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 Ōsiris Shizenrin

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Ōsiris Shizenrin
Jounin (S)
Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Ōsiris Shizenrin   Thu Nov 19, 2015 4:06 pm


Name: Ōsiris Shizenrin  
Age: 17
Birthdate: August, 16th  
Gender: Male  
Sexuality: Heterosexual  
Rank: S | Jounin

Village: Morigakure no Sato
Element(s): Taiyōton - Yōton - Katon - Inton
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Ninja Techniques — Taijutsu | Body Techniques — Kugutsu | Puppet Techniques — Iryō Ninjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu  
Special Characteristics:  

Haiburiddo no Seirigaku | Hybrid Physiology:

Chishiki no Ki | Tree of KNowledge:


Height: 6'1  
Weight: 153 lbs

Hair Color: Brown  
Eye Color: Hazel

General Description:    

Ōsiris's body type and structure are synonymous with that of any shinobi in his prime and who regularly engages in Taijutsu and combat, lean but with an equally equivalent muscle mass. The man's outfit was tailored to match his lifestyle, thus he sports an interchangeable black cloak with a series of scattered green leaves that collect designed toward the bottom. Atop a sleeveless black shirt that fits snugly around his throat, Ōsiris wears a unique dark green flak jacket whose zipper runs up the front. The lower half of his body is adorned with standard balck flak pants, the right thigh being an indicator of his dominant side by the placement of his kunai holster also black in color, and his feet are protected by matching black shin high open toed sandals. Bandages are wrapped around both fingertips and ending ¾ ways up his arms, additional bandages are wrapped around the tops of both biceps and around  the space where the flak pants and sandals do not meet.  

About You!


[ Overview ]

In a brief summary, Ōsiris is a complex individual who has a difficult time with putting himself before others, he will put himself before others not out of greed, but because he knows that people will live their lives how they wish to and he'd rather ensure that his life keeps to how he wants it. Although he may not be evil or associated as a bad person, those moments do spring up that make people stop and wonder if he really could go all the way. The bond he shares with his brother holds through the most intense of strains. Patience has always been his strong point and from it a strategic mind and quiet nature have branched out and developed.

[ Image ]

Ōsiris has a deep sense of care about the image and the type of person that the public eye views him as. He'd rather make the morally correct choice, even if it wasn't his first option, for the sake of keeping his reputation tarnished or slandered. This is not to say that he is a goody-two-shoes because there are those times when Ōsiris gives in to his own will and let's an action that normally would tie his name with a negative connotation. When individuals that know him get word of mouth or even see these types of actions there tends to be a bit of a shock that comes with it, but at the same time the individual tends to get the feeling that this side of him has been present and repressed the entire time.

[ Good, Bad, Other? ]

Ōsiris gives no care for any type of alliance system that people try to categorize others in. In many eyes, Ōsiris is seen as the one that walks down the neutral line, wavering off the path to either the good or bad side as he sees fit. He stands for the advancement and safety of himself before any and all other individuals, if he can guarantee that any actions he may partake in will not hinder his advancement or safety then he will lend a hand or aid to others.  

[ Intelligence Quotient ]

To say that Ōsirisis of a genius intellect level would be up to whomever said the initial saying. He tends to think that his intellect is higher than average, but only because he takes his time to think and make hypothesis about most things and then he takes in to account the many variables that come with life. For example, by simply knowing the weight of a standard projectile and approximate strength value of oneself a person could determine the distance they'd be able to throw said projectile without testing their limits, then from that a person could determine the piercing value of said projectile based upon the speed and distance at which it was released. It's these types of thoughts that stream through his head on a daily basis, he knows most wont understand, thus why he keeps them to himself.

[ Patient & Analytical ]

Patience has always been one of Ōsiris's biggest assets, he believes wholeheartedly that a little of it can definitely be the determining factor of one's life or death. Ōsiris has a knack for allowing his patient side to carry over with him into even the most intense moments of his life (I.e. a battle, bomb diffusion, etc..). Thus, he is known to have a calm, collected, and level-head about everyday situations all thanks to having the slightest bit of patience. Upon observing individuals that rush through decision making or fall ill, or hurt due to spontaneous decision making, Ōsiris tends to shake his head at them then explain the outcome if the person would have been patient. From patience grew the flower of analysis, a key factor in Ōsiris's everyday life. Ōsiris tends to have shifty eyes as he attempts to view all possible outcomes of a decision, step, or anything that makes up a variable in his life or the lives of others. In addition, if something is even the slightest bit out of what is seen as a persons or objects typical routine Ōsiris will pick up on it.


As above...

In the beginning, a child was born to a team of scientists who managed to balance family and work so well that they coined the term, "Bringing your home with you". Though, this was not an uncommon thing amongst the Shizenrin, their clan was a budding community whose rapidly expanding reputation would one day make them infamous throughout both the Scientific and Shinobi world. Yet... All things changed when the first case of The Plague struck home. Hundreds upon hundreds of their clansmen wilted away, the only hope left for the clan was to abandon the mammalian features of their physiology and undergo a plant physiological induced coma. It was in their hopes that at a later time a cure would be discovered and their clan could be restored to what it once was...

After two and a half centuries, the first of the Shizenrin were born. A young boy named Ōsiris who fell under the slumber at age three, the last memories he has were that of the weary faces of his parents as they closed the budding leaf around him. Despite the time gap his body only aged so few years that he managed to still resemble that of a teenage child, as such his mind raced at what to do seeing as he had not the resources to awaken anyone else... A long journey unknown to any other in history lay ahead of the young Shizenrin, the world had changed much in his absence, discovering it was his first task...

...So below

Abandoning the rotting clan compound with a bag of clothes and his parents research and development books, Ōsiris placed his faith in the Godesses Inari and ended in a place fitting his natural abilities; Morigakure no Sato. Centuries had passed and the legacy of the Shizenrin had been reduced to nothing more than a village tale to keep young children from traversing the forest alone, no one took him seriously when asked for help with awakening his clansmen. Though, one soul ventured to risk a chance with the boy and after providing justifiable proof the previous installment of the Morikage aided and entrusted the young boy with the revival and restoration of his clan. In exchange Ōsiris was to be enlisted within the military of the land, here he was promised access to any materials and supplies needed to further his parents research on the cure.

Overtime, Ōsiris grew angry at his duties as shinobi for they more often than not conflicted with the amount of time he wished to put into his research. Eventually this brought discord among his fellow teammates to the point of resentment, names such as conceded were tossed around in any mention of wanting to save his family, thus when the time for exams rolled around the group as a whole fell short and were forced to try again during another year. Ōsiris's teammates took this loss to hurt and blamed the young Shizenrin in full, thus they staged a coup d'état. The goal was simple, in exchange for the dreams they had lost in finalizing in the exams Ōsiris would pay for in the loss of his slumbering clansmen in a trial by fire. Unbeknownst to the children, the Shizenrin had combated the elements and worked the weaknesses of their Kekkei Genkai into strengths, thus when fire met the sleeper pods it simply did nothing. But elsewhere the fire raged, soon the compound itself would catch ablaze trapping the children. By the time Ōsiris had caught information of the fire the damage had been done and his teammates had perished under the structure of the compound collapsing, both burning to death. The Shizenrin continued to sleep...  

As within...

Despite the heinous acts that the two attempted to cause, the loss of his teammates was taken to heart and an evil grew within Ōsiris. With an outlook on life where he was placed on the shit end of the stick against the world, Ōsiris urged the Morikage to allow him passage to the far off land of Sabakugakure. Here he felt he could further his research and attain even more power than what could be found in Morigakure, a power that he planned to harness and utilize which in turn would militarize the Shizenrin and bring about a new age. So, he was let free and the world became his current of wind to drift on in pursuit of his goals.

Sabakugakure proved most useful to Ōsiris in more ways than one; with it being the merchant capitol of the world many items not found in Morigakure became present to the boy, the unobscured sunlight in the desert proved most useful to him and altered his ways of thinking in a more positive manner. After many months here, in the Jewel of the Desert, the local exams rolled around and with hand written permission by the Morikage Ōsiris was allowed to partake. Unlike before, these exams focused on individuality rather than team work and as such the abilities that Ōsiris possessed were allowed to thrive like a budding flower under the sun. This second chance was not wasted like before, a higher rank meant more freedom and more freedom meant time spent on the research dedicated to finding a cure for his clan, thus in the end he was deemed worthy of obtaining the next rank of Shinobihood.  

...So without

Ōsiris Shizenrin - Scientist, Shinobi. This was his new title, the lifestyle of a shinobi did not suit him well, but through faith he ended back where he had made his start; Morigakure no Sato. Under new management, the village began to thrive, but this wasn't knew to him for he kept in constant communication with both the previous and former Morikage. After the fire that took the Shizenrin compound, Ōsiris moved his clansmen to a more secure place, one whose roots in the clan spread far and wide within the village. Their location known only to two, but a third was introduced when what appeared to be a cure was introduced. With the former and current Morikage by his side, Osiris put into effect his 'cure' one sleeper pod at a time, and although they were immediate time had a way of working with these things... All that will be needed is patience...

RP Sample:  

Faceclaim: Tokuzen Moto | Osy057
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PostSubject: Re: Ōsiris Shizenrin   Thu Nov 19, 2015 5:27 pm


The cost of living is dying...Everybody pays, Guest.


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Ōsiris Shizenrin
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