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 A Burnt Bakery[D Rank Mission][Closed][704 / 100]

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PostSubject: A Burnt Bakery[D Rank Mission][Closed][704 / 100]   Sun Nov 22, 2015 6:03 pm

Mission - Fixing the Shop:

"......" Okay, this time she didn't have a snide comment to make, or a nasty remark. This mission was just sad. Someone's lively hood had been just ripped right out from under them - or more correctly burned out from under them. Of all people Chiho knew how to suddenly lose everything like that felt, and it was a very sobering thought that kept her from acting like her usual bitchy bad ass self. In fact, her lack of a bad girl type reaction caused the mission giver to look up at her curiously.

Chiho simply looked up from the scroll in her hands, saw the look, and gave a half hearted roll of her eyes before turning and walking away. Just as she was walking out the door she thought she heard a "Hmmm.." from behind her, but as she glanced back the old man was back to looking down at the papers in front of him and didn't seem to be paying her any mind.

Putting her mind back on her task she headed down the hall, through the doors, and out of the administrative building. Chiho glanced around while calculating the quickest path to the bakery and upon figuring it out took to the roof tops as she jumped from one to another quickly. Her method of travel had her arriving much quicker than she would have been on the ground, and therefore less than ten minutes later she hopped down in front of the badly burned door and hesitantly stepped inside. "Hello? I was sent here to help...", she called out while wincing as she saw all of the damage.

From the back came a male voice, "Just in time. Can you come back here and give me a hand.. this things a bit heavy." Not wasting any time Chiho made her way into the kitchen area in time to see the bakery owner attempting to push an oven out of its space alone. Rushing over she helped pull it out to reveal the damage behind the wall. She helped move the oven out into the less damaged room and then came back into the kitchen to help clear out the second oven. Once the ovens, as well as several other appliances were out of the way she got a broom and began to help sweep things up with the owner.

The work was hard, and it went on for hours, but not once did Chiho make a nasty comment. In fact, she could identify with the bakery owner too much to want to be mean to him. He had lost his business, he didn't need her shit on top of that. Once she was finished she offered a good bye wave and then walked out of the bakery. She was hot, sweaty, and a mess, and she didn't care.

Chiho made her way back to the administrative building once up at the desk she gave a light knock to grab the mission giver's attention. He looked up, saw the condition of her clothing and hair and easily could smell the burnt wood smell on her. Without a comment he reached over, pulled out the appropriate amount of ryo, and handed it over. "Good job..", he commented.

Chiho, beginning to get back to her old self, as well as not wanting to lose her bad girl reputation simply rolled her eyes. "Whatever.", she commented before taking her money and walking off, this time sure she could hear chuckling coming from the old man behind her.

Word Count: 704
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A Burnt Bakery[D Rank Mission][Closed][704 / 100]
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