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 Protecting a... what? [D Rank Mission][Closed][744 / 100]

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PostSubject: Protecting a... what? [D Rank Mission][Closed][744 / 100]   Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:25 pm

Mission - Protect the Whores:

Chiho was desparate for money. Living in an orphanage after thirteen or so years of living in a normal house with a normal family wasn't fun. The rules, the regulations, the complete and total lack of privacy. Let alone all of the fights she kept getitng into. She didn't get along well with the other children because they liked to tease her and pick on her: she was different then them because her family was still alive, she was simply unwanted. But, it was whatever. There was no point in her getting distracted by those thoughts now.

She had a job to do; though this wasn't a normal ninja mission. She was to protect a whore while she went about her... well, business. It was definitely going to be awkward, and likely strange, but she was instructed that so long as she stayed quiet and out of the way no one would bother her so that was precisely what she was going to do.

Chiho arrived at the brothal five minutes early and hesitantly knocked on the door: she had never been in a place like this, and really hoped she wouldn't actually have to go inside. Thankfully, the madame answered the door with the whore who needed protecting in tow. "Glad to see you made it. This is Precious, she's one of my best. Keep her safe while she does her job and you'll be paid well for it. If there's even a scratch on her when she gets home, however, you're not getting a penny. Understood?" Given that the woman was paying her and being rude to her likely wouldn't amount to anything good Chiho simply nodded and didn't say anything - she didn't trust herself from not sprouting off with her usual attitude and bullshit after all.

Precious, as the madame of the house had called her, walked out the door and off down the street. Not wanting to waste time, nor stay near the madame a moment longer, Chiho turned on her heel and followed quickly. She kept enough distance as to not spook the woman's johns, and simply followed her as she went about her day - or well, evening as it were. With her john in tow Precious led the way to a seedy looking motel and to the pre-ordered room she had reserved for her business. Precious ushered the john inside, gave Chiho a pointed look and then shut the door behind herself.

Chiho walked over to the door and leaned on the wall next to it. It didn't take long before Chiho could hear the unmistakable sound of pleasure coming from the other side of the door, and she found herself beginning to hum to try and block it out. She really didn't want to be there, but the pay made it worth it, yet still the time dragged on all of the same. Eventually though the door opened and out walked the john who didn't even give her a second glance. Precious walked out moments later and headed back towards the brothal, Chiho following behind.

The two didn't speak as they made their way back and for that Chiho was grateful. What was there to say to a whore? How was the sex? Do you like your job? Somehow Chiho figured Precious wouldn't quite enjoy those questions. So, she kept her mouth shut and her thoughts to herself. When they reached the brothal Precious walked inside after instructing Chiho to remain outside the front door. Seconds later the madame appeared with Chiho's money in an envelope. "Not a scratch, good job. If you wish to earn some more money come again another night, I always appreciate someone who can do their job properly..."

Chiho simply nodded, took the envelope of ryo, and turned to leave; disappearing into the darkness as the madame closed the front door to the brothal behind her.

Word Count: 744
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Protecting a... what? [D Rank Mission][Closed][744 / 100]
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