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 Cheating is bad for your Health [D Rank Mission][Closed][961 / 100]

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PostSubject: Cheating is bad for your Health [D Rank Mission][Closed][961 / 100]   Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:08 pm

Mission - Scare Tactics:

Another day, another favor. This time around she wouldn't be protecting someone, or delivering some illegal substance. No, this time around she was tasked with scaring someone for cheating. The guy had been getting away with it for too long and him and his lover were a little too open with their relationship. The wife wanted it stopped, and she was willing to pay to have that happen. Chiho wasn't going to turn down money, not when she was saving for a place of her own, and so she accepted without hesitation: morals were something she had given up on having quite a while ago since the rest of the world seemed to lack them.

Chiho headed to the location she assumed her husband was at - a friend had tipped her off only about fifteen minutes or so ago so the chances were high that he was still in that location with his lover. As Chiho moved, using the roof tops as a quicker method of travel, she thought about what she was going to do to the guy. The wife didn't want her husband killed, but she had hinted that she wouldn't mind his ass being kicked around a bit. As far as the lover... well, the wife had actually come out and said she didn't care if she died or not. Was Chiho willing to kill someone over cheating? Sadly, it was possible.

As Chiho skidded to a stop on the roof, having made it to the location, she peered down over the edge and sure enough the husband - whose face matched the picture she had been given - was lip locked with a female who looked twenty years younger than him. The woman was hot, attractive, and Chiho could definitely tell why the guy preferred her to his wife. But, his wife was the one paying her, not him, so he was going to get his ass kicked and she was going to get her pretty face destroyed. All in the name of money!

Grinning to herself Chiho jumped down and landed lightly on the ground. Her landing was nearly soundless, and the two lovers seemed to interested in sucking face to actually notice her sudden appearance. Deciding to spice things up a bit, as well as wanting to see all kinds of 'oh shit' looks Chiho spoke loud and clear, "I don't think your wife would appreciate you sticking your tongue down that hot things throat." Just as she expected both the male and female jumped a mile and turned to face her, each looking quilty: which only clearly told her that the woman knew he was married and didn't care. Right, she was definitely getting her ass kicked becuase people like her were just the worst.

"My... my wife? There's no need to tell my wife."

"Tell her?", Chiho asked, making a point to raise a brow. "Who exactly do you think sent me here? She's the one who told me where to find you. She knows this shit has been going on for long enough and she wants to make sure I drive the point home that it ends and it ends now." As Chiho spoke she took slow and threatening steps closer. The woman was backing up while the man looked a little too terrified to move.

Just as Chiho was expecting the woman went to try and run but a quick lunge and grab and Chiho grabbed her by her long hair. She twisted her hand, getting a better grip in the long strong golden locks, and used it as leverage to smash her face into the wall - twice. She hit hard enough to at least shatter a cheek bone and break her nose - she wasn't going to look beautiful ever again. When finished she untangled her hand from the woman's hair as she dropped to the ground crying and screaming. Chiho turned her attention onto the man who was backing up with his hands held in the air. "Please, I don't want any trouble. You don't have to hurt me. I won't cheat on her again. I'll come home every night, right after work. I'll treat her right."

Chiho just grinned and shook her head. She lunged again, grabbing onto the mans crouch and giving a twist and squeeze. The man squealed like a pig as tears went streaming down his cheeks. Chiho held on for a moment or two before he passed out. She released him quick enough and then glanced towards the alley way mouth; the woman's screams was drawing attention. With a quick bit of parkor she was out of the alley and back on the roof tops again, quickly before anyone could see her.

She took a long about way, not wanting to risk anyone following her, before making it back to the wife's house. She landed nearby, walked over, and knocked. When the wife answered Chiho simply said "It's done." before she was handed an envelope. The door was shut, and Chiho walked away with her payment.

Word Count: 961
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Cheating is bad for your Health [D Rank Mission][Closed][961 / 100]
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