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 Sunėkuaizu, Kiryuu

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Sunėkuaizu Kiryuu

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PostSubject: Sunėkuaizu, Kiryuu   Tue Nov 17, 2015 8:50 pm

Name: Sunėkuaizu, Kiryuu
Age: Sixteen
Birthdate: 18th, October
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Clan: N/A
Rank: Genin

Village: Morigakure no Sato
Element(s): N/A

  • Taijutsu | Hand-to-Hand
  • Genjutsu | Illusions

Special Characteristics:

Height: 6'7" [2 meters]
Weight: 217 lbs [98 kg]
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Amber

General Description: There have been many mysteries and rumors which had shrouded the young enigmatic man long before his appearance within the shinobi world, the few whom have had the chance of meeting him face to face are often found perplexed by his physical appearance; without a doubt expecting the boy known as Kiryuu to be much more menacing judging from the tales that they have heard. One of the numerous myths, was that he were some sort of monstrous behemoth that towered over everyone at ten feet; a rather extravagant rumor though that is not completely groundless. He is often considered by many to be a giant among men, standing at an absurd height of 6'7", roughly the length of two meters; that is, if he were standing up straight instead of slouching down as per the norm. He bears a larger-than-average body frame which generated numerous rumors, where people imagined that each and every step he took shook the very earth itself as he must weigh a ton. However, he does not even weigh near a ton, albeit he does carry around an enormous amount nonetheless; maxing out at about 217 pounds, in other words just about 98 kilograms. He holds an impressive physical build which derived from his past as a delinquent whom brawled daily whilst learning various martial arts; readying his transcendence as a taijutsu orientated shinobi.

Regardless of bearing an impressive physique, especially for one of his age, he refrains from flaunting his muscular build whenever in public; as his body is riddled with an abundance of scar tissue from his past reckless behavior of brawling. The sole scar which was not the result of a fight of epic proportions, cuts through across his torso; which was the inevitable result of a heart transplant. Due to cardiovascular issues emerging after the transplant, he is prone of receiving chest pains throughout the day which renders him helpless during such episodes; these heart episodes especially manifests whenever stressed. Nitroglycerin pills are taken daily in order to prevent the attacks from becoming serious enough to be hospitalized. Another effect from the arisen cardiovascular problems is dampened blood flow which grants the young man a seemingly permanent pale complexion, in addition to his feeble circulatory system, his body temperature is lowered to a significant effect which renders most whom touch his bare skin to exclaim how his skin feels as if it were made out of ice; of which he finds to be rather poetic due to his alleged cold-hearted nature.

Untamed by the brush, his short sanguine colored hair runs rampant atop and thus bolsters a wild style consisting of spikes protruding in an outward fashion; many find themselves in shock when having discovered that the red-hue is completely natural. Due to the nature of his past, his scowling-like facial expression appears much more worn than that of an average teenager; hence explaining the light creases found underneath his small, squinted, golden colored eyes of which gives him a permanent glare. With all of these characteristics, many are incapable of fathoming him to be as young as he is, and thus easily mistake him for an adult. As he is often branded as a ruffian due to either physical appearance or simple misunderstanding, he had eventually caved to the label and thus had been influenced by society's views to boast a vast array of piercings; silver loops intertwining throughout the outer edges of his left ear, and in addition to the aforementioned, iron beads may also be found rolling up midway vertically across his tongue. He had subconsciously conformed of gaining a smoking habit and thus may be commonly seen with smoke closely trailing behind; though he supposedly smokes in order to reduce stress rather than being an addiction. Whilst he retains no set of prints upon his wound-ridden skin, he is lured by the idea of having them camouflage the repulsive defects found throughout his body.

The attire which the crimson beast commonly dons during his ventures outside of home, despite having his movements somewhat restricted, consists of a crumpled white colored short-sleeved shirt; of which said V-neck shirt is incapable of fully containing his physical prowess. An overlaying black leather fur collared jacket is often worn atop of the shirt; unzipped and unbuttoned during the spring and summer, and closed off completely during the frost-ridden seasons. Its fuzzy pockets often hold numerous important items, such as: his wallet, nitroglycerin pills, lighter, pack of cigarettes, sunglasses. His navy-blue denim jeans are held tightly to his waist through the use of a simple brown leather belt, in addition to the belt, a silver chain is attached from the belt to the back pocket on his left side; as if to complete the rest of the outfit, he sports plain black socks along with black shoes. He is wrapped in various accessories of silver qualities, a singular bangle split into three is worn upon his left hand, a ring upon his right index finger, along with a star shaped pendant held together by rope. The hitai-ate, the proof of his ascendance into the ranks of shinobi, is worn securely upon his neck; which he finds poetic, as he is no longer more than a dog of the village.

About You!

Personality: Upon first impressions, he is often portrayed as an aloof and cold-hearted individual; whose relaxed and silent demeanor instills a sense of discomfort amongst others. Caution is to be exercised whenever dealing with the alleged ruffian, as he is often depicted as a fearless, heartless, and ruthless being whom does not know the meaning of prudence. His stoic expression does not waver despite the presented situation; easily disregarding the brandishing of a knife, or the threat of an ensemble of questionable gentlemen. The dearly departed, whether family or not, holds no apparent sway over the emotional state of the vermilion giant and thus resulted his alienation from his relatives. The truth lies deep within the vessel known as Kiryuu and so remains hidden from the prying eyes of others, and as such many remain unaware of his struggles of revealing his true self; which naturally hampers his ability to befriend others. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants of the village he resides within, the behemoth's actions are far from erratic though perhaps more appropriately described as incomprehensible; such as how he would brutally retaliate against any injustice done to either himself or another for the most arbitrary reason. Regardless whether the individual whom had committed the offense be a child or an elder, such a shield will not last against the goliath's onslaught nor the mere mention of the word 'sorry' will be one's saving grace; as his cynicism would not allow him to take such words seriously. It is assured that a pittance of time is more than useless, as his powerful memory will refrain from forgetting such things. Proper amends must be made in order to earn his forgiveness, and even then his perception of the offender would forever be lit under a negative light.

Is the glass half full, or half empty? A timeless question which served to assess whether one is of an optimistic or pessimistic nature, to which the red-haired punk falls unto the latter category. He is often left bewildered whenever having spoken to an optimist, being subjugated to their unrealistic ideals or their false sense of security easily tumbles him unto the path of annoyance or of frustration. However, as much as he scorns optimists for their peculiar perception, he clings unto a small shred of hope of seeing the world as they do; that there is some magical quality which lies beyond the reach of pessimists such as himself. An empty lingering void in which he struggles to fill accompanies the teenager through his daily life, and thus effectively bestowing the brute an apathetic demeanor or an otherwise depressed expression; furthermore granting a monotonous voice devoid of any joy. A sense of cynicism is heavily integrated within his manner of speech and overall thought process; of which he is unrepentant with flaunting such cynicism whenever in public, which naturally affects his relationship with others. He had his share of disappointments in others throughout his experiences in the past, and thus desires to avoid experiencing disappointments and heartbreak once more. He places a heavy emphasis on keeping his emotional attachments to others minimal and thus will often purposefully try to get others to dislike him; an effective method in shielding himself from further pain. Due to his cynical persona, he is incapable of viewing acts of kindness for what they are and will conclude that there are hidden motives behind them; hence kindness is the quickest method in getting him to dislike another person, regardless whether alleged kindness is genuine or not.

Whether through words or via actions, he displays an immense amount of self-assurance within his capabilities as an individual; though said confidence directly stems from his mistrust within the ability of others. Such mistrust further expands the distance between himself and the rest of humanity, rendering him further ensnared by the chains of loneliness. His arrogant and egotistic proclamations are but a veil cast upon himself in order to conceal the weak mellow side of himself; all in an effort of protecting himself from the harsh cruelties of human nature. A conflictive maelstrom of self-worth and of doubt turmoils within that borrowed heart, often prompting him to question the meaning behind his existence and of life itself. A complicated past and the shallow eyes of civilization birthed doubt, labeling and troubling the titan as a delinquent; nothing more than the lowest of trash within society. In order to suppress the surge of self-deprecation or otherwise obsessive thoughts from overwhelming his sanity, he aims to concentrate on a task: training; it instills a sense of solace within the otherwise disturbed young man. "Tell a genius that he is an idiot long enough... and he will come to believe it to be so", a quote which best represents himself; morphed and melded by society. Hence his dishonest nature whenever dealing with matters which concerns himself; often leading him to deny his desires and thus significantly dampen his impulsiveness. Due to his abnormal sense of honor, he is incapable of breaking a promise.


History: The story begins like any other, man meets woman, woman meets man. The both of them fall in love with one another, can't dream of living without the other. Hence, they naturally become husband and wife. Two souls, united together for eternity through holy matrimony. The two of them started their lives together in some obscure location; no big cities, no masses of zombies scrambling toward work. An island out in the middle of nowhere was just right for them. While the city may present opportunities that may appeal to many others, the both of them wanted nothing more than to live peaceful lives; free of worry, free from industrialization, and free from the influence of shinobi. All that they've desired was a peaceful life for them and their children. The father, was described as a blue collar; otherwise known as a manual laborer. Due to certain familial circumstances whilst he was growing up, he was incapable of learning any decent trades; in order to help with the situation his family found themselves in, he had been forced to search far and wide for any job opportunities. No matter how demeaning such opportunities may have been. Ordinarily, he wouldn't put up with taking orders, or bowing his head down to someone whom doesn't deserve his respect; but the power of love could change a man in ways that no one else may imagine. No matter the disgrace he may experience, no matter what others might say... as long as his wife was happy, he was happy.

The mother, took upon herself the traditional role of the housewife. As the man felt happy when she felt happy, she too, felt happy when he was happy. Through this, the bond between the both of them grew stronger with every passing day. Permanently intertwining their lives. She was the ideal wife for any man: kind, beautiful, intelligent, and bearing a smile unlike any other; its no wonder why her husband did everything he could and more, into seeing that smile of hers. Though, whilst she may appear to be the perfect wife. She was a frail woman. Prone to sickness, incapable of exerting any physical strength; she even had to take extreme care in what she ate. Whilst she was not in any actual danger with such a condition, her husband felt pain whenever she was running a fever, or seeing her eat so little. But despite the problems that have occurred, he could never stop loving this woman. She became quite popular among the natives of the island, quickly gaining friends whom in turn would help her and her husband. The wife, with her kindness and radiating beauty, the husband, with his hard-working self, adapted to their new lives splendidly on the island. They weren't rich, but they were happy with how things had turned out. It was only natural that a certain question would pop up. The question being, "When will the both of you get children?". Once confronted with this question, the wife announced that she was indeed with child. The husband was shocked upon hearing the news, but obviously over enjoyed. He was going to have a child. They were going to have a child.

Hence the first of four children was born, a girl. The both of them were so happy that, one year later, they had made another child. This time, a boy. The first grew up to be a beautiful young lady and eventually became a kindergarten teacher. She was the most emotional of the four children, hence she fell in love quickly; and with the wrong guys. She was with child at the age of sixteen; the father ran away from responsibility. Though the mother and father were quite empathetic with their precious little girl and helped her through the trial without judging her. Eventually, she had gotten married to another man, had his child, though their marriage felt apart; she kept custody of the child, though he had the right to see his child every now and then. She eventually found herself a new husband, though unlike the other two, this one was staying. Her new husband was also recently divorced, and had a child with him, thus they became a happy family of three; that is, until they had a child together. All of them were girls. The son, he went through phases throughout the course of his life. None of them good. He was prone to violence against other children. Prone to play around with women. Prone to use all sorts of drugs. And lots of drinking. Eventually, one night, he drank... a little too much. Enough to experience severe alcohol poisoning. Though he came through; ever since then, he straightened his act together. He went off to work immediately after he finished with learning the carpentry trade. Keeping regular contact with his parents whenever possible.

It had been seven years after their second born, that they were yet against gifted with a miracle; the third of four children. The third was the one with the bad personality. Most would say that the second was obviously the bad one, though he had never hurt his family. Not intentionally anyway; mother could have died from shock when she saw him at the hospital. The third grew up as normal as can be, and once the fourth, once Kiryuu had been born... it was then that he changed. He was six years old when Kiryuu had been born. It was most probable that the third resented his younger brother; jealous that he no longer had the sole attention of his parents, that he was no longer treated as their precious little boy. The third became full of angst once he reached his teenage years, and it reflected in his personality. He would become quick to anger. Hate talking to the family. Hate to do anything with the family. Frequently yell out how he hates his family. How he wished he was born into another one; one that was more rich and didn't live in such a 'dump'. The father, while it wasn't his fault, couldn't help but feel as if he failed. After all, he wasn't exactly proud of his various occupations. Janitorial work. Caravan driver... jobs that anyone could do. The mother was too emotional, just incapable of disciplining her child; hence the third did as he pleased whilst the father felt bad and the mother unsure of what to do.

Seeing as the third of the four was free to do as he wished, without suffering any actual consequences from his actions; he naturally grew to become increasingly difficult. The first and second born of the family were not there in the household, they were busy living their adult lives. The father was not home often, too busy working long hours in order to keep financial stability. Hence, it was only natural that the third became the male role model in Kiryuu's world. He would make small changes as time passed by, adopting a similar hairstyle, dress similarly, and eventually learn to act the same. Anti-social, quiet, cynical, hating everyone around him... he became this way, in order to appease his older brother. Though, the opposite had occurred. The third found it annoying more than anything else, and thus treated Kiryuu all the more harshly. Kiryuu's original feelings of wanting a place in his brother's eyes, was replaced with hatred. Thus the two of them never got along together. Such social interaction with his older brother became the origin of his current persona; where he felt completely worthless, yet he wanted to prove that he was so much more. The feud between the both of them continued well until the third left the household; though Kiryuu's hatred for his older brother never ceased. No matter how much the third changed after he left. Kiryuu would never forgive him for what he had done to him over the entirety of his life.

Kiryuu had became a teenager when the third had left the household; causing him to calm down and thus develop his own unique bland of personality, rather than being a copy of the third. Though old habits died hard; he kept being a silent individual whom saw the world through pessimistic eyes. The experience he received from dealing with his older brother had granted him new values, new ideals to follow. As such, he had appeared more mature than others of his age; hence he gradually became alienated from his peers. Isolation had forced him to become cynical, independent, and a tsundere. Adults treated him as a problem child seeing as how he was abnormal. Thus stemmed the origin of his dislike for adults; always treating him as inferior, always judging him for whom he is. He went through puberty a lot earlier than most children, hence he became all the more alienated. He thought about things more. Knew more things than before. He knew he was different. He knew that no one would ever see him as normal. He became enraged; assaulting anyone whom looked at him funny, finding others to be nothing but an annoyance. Due to such violent behavior, and loads of bad rumors about him... delinquents became attracted to him. They attacked him, and he lost. He got beaten badly. Blood everywhere, broken bones; and a shattered pride. He lamented as he was sprawled across the ground. He was weak. He felt unloved, stupid, and among other things.

He just wanted to fade away into nothing. Stop feeling. Stop seeing, smelling, hearing... he wished he were imprisoned in oblivion; he wanted to stop dealing with everything that life was throwing at him. Though he had no such control, as such, picked himself off of the ground in a slow agonizing way. Headed back to his home; to lick his wounds somewhere more comfortable. Upon his arrival, his parents were obviously shocked to see their son in such a mess; fretting over the boy whom seemed completely unfazed by what was going on around him. Obviously they didn't want such a thing to ever happen again; the father was adamant about having his son taught martial arts; hence how he had been sent to Morigakure no Sato. With that, Kiryuu became involved with taijutsu. His teacher was astounded by his progress, amazed at how his body flowed like liquid, and his physique became more and more impressive; or perhaps monstrous is the better word.

One would be lead to believe that he would have learned a sense of discipline during his stay at the academy, though his taste for violence only strengthened as he became more adept at fighting. He beat down anyone whom got in his way, whether fellow student or ordinary citizen, and thus eventually earned himself the title of 'Morigakure's Crimson Beast'. His infamy rose as he continued to be fight and eventually earned recognition from those whom proclaim themselves as the leaders of the village. Thus marked the beginning for the hunt of Morigakure's Crimson Beat; upon his eventual capture, he had been sent to Morigakure's 'Youth Correctional Facility': in short, a prison. Throughout the two years he had spent there, he had been under tight guard and psychologically poked and probed in order to assess whether he could become a productive member of society. Once significant progress has been made on his part, he had eventually been cleared out of the facility and back into society. From then he would be promoted to a Genin.

The story turns blank here, leaving all to wonder how his tale will come to an end.

RP Sample: The sound of an alarm clock blared loudly, resounding throughout the small apartment flat which the crimson beast currently inhabited; its awkward beeping and intensity managed to rouse the young red haired punk from his surprisingly calm sleep. With head still buried face-first into the pillow, he reached out his left hand in a lazy manner and attempted to silence the alarm without looking; he failed the first few times as he tried to feel the button, and five seconds later managed to find the silencer, and returned the world to silence once more. He had refrained from rising immediately as he was still in a stupor-like state, and thus enjoyed the comfort of the cheap mattress whilst awaiting for his body to wake up naturally; shortly he would turn over and stare at the light from the moon reflecting off of the carefully positioned mirror as to make a makeshift light-switch. It had still been an extremely early morning, though he was used to it in reason of his chronic chain of night terrors disallowing him of actual sleep most days. It had taken a full minute before he had decided to slung himself unto the edge of the bed whilst burying his head into the palm of his right hand as he tried to gain enough motivation to get out of bed. He had taken a gander over at the window, situated so that it shared the same wall as his bed, and saw the outskirts of the still quiet village of Morigakure. The low rustling of leaves as a pleasant breeze rolled on through had grown on the young delinquent since he had first arrived five years ago. The environment had been quite different from the island he called home, no beaches, no small village; just forests as far as they eye could see, alongside the humongous village that may very well be the largest in the known world.

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Sunėkuaizu, Kiryuu
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