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 Helping the Homeless [D Rank][710 Words]

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PostSubject: Helping the Homeless [D Rank][710 Words]   Thu Nov 26, 2015 3:49 pm

Mission Taken - Kick him Out:
"Namie, dear. Can you come here a minute?", came a feminine middle aged voice from the left of the female. Namie had been walking down the road, but upon hearing herself being called she glanced over to see the madame of the nearest brothel nearby. She was clutching a shawl to her chest and looking quite worried and uncomfortable. Given that Namie knew the woman to normally be strong, upbeat, and even a bit over-bearing at times it was a definite indication that something was amiss.

Namie moved out of the way, bobbing and weaving around a few other people who had been walking down the road as well, and came to a stop nearby the madame. "What's wrong, Madame Rose?", Namie asked curiously, brows furrowing in concern.

"There seems to be a homeless man harassing the girls. He keeps calling himself Jesus and demanding they repent for their sins. He's turned over a few carts, and even threw something at one of my girls just about fifteen minutes ago. He's in the village square. Could you get rid of him, please? I'd hate to see one of them, or anyone else for that matter, injured becuase of him."

Namie, frowning, nodded her head a bit. "Sure, I'll go see what I can do.", she said before taking off in the direction of where this apparent Jesus was. She could hear the madame calling out "Be careful!" behind her but didn't respond.

It took her all of a minute or two at her pace to reach the village square and see exactly what was going on. There was a definite homeless man in the center of the square with a bible in his hand. He was thrusting it into peoples faces while yelling and screaming at them to repent. He was also quoting several bible scriptures, and telling several people - children included - that they were going to hell for their sins. The man seemed troubled, perhaps not entirely right in the head. The last thing he needed was chased out in the wilderness where some wild animal or beast would have its way with him. No, what this guy needed was some help and care. Namie remembered Kurai stating that his sister worked in the hospital, so she figured that would be where she took him.

Moving around the people who were backing away she entered into the haphazardly formed circle of people watching - some even going so far as to laugh. The homeless man who believed himself Jesus turned his sights onto Namie, taking in her multi-colored hair and appearance. "You are a sinner! Repent child! Repent and save your immortal soul!"

"Why don't you talk to me about it? Huh? Let's go some place warm, maybe get something good and hot to drink? And you can tell me all about how I should repent. How's that sound?", Namie asked, thinking quickly and hoping that the homeless man would go for it: she didn't want to physically restrain him if she didn't have to.

"Yes, yes I'll do that. I'll teach you how to repent and then you can help me teach everyone else. Together we'll save all of their souls.", the homeless man said as he walked over to her. He politely offered Namie his arm, an Namie didn't hesitate despite the smell. She walked slow, leading the way to the hospital; the crowd parting to let them go. As they walked the homeless man spoke to her, telling her exactly how to ask forgiveness for her sins, and Namie listened and allowed him to talk freely.

When they reached the hospital she led him up to the receptionist who took one look at him and smiled kindly. The receptionist gave Namie a nod before taking the homeless man's hand. "I'll take care of him. Come on, dear. You can talk to me, next and we'll get you a good meal and take care of you.." The homeless man said goodbye to her and then walked with the receptionist into the back. Namie watched until she couldn't see him anymore and then turned and walked away, sighing softly: she truly felt bad for the man.

Word Count: 710
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Helping the Homeless [D Rank][710 Words]
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