness is gonna make me puke.

This story isn't filled with happiness. There are no fucking rainbows, no eternal sunshine and no unicorns talking to each other about what a wonderful day it is to go on a picnic. If you're looking for that, you're in the wrong place. No, this story is a bit darker than most, and not for the 'faint of heart'. Or, I could be just completely bullshitting you. Time will tell if you are capable of separating the truth from my ramblings. For now, please have a seat-- no, not that one. That one is reserved for the otter.  

The story begins like so many others: a man and a woman. Her father was a retired Anbu captain from Sabakugakure whom wanted a quiet life: Her mother was a seamstress from a small town outside of Morigakure. Together they built a life outside the busy walls of Sabakugaure, one where they could live out their days in happiness. Kishou Tenji was tired of the political posing and in-fighting of his family, tired of the looks of contempt that he and his wife, Reimei, received from the other Kishou. He moved himself and his wife to her home village. Tenji used his skills as an shinobi to become a hunter for his family, providing them with a wealth of food while Reimei was able to save them money by using her skills as a seamstress to keep the family clothed. Together, they built themselves a simple yet beautiful life.

Imagine their joy some three years into their wedded bliss when Reimei announced to Tenji and their close friends that she was carrying their first child: twins actually, unknown to the pair at the time. Tenji quickly wrote home to his family, excited about the bundle of joy on the way. Tenji's father was overwhelmed with joy-- but not many other people of the clan were happy. They did not like the prospect of their 'pure blood' being mixed with that of commoners, yet no one would dare voice their opinions against Tenji's father. But nothing could stop the sour expressions and mocking tones that were given to the couple when the elder Kishou's back was turned as the young couple came to visit.

After nine months, Reimei gave birth to a bouncing baby boy whom she named Amatsu, followed by a bouncing baby girl named Yukine. Both children were born healthy with a head of black hair, much to her parents shock, both of whom had blue hair. Thinking nothing of it, Tenji, Reimei,Yukine and Amatsu lived happily together for years. As the children grew older, Tenji taught Amatsu how to fend for himself in the wild alongside Yukine; to hunt and track game, how to formulate traps with fuinjutsu for smaller animals and the like, which Amatsu and his sister took to like a fish to water. By the time the children were seven, they were spending several days a week camping in the nearby forest with their father, coming home with enough small game to supplement his father's earnings. It was also around this time that Tenji taught Amatsu and his sister Taijutsu, as well as basic practice in ninjutsu Under his father's tutelage, Amatsu's skills grew to be comparable to that of a genin shinobi along with his sisters.

On a personal level, Yukine got along well with others. On the days that hse went to the market with her mother, Amatsu was in charge of watching the stall, Yukine attracted the customers with her bubbly and happy nature, while Reimei handled the money. After a particularly nasty incident in which most of their trade was stolen, as a precaution, Amatsu always rigged his stall with Fuinjutsu traps. As the thieves would attempt to steal skins from the stall, they'd find themselves rooted in place and staring down the blade of a knife until they either payed or were arrested. Her brother had no mercy for would-be thieves -- even the children. An kunai launched near the foot to snare them with fuinjutsu, followed by another to 'burn' their feet until they returned what they attempted to steal. As time passed, thieves grew wary of the children and their mother when they came into town, avoiding them entirely out of fear for their own safety; Yukine's brother was less forgiving as he grew older. What were once simple traps designed to protect his wares evolved into more sinister displays of brilliance -- fingers were often lost, sometimes a whole hand. Of course, Amatsu would return the appendages -- after the local police were informed: something thatYukine found herself unable to fault her brother for since the thieves deserved to be punished.

It would be these 'incidents' that would prove to be the downfall of the happy family. The local mob boss was not happy with this little 'rebellion'. Other merchants, seeing a mere child protect his wares in a such a way, were refusing to be exploited. Deciding that the best way to stop this new found bravery was to make an example of Amatsu and his mother and sister, the boss ordered his men to follow the family home and ambush them.

As the family settled down to dinner at dusk, there came a knock at the door. As Tenji got up to answer the door, the windows of their cabin were smashed inward, through which numerous armed thugs jumped through. The men, expecting to only see Amatsu and his mother and twin sister, were shocked to see the enraged form of Tenji, who promptly began to beat the life from the nearest thug with the door of their cabin. Tenji ordered Amatsu and Yukine and Reimei to get out of the house-- something that Amatsu was able to accomplish with a bit of a struggle, followed byYukine. Miraculously, her brother was able to snatch up his gear before grabbing his shrieking mother and pulling her with him through a window as Tenji covered their escape. Several of the thugs got out of the cabin to follow the trio as the cabin erupted into black flames...

For several of the men following Amatsu and Yukine and Reimei, life was about to take a fatal turn for the worse. Amatsu and his sister and his mother fled into the parts of the forest that was laced with various hunting traps; a plan thought of by Amatsu as he dragged his mother along behind him and his sister ran close behind. He would wait amongst the treetops until a trap had been activated, before moving closer and raining down fireballs into the unfortunate soul whom been caught while Yukine launched her own series of attacks. The game of cat and mouse continued on for hours until her mother's scream broke the air. Rushing to where they'd left her, they came upon her lifeless body clutched in the hands of one of the men whom raided their house. It was at that point the twins were knocked unconscious by one of the remaining men whom snuck up behind them.

Yukine came to to find herself chained up and unable to move. She could hear movement in front of her, but was unable to see due to a hood covering her head. Upon realizing she was awake she found herself being struck over and over again until she was too weak to cry out: the initiative punishment of this new hell that she had been sold in. The whole 'initiation' took three days during which time all manner of dark and seedy deeds were committed against the child. She lived in a world of agony until she was too numb both physically and emotionally to feel it anymore.

Following this her training started: she was to be used in all ways possible – especially as a bodyguard due to the way her body had been honed by the Taijutsu teachings of her father. This was no easy task though, and the punishment for failure was horrendous. Yukine had to learn quickly: it was either learn and adapt or be beaten to death or worse. However, there was a saving grace to this: the man she was forced to call Master was religious in the most severe, and forced his various pieces of propery – she was not the only one forced to serve in this compound they called home – to pray sometimes for days at a time. The Temple and the monks within it were a saving grace: the one place they would not be harmed or defiled. The only place they could feel truly safe.

It was in this place that she was saved. She had been in the Temple for nearly eight hours, forced to pray but not complaining due to the fact that it was a reprieve from the hell she could be going through, when suddenly the screams reached her ears. People were running past the temple in a panic, others were screaming as if they were in agony; others were even pleading for their lives. This violence grew closer, grew greater, and all Yukine could hope for at that point was that whoever was causing all of this would find her and end her life too. While the monks went to hide in their various chambers Yukine remained kneeling by the alter, waiting and hoping to die. Only, it wasn't death that walked through the doors but her twin.

If it weren't for the mental connection that bound them Yukine would have thought herself dreaming; or perhaps having finally gone insane. But, that wasn't the case. Amatsu had arrived to save her, to take her to a place where she would be safe, a place she could call home. He had recently been saved, and had found her and saved her, too...  

However, life wasn't easy at first. Being free was amazing, and yet it was equally hard. Yukine was constantly having to look over her shoulder, constantly fearing being put back into that kind of a position again. Every shadow scared her, ever whisper in the night sent her diving under the covers. It seemed like she was never going to get free. And then she found peace: she started to go to church. She found religion, she found God. Someone who was said to protect her. It was here that she found her best friend as well: Samael. Between the two, plus her family, her life began to turn around on the right track. The night terrors disappeared, she became stronger both emotionally and mentally, and she was able to progress on with her life. in growing her shadowy abilities, but she also began to delve into the medical field: something she found fairly early on that she was exceptionally good at.  

Yukine began to turn herself around for the better. She joined her villages military, deciding to dedicate herself to helping others much like she was helped. Her inability to give up, and her sheer will to keep pushing forward no matter the circumstances, got her noticed. It was because of this that she was enrolled in a special program that allowed her to shoot up through the ranks fairly quickly. This allowed her to go from a lonely soldier the whole way to a Colonel with a few short years as her best friend, Samael, became Commander General.

With her best friend in charge Yukine re-established her commitment to her village. Deciding to dedicate herself as not only Samael's personal body guard, but his personal doctor as well due to her skills in the medical field...

RP Sample:  …. Honestly? It's Dezzy. You've seen me RP. <3

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Yukine [WIP]
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