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 A Damn Shoe? [D-Rank Mission][Closed][749 / 100]

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PostSubject: A Damn Shoe? [D-Rank Mission][Closed][749 / 100]   Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:24 pm

Mission - Find a Lost Shoe:

"Are you fucking kidding me?", Chiho exclaimed as she looked down at the mission scroll in her hand. It definitely wasn't what she had been expecting: while she had been hoping for something fun and exciting she was instead being tasked with finding a shoe. To make matters worse this shoe had no description outside of it being in semi decent condition. She was to find it, return it, and take her payment. Annoying. "So, on the day I finally decide to come in and do some work this is what I get stuck with? Fuck man... talk about a lack of motivation. Whatever...", Chiho added, storming out of the building much like the brat she was these days. She needed the money so it wasn't exactly like she could turn it down even if she wanted to.

Again. Whatever.

Chiho threw open the front door to the adminstrative building, nearly knocking an elderly woman off of her feet in the process, and simply rushed past her without a word or backward glance. As she stormed down the steps she could hear the old lady mumbling something beneath her breath that sounded like she was calling Chiho a disrespectful bitch and it was enough to have Chiho almost turning around. Almost. Assaulting an old lady was still below her; something she wouldn't do. So, instead of even saying anything she simply kept going. "Old bitch is going to end up dying eventually anyway...", Chiho told herself beneath her breath, clearly trying to make herself feel better in the process.

It didn't work of course. It only made her feel.. guilty. Her behavior normally did, which was why she was normally high all of the time so that she was too numb to feel. However, she couldn't work unless she was sober or she'd draw unwanted attention to herself so that was out of the question at that time. Later though, definitely later.

As Chiho reached nearly a block away she allowed herself to finally slow down; she wasn't going to find anything storming around like she had been. Instead, she began to walk in what was a comfortable but slow pace. She kept her attention on the ground while glancing up often enough to make sure she didn't bump into someone or something: last thing she wanted was to run into a pole or end up bowling someone over. She saw plenty of trash, a dead rat, and even found a ryo on her first block but no shoe.

Onto the next block she continued, keeping with the same pace and continuing to look. This street tended to be a bit cleaner than the last, and outside of an occasional piece of garbage blowing around in the wind there was nothing to see. The third block, however, proved more promising. About halfway down she saw something red poking out from some debris. As she drew closer she could see that the shape of it was definitely a shoe. She cleared away the rubbish and sure enough there was a tennis shoe, red in color, underneath. She picked it up hesitantly and gave it a quick look over: it was in pretty good condition, though a bit dirty.

Figuring that this had to be good enough Chiho stood back up straight and hurried her way back towards the administrative building. Inside she went, this time not bowling over any old ladies, and back into the office. She tossed the shoe down on the table unceremoniously and folded her arms across her chest. The man on the other side gave her a look that stated clearly he didn't appreciate the attitude but after looking the shoe over for several seconds he finally handed over her payment. Chiho took the money without a thanks and turned and rushed off: she needed to get home and take care of some... things.

Word Count: 749 / 100
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A Damn Shoe? [D-Rank Mission][Closed][749 / 100]
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