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 Destiny Kane [Jutsu List]

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Destiny Kane
Jounin (S)
Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Destiny Kane [Jutsu List]   Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:32 am

ANBU Jutsu
Body Elimination Technique:
True Paralysis:
ANBU Call:

Special Jutsu/Gifts

Chakra Radar:

D Rank Jutsu

Small fire:
Exploding Palm:
Temporary Paralysis Tech:
Snap Spark:
Ninja Art - Solar Flare:
Wind Style - Stream:
Chakra Anesthetic:
Ketatamashii no Jutsu:

C Rank Jutsu

Fire Dragon Bullet:
Fire clone no Jutsu:
Wind Release - Spiraling Wind Ball:
Zenchi Te no Jutsu:

B Rank Jutsu

Ash Pile Burning:
Explosive Weapons Technique:
Sky Rocketing Kicks:
Sky Rocketing Punch:
Shadow Clone Tech:
Delicate Illness Extraction Technique:
Kiss of the Dragon:

A Rank Jutsu

Rocket Launcher:
Machine Gun:
Landmine Fist:
Clone Great Explosion:
Liquid Death Charge:
Raining Bombardment:
Blitz Crash:
Spiraling Sphere (Rasengan):
Mystical Palm Technique:
Chakra Scalpal:
Cell Activation Technique:
Body Pathway Derangement:
Punishment of Atlas:

S Rank Jutsu

Medical Transformation Technique:
False Immortality:
Vacuum Great Sphere:
Vortex Armor:

SS Rank Jutsu

Big Bang Attack:
True Immortality:
Ailment Removal:
Ressurection Technique:


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Destiny Kane [Jutsu List]
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