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 Drugs? [D Rank Mission][Closed][497 / 100]

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PostSubject: Drugs? [D Rank Mission][Closed][497 / 100]   Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:43 pm

Mission - Dealing the Junk:

Another little side job. It was one that would get her a good bit of money so she wasn't complaining. A buddy of hers needed her to deliver a package from one drop point to another drop point. Then she was to pick up the money, leave the specified amount, and then take the rest that was left as her own payment. It was simple, it was easy, and it would get her nicely paid which she needed considering she was now saving up for her own place to live.

Following the instructions she had been given she didn't waste time in getting to the drop point. It was, thankfully, dark outside which made moving around easier. The darkness meant she wasn't going to be noticed all that easy, and made hiding from the civilian police easier. It wasn't exactly like what she was doing was legal or anything. So yeah, best to avoid trouble and all of that rot.

Once at the drop point Chiho found the package she was supposed to deliver as well as a note. She tucked the package into her jacket after a quick glance around to ensure no one was around and watching her. With the package safely tucked away and hidden she turned her attention to the note and opened it up. It was a simple set of instructions; mostly a location as well as a safe word. Memorizing everything she then ripped the pieces of paper into extremly tiny pieces and threw it into a puddle.

Turning on her heel she headed off to the location, getting there fairly quickly and without any sort of trouble. Upon arriving she spoke the safe word "Rainbow.", and watched as a figure emerged from the shadows. Not a word was spoken between the two as the package was handed over in exchange for the money and another note. She walked off a good bit before opening up the note. She read it quickly, memorized the location for the money drop off as well as the amount to be left, and headed there.

The money was dropped off upon arrival and the rest kept for herself. Not wanting to hang around for long in case someone came around being nosey and snooping she took off.

Word Count: 497
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Drugs? [D Rank Mission][Closed][497 / 100]
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