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 Destiny Kane

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Destiny Kane
Jounin (S)
Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Destiny Kane   Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:59 am

Name: Destiny Star Kane
Age: 10
Birthdate: December 19th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Rank: Jounin [S-Rank]

Village: Kurayamigakure no Sato
Element(s): Fire | Wind | Lightning | Explosion
Specialties: Medical Ninjutsu | Taijutsu | Ninjutsu | Senjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Chakra Radar "Blind Eye"(SSS-Rank):


4 Foot 4 Inches
Weight: 65 Pounds
Hair Color: Pinkish Red
Eye Color: Happy: Silver | Enraged: Orange
General Description: Destiny Star Kane stands at four feet four inches tall and weighs in at sixty five pounds. She has eyes that when calm are silver in color, but as she becomes annoyed or enraged change to an orange color and begin to emit a soft glow. Her skin is lightly tan, and she has jaw length reddish pink hair. Normally on her head can be found either a headband with bear ears or kitten ears attached to it.

Her attire changes depending on her mood though she favors an Ao Dai style outfit that consists of reddish purple pants with the tunic portion of the outfit being red trimmed in gold. Feet are covered in red slippers that are likewise trimmed in gold.

Carried either on her back in her bookbag she carries with her or otherwise carried in her arms is a brown teddy bear: Tibbers.

About You!
Personality: Destiny can come off a bit violent to someone who doesn't know her well. She's quick to react violently rather than diplomatically. However, that isn't to say she's a complete brute. In fact, her method of response was simply something that came after everything she has had to live through topped with the need and want to protect those she holds dear to her. Destiny has learned through trial and tribulation that attempting to talk to someone never tends to end well: lies and smooth words can lead to those closest to her being harmed and it is something she is simply not willing to risk.

This lack of trust also tends to leave Destiny seeming a bit anti-social and exceptionally quiet. In truth Destiny is simply the type of person who doesn't speak unless the need arises; and only when she feels like what she has to say is important enough to share. At least, that's the way she is in the company of strangers.

However, for those who bridge the gap and become someone that she feels she can trust she can come off as a very kind and loving person. She's quick to laugh, and easy to get along with. Helpful and caring. She's willing to go the extra mile for her friends and family, and as loyal as loyal can get.

In a Galexy far, far, away...

There lived a little girl named Destiny Star...

Her life was filled with trials and tribulations...

As what would appear to be a war loomed on the horizon...

Okay, so this isn't exactly that type of story but a war did happen, albeit a rather short one. Destiny's biological father was not a nice person, and left home before Destiny had a chance to get to know him. Her mother wasn't all that nice either: she was convinced that the power Destiny was showing as a young child would lead to great (and likely terrible) things in her future. Or well, that's exactly what Destiny's mother tried to convince everyone of anyway.

As Destiny turned from three years old to four several morons and idiots began to come after her; some threatening to kill her or harm her in some way. Others came after her after her with a lust for power; they wanted to harness the abilities and intelligence that the young child seemed to possess and control it for themselves. At first this led to Destiny running away, a lot. She had power, yes, but she didn't quite know how to harness and use it. During the times that she stood and fought the battles and fights would rage on for long periods of time, yet Destiny simply didn't know what to do and her mother always seemed conveinently absent during these periods of time.

When her mother wasn't absent she was hanging around a group of people, one of which consisted of Alec Kane. Destiny found herself looking up to Alec, and often would copy how he acted. Alec, upon seeing the misfits and idiots constantly attacking the child, took her under his wing and began to teach her how to fight. As the two grew closer Destiny began to see him as the father figure she never had, while her mother continued to fade more and more into the background. Only a short period of time after Alec began to train Destiny it became known that the person behind all of these attacks on the child was none other than her own mother.

In an attempt to save face her mother claimed that the reason she had done it was because Destiny was corrupt and evil, and that if her power was allowed to grow one day she would do terrible things to the world. This was, of course, something that Alec didn't believe considering how well he had gotten to know the child. Seeing that her words were reaching deaf ears and becoming enraged Destiny's mother simply threw adoption papers at Alec and told him that if he wanted he could have her with a warning that she would one day turn on him.

Shortly after this came a four day battle in which Destiny, Alec, and a few others continued to go head to head, toe to toe, with the individual after her Destiny ended up facing off against her own mother. After a quick but brutal and bloody battle she ended up killing her mother. Things became peaceful then, and Destiny continued to age and grow until finding herself separated from her father roughly at the age of ten. Destiny simply woke up with no memory as to how she had gotten there in a sand village known as Yokuchi. It was at this point that Destiny found herself unable to see with normal eyes, and yet able to see with an ability known as chakra radar.

Shortly after waking up in the village she found herself meeting up with her father who, unknown to her, had left the village of Hanagakure and was considered a missing nin. Her father saw that Destiny was blind and began to rage until Destiny quickly explained that no one had actually harmed her, she simply was blind and yet could see. Shortly after this Destiny met several friends, including a medical prodigy named Holeman.

Following a series of events Destiny came to reside with her family and the majority of her friends in a village known as Makkuragakure. The village was constantly dark, and led to Destiny taking on a bit of a mad-scientist appearance due to the medical experiments and such she constantly preformed in the basement of the tower that they called home.

For the next few years she called this tower home until shortly after her father and several others including her little sister had left on an adventure she found herself accidentelly reverted back to the form of a ten year old child. Unable to reverse it herself she set out, wanting to locate her father and see if he perhaps had any ideas on how to fix this - or to find one of the medics traveling with him and attempting to put their heads together so that the transformation could be reversed.

As Destiny set out, however, she found herself face to face with the biggest bear she had ever seen which had succumbed to a bear trap of all things. The bear was injured, and yet he was acting with a higher inteligence than she thought possible. Approaching nonetheless her bravery caught the bears attention and held it. After several words of assurance that she was there to help and not harm Destiny took great care in freeing the bear from the trap. The bear, intruiged by her, remained quite still while Destiny then took the time to heal him. It was then the bear spoke, explaining that he was part of a powerful clan who once acted as summons for those in need of their abilities. The bear, Tibbers, explained that this practice had long died out due to the way the world was and the people in it, but that given the way Destiny had acted he felt it appropriate to become her summon. So, after being introduced to the rest of the bear's family - all of whom loved the child instantly - Tibbers became her personal summon, as well as a teddybear stuffed animal when not actually summoned.

Destiny then set out once more, off to try and locate the rest of her family and see what could be done about her issue...

RP Sample: Well, this was certainly going to be interesting. She had been 'kidnapped' by pirates and was currently sailing along the rivers and ocean with them as their captive. Oh, she could have escaped easily enough but a free ride was just exactly that; free. She had set out to search for her father, sister, and the rest of her friends after a medical experiment she had been preforming had gone wrong and rendered her back into a child-like state. Once more she was ten years old looking; though she retained all of her past memories and the knowledge she had gained throughout the years.

Her harmless little girl with the teddy bear act had fooled the pirates easily enough and for now she was laying it on thick: she had no intentions of allowing any of the crew nor the captain to know that she could easily blow up their ship and sink them to the bottom of the ocean with a snap of her fingers. No, no need to play that card, yet. Plus, she had no intentions of allowing them to know that in truth she was a bit older than she appeared - that could lead to trouble she wasn't interested in dealing with. For now she looked and sounded just like a child and that's exactly what she was going with.

So, for now Destiny sat in the chair she had been tied to within the captain's private quarters. Her teddybear sat harmlessly on her lap; well, harmless for her considering it was a contract with a powerful Senjutsu clan that at a moments notice could turn into a beastly rocket weilding bear and kill everyone in sight except for its summoner. Destiny's eyes were closed and a peaceful expression her face; no need to look piss-your-pants terrified when her captors were all busy running around the ship like rats at their captains command: something she knew simply because she was putting her chakra radar ability to effect to ensure that no one snuck up on her unawares while also keeping an eye out for any sign of her father or any other familiar face nearby.

Faceclaim: League of Legends - Annie


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Destiny Kane
Jounin (S)
Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Kane   Thu Nov 19, 2015 7:57 am

Bump of Completion.


"Wanna play with me?"
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Alec Kane

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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Kane   Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:45 am


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PostSubject: Re: Destiny Kane   

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Destiny Kane
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