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 Home Sweet Home~ [Ansho or Invite]

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PostSubject: Home Sweet Home~ [Ansho or Invite]   Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:30 am

Home. Neo had made it after a rather uneventful trip. Sabakugakure had been an amazing place to visit, and Neo found herself feeling a bit sad about having left. She had made quite a few friends while she was there and she knew she would miss them greatly until she got the chance to see them again. But, it was definitely time to come home - she had been away long enough after all.

With her bags weighed down with trinkets and presents as well as the stuff she had taken with her still on her right shoulder she rested her umbrella on her left. The umbrella was twirled slowly and yet gracefully as she came to a pause near the entrance to her village. She glanced about with her mismatched colored eyes, wondering where her father could be at that moment: she was interested in nothing more at that time being then letting him know she was home. That was, after all, the most important thing in her mind.

Frowning oh so slightly in contemplation she then suddenly took off towards the administrative buildings. She figured, given the time of day, that that was likely the most likely place to be able to locate her dad. In truth, she probably should have dropped her heavy bags off at home, but she hardly cared about them at the moment. She had missed her father and wanted a long over-due hug, as well as to ensure that he was alright and that everything had been going smoothly.
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Home Sweet Home~ [Ansho or Invite]
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