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 Selling some Goods [D Rank][1225 Words]

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PostSubject: Selling some Goods [D Rank][1225 Words]   Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:38 pm

Mission Taken - Watch the Stall:
"Namie! Namie, wait up a second!"

Namie paused, curious as to why anyone would be calling out to her. The voice sounded only semi familiar, like one she had heard from time to time in passing but that she couldn't place out right. Blinking, and feeling a bit confused, Namie came to a stop and turned in the direction the voice had come from. It was then that she noticed one of the stall owners - a young man who was perhaps in his early thirties who made a living selling fresh produce - rushing towards and waving his arm in a method meant to clearly try and catch her attention.

Namie remained rooted to the spot as the man ran the last few feet toward her and came to a stop. It took him a second to catch his breath before he was able to speak again, "Hey, Namie. I heard how you helped Hoshi the baker out, so I was hoping you could help me out too for a little...?" the man asked in a slightly hesitant voice.

Namie simply blinked again, now more curious than confused, as she folded her arms loosely across her chest and shifted her weight so that she was essentially leaning on one leg and using the other for balance. "What do you need help with?", she asked.

"My wife's gone into labor and my partner is out sick with the flu. I need to get over to the hospital as soon as possible, but I need someone to watch my stall. Could you do that for me? I'll pay you when I get back."

"Uh... I don't really know the first thing about selling things..." Namie said with a light frown on her face.

"Please, Namie. I'm begging you. I have a cheat sheet for the prices and everything. All you have to do is weigh it out, make sure the price matches up, and get the money from the customer. It's really easy."

"Uh.. alright. I guess I can give it a shot." Namie said before following the shop owner back to his stall. He produced the cheat sheet, made quick work in showing Namie how to use the scale and how to reset it if it happened to get bumped or knocked off a bit, and then showed her quickly where the money was kept. Lastly, he ensured she knew her fruits and veggies. All in all it was about five or so minutes of training; give or take a minute.

"Do you think you've got it all down?"

"I should be alright. Go on and be with your wife. I'll take care of things here."

"Thanks again, Namie!", the stall owner called out as he took off down the road, heading directly towards the hospital. Namie watched him go until she couldn't see him any longer and then sat down on the stool provided. She didn't know how busy things got this time of day, but she figured she would find out soon enough as more and more people were arriving in the market to do their daily shopping.

Namie sat there for nearly fifteen or so minutes before the first customer came poking around. She watched as they examined each piece of fruit as if it were a chunk of gold or diamond; inspecting every little flaw. It was quite an amusing process, one that had Namie having to surpress a grin as to not annoy the customer and cause them to leave. After nearly twenty minutes of picking fruit up, inspecting it, and putting it back down they finally grabbed one of each of the following: a kiwi, a banana, and some strawberries. These were placed down on the counter and Namie made quick but careful work in weighing them all. The kiwi was no more than a few ounces, the banana just a few more ounces than that, and the strawberries came to nearly a pound. With the measurements Namie then went about doign some simple and quick math until she came up with the price of five ryo in total for all of the produce. "That'll be five ryo, please.", Namie said as she finished bagging everything.

"Mister Yen normally gives me a ten percent discount, young lady.", the elderly woman responded.

"Sorry, ma'am. He didn't tell me anything about that. If you'd like to come back later when he's here you're more than welcome to.", Namie responded as she attempted to keep her voice as professional as possible, and yet still kind. She had a feeling that the woman was lying through her teeth in an attempt to strike a deal, and Namie wasn't going to get into trouble because of her.

"No, don't bother. Here's your five ryo. Have a good day.", the woman said as she handed over her money in a very obvious grumpy manner. Namie simply smiled, put the money into the lockbox where it belonged, and closed the lid while ensuring the lock engaged again.

"You have a great day, too.", Namie called out as the old woman took her bag of fruit and headed off down the market, grumbling to herself. Namie simply watched her go as she positioned herself on the stool again and awaited the next customer to show up.

From the right of Namie came a voice, "She tries to get a lot of people like that. I'm glad you didn't fall for it. She tried to get my new assitant with that garbage a few days ago." Namie looked over to see the owner of the stall next to hers standing there with a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye as he watched the old woman walk away.

"She did? I had a feeling she might have been pulling my leg. Especially when I told her to come back later and she didn't want to."

"Yeah, she does it all of the time. She only ever asks for ten percent off, but it's still a bother. Once you start doing it for one person everyone else expects the same treatement. Causes problems.", the stall owner said as he examined an apple he had picked up. He shined it a bit on his shirt and then handed it over to Namie. "Mine weighing that for me. Starving.", he added with another grin.

Namie weighed the apple, did the math, and came up with the price of a single ryo. "One ryo, please.", the apple was exchanged for the ryo and the money put away where it belonged. She gave a nod goodbye to the stall owner as he walked away with his quick lunch.

The rest of Namie's day thankfully passed without incident; sales were made and everything recorded very carefully. After several hours she heard a voice saying "All done; a healthy baby boy."

Namie looked over to see the beaming, new father, and couldn't help but grin. "Congrats! I kept track of everything like you asked."

"Thank you, Namie. I'm going to close things up and then head back to the hospital. Here's your payment.", the stall owner handed over the appropriate payment and with a wave goodbye Namie turned and left.

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Selling some Goods [D Rank][1225 Words]
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