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 The Hell is a Planer? [D-Rank Mission][Closed][698 / 100]

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PostSubject: The Hell is a Planer? [D-Rank Mission][Closed][698 / 100]   Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:51 pm

Mission - Planer Lost?:

"The fuck's a planer?" Chiho asked the man handing out missions as she looked at the scroll she had been given her. The mission itself was fairly simple - she had to find something that had been lost and which was near and dear to the person who lost it. But, she had no fucking clue what it was she was even looking for: which annoyed her, greatly. Glancing up from the scroll since she hadn't recieved an answer she looked up at the mission giver to see that he wasn't even paying her any attention. "Oi! You deaf? I asked what a planer is!" she repeated herself. In a very annoyed fashion the man lowered his glasses and sat up to look properly at her.

"A planer is a tool used to help cut wood. That is why you are going to a word working shop to try and look for it. I do hope you show more respect to your client or else you will not be paid.", the man finally responded. He then replaced his glasses on his face and make a shooing motion with his hand.

Chiho simply rolled her eyes with a huff, turned, and stormed off. Out the administrative building she went and across the village. Once in the market she glanced around to get her barrings and then started heading towards the shop areas that sold things such as furniture and the like. She bobbed and weaved her way through the people, moving so quickly that she nearly caused a man to drop all of his groceries. Ignoring the yelling that was directed at her she just kept going until she was too far away to hear it. Arriving at the shop she knocked on the door and then walked in.

As the man behind the counter looked up she offered what she hoped was a cheery wave before walking over. "I'm here to help you find a... planer?" The man, suddenly looking happy, nodded his head and then pointed towards his temporary replacement to show her what it looked like. Chiho memorized it and then nodded before she got to looking.

She searched high and low; up on the shelves and down in the cabinets. Then lower still as she started looking under the cabinets. Nothing. Eventually she started looking other places such as in the baskets and such holding supplies, yet still nothing. Then, just as Chiho was beginning to get annoyed as well as beginning to give up hope she spotted it; off in a corner in one of the only places she hadn't looked. She picked it up carefully, ensuring that it didn't break, and handed it over to the shop owner as soon as he was finished dealing with his current customer.

The shop owner, seeing it, grinned from ear to ear and shook Chiho's hand - even if she didn't want it shaken. Deciding to make her escape before he could try and hug her or anything she darted out of the shop with a wave and returned back to the administrative building. "Found it. Need my money...", she said after getting there. She was looked at curiously before her money was handed over. With ryo in hand she left...

Word Count: 698 / 100
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The Hell is a Planer? [D-Rank Mission][Closed][698 / 100]
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