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 Okami Uchiha (DONE)

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PostSubject: Okami Uchiha (DONE)   Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:39 pm

Name: Okami Uchiha
Age: 23
Birthdate: July 11th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Jounin (A)

Village: Morigakure
Element(s): Katon, Yin, Yang
Specialties: Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu
Special Characteristics:


5' 7"
Weight: 145
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
General Description: Long, messy hair frames Okami’s face in spikes as black as night. It often shines, but it is a result of grooming and not of grease. It’s very soft, and runs down to his shoulders in a fashion that drives the women of the various villages wild. It radiates nonchalance as it swishes softly in the breeze. His bangs reach his eyes in a perfect way, enhancing their appearance without covering them completely.

Out from underneath the flow of obsidian peers a pair of fallen stars, silver- gray orbs that sparkle in the light. Staring into his soft gaze gives the sensation of melting into them, yet to enemies they bring a searing despair that few can resist. A lazy smile slowly spreads across Okami’s face most often, but can change in a heartbeat to a deep sadness when no one is looking. While fighting, he keeps a calm, controlled demeanor, lest he lose control and hurt his loved ones.   When they are in danger, however, the veneer will shatter and turn into a barely-controllable wrath held in check only by his resolve. If one of the few people he cherishes is hurt or killed, a sadistic grin will surface through the pain as he takes his vengeance.

Okami stands at an average height for a Shinobi. His arm muscles are highly pronounced from countless years of training, while the rest of him is not large and bulky like a bear, but not slim and lean like a cat. Rather, he seems to take after his namesake, the wolf. His skin has color, but isn’t tanned. His hands look strong, and can often be found spinning a knife or playing with the hilt of a sword. His youthful appearance isn’t just skin deep, as he radiates an abundance of excess life-force and has nearly-zero attention span.

His appearance is made complete by a startling white smile, that brightens up the room even as depression reigns supreme. He is almost always smiling in the same way, as he believes that if you cannot smile anymore, you have lost the will to live. His voice is a soothing baritone, full of love and strength unmatched and undiminished by time. Even those who have lost everything will find solace within that undeniable charm. Despair seems to wash away with the tide of Okami's will, and has no place in the hearts of those around him.

About You!
Personality: Okami is typically relaxed and easy-going, quickly forgiving those who wrong him. This is not because he is too trusting, however. He is an amazing judge of character, and can often tell when someone is lying without even monitoring for changes in Chakra. When meeting new people Okami can seem a bit shy, but he really tries hard to force himself out of his comfort area. This, however, occasionally results in anxiety attacks, which really doesn’t help at all. He doesn’t have many friends, but he would die to protect those few he has. Whenever he’s around them, he can truly let his guard down, which is a rare thing for him.

While he does enjoy a good fight, Okami is not one to waste time extending them. He dispatches his enemies quickly and hates long, drawn out battles. He has much respect for most of his opponents, and honors their valor before killing them so that they know he harbors no ill will. When a loved one is at risk or killed, however, Okami is utterly merciless and sadistic. At that point he will unleash his full power, and is determined to tear apart whoever stands between him and his loved one. While fighting against someone on an equal level, he will often escalate his Chakra as the fight dictates so that he doesn’t exhaust himself, as not even he can withstand the full force of his own power. However, if an opponent is stronger than him, Okami will put his full force into his opening blows to harry his enemy’s advance and prevent them from using their own techniques.

Okami, while he does have close friends, can sometimes lock himself in his quarters for hours at a time in an attempt to be alone. The loneliness that engulfs him is a result of his sense of duty and the self-sacrifices he makes for his loved ones. This misery he feels is all-consuming and he blames himself for anything and everything that happens to them. He is reluctant to break his code of honor even if ordered to do so, as he fears that if he does he will lose his friends, family, and perhaps even his sanity.

When around women, the esteemed man changes slightly. His aloof behavior becomes even more pronounced, and his judgment tends to err more often. He is a severe romantic, and will often attempt to woo those that catch his eye. He is undeniably straight, however, and this never wavers. Okami's ideal woman varies, as he views each as a unique work of art, valued in their own way.

His training regimen is strict, involving both physical and emotional strengthening. Okami spends several hours each day on swordplay, perfecting his kata and assisting his already peerless skill. After this, he spends another hour in meditation. This routine hasn't changed once since his days in the Academy, as he is very, very adverse to change. He will fight it with all his might, given the opportunity.

History:Born to the then Head of the Clan, Okami was an only child. He was born in early July, on a Full Moon. His mother, Kitsune, had been in a violent labor for three days, and every minute of it saw her chakra drained more and more. She would scream, and the clan would cry with her, for he had no known father. Blood covered every inch of the bed, and the midwives were confused as to what was happening. Among the noble houses his family were known for being born with unnaturally high chakra levels, and thus had the most violent births. Yet, this was different. The very ground under the bed splintered from the force of her contractions, and several nurses and doctors had to be carried out and treated for comas and shattered bones. The crescendo had come at midnight. She gave the final push, and Okami made his way into the world…at the cost of his mother.

His upbringing was shrouded with pain and horror. Their noble standing was tenuous, as multiple other clans wished for their downfall so that they could rise. Okami had been adopted by his aunt, who loved him as her own. The other members of the clan, however, did not see eye to eye with her. They demanded that she send the young child to an outer village, where no one would care if he killed anyone in a fit of pique. Even though he was the last descendant of the Head Family other than his Aunt, he was considered to be much too dangerous for anyone to care for. An old seer in the clan foretold that if he lived, disaster would fall upon the various branches of the family. Attempts were made on his life quite often, and he was rejected by the other children his age. In order to teach him control to prove the others wrong, his Aunt conspired in secret to have him trained in kenjutsu by the best when he was six. He then spent many years of his childhood bouncing from dojo to dojo, never quite fitting in with the other students, yet always at the top of his class.

Eventually, Okami became weary of learning how to use a sword but not being able to utilize his skills. He went home after around five years of being away to tell his Aunt that he wanted to become a Shinobi. As he strode home, he saw a burning light fall to the ground a few miles away. Running towards it, he found it sitting there, waiting to be picked up. The chakra being exuded from the light was immense, so much so that the young Okami was soon enthralled by it. Walking over towards it, he picked up the strange orb, around the size of a marble. It was almost the consistency of jelly, but retained its shape as he moved it to and fro. Lifting it to his mouth, he wondered idly what it tasted like. A massive blast of energy coursed through his body the moment it touched his lips, causing him to drop it onto the ground. Picking it back up, he popped it into his mouth and swallowed it whole, upon which a searing pain shot through the young boy. Falling to the earth, he began to convulse, the pain not letting up until finally, blessedly, he fell asleep.

When he opened his eyes, he stood upon a plateau high in the heavens, before a shining silver Tien Lung. The dragon shifted its massive head, regarding the boy coldly. "So," It said, "You have come to take my power. You would have me live in your body, eat your food, sleep in your mind until you are ready to wield me? Ha. Young one, you have the potential, else you would not have survived the sealing, but I cringe to think that I would bow down so easily. Why should I, when all you would do is use me for your race's petty wars and squabbles. No, I think that if I were to go with you, I could guide you to the path you are fated to walk. Fine then. I shall finish the seal, then we shall be partners. At least, we will be once you are capable of wielding my power."

The next day, Okami woke up to find himself in a dorm room with multiple older boys. The blanket he had been covered with when he was found was sitting at the foot of the bed, folded neatly next to a white uniform with blue trim. Picking up a note that sat next to it, a grieving moan tore itself from his lips as Okami read the sorrowful explanation. His Aunt had passed away years ago, and the family member that had found him had enrolled him in the local Academy. Storing the letter safely in the foot locker at the end of his bunk next to his blanket, Okami put on the Academy uniform and belted on the katana granted to him. The older students watched as he fumbled with the sleeves that were much too long, until one walked over and ripped them off for him, helping him fit the rest of the troublesome uniform on. He was one of them, and they took care of their own.

Over the next few months, Okami began to change. His demeanor brightened, from acting aloof and uncaring to being more open and friendly.  The other students thought of him as an enigma, as he was placed in the Special Advanced Class immediately upon taking the test, despite his age. However, they were universally kind and helpful to him for a time, as the members of his dorm told others about the night he was brought in. After several weeks, Okami soon hit the growth spurt expected of every twelve-year old. Conveniently, that was around the time that combat training started for the Special Advanced students. The students would spar against each other and against the occasional instructor. Throughout this time period, Okami was constantly berated by the head instructor, who everyone referred to as Old Jinto. According to Jinto, Okami’s method of fighting was off-kilter and flawed compared to the rest of the class.

During his 8th month at the academy, Okami heard rumors of an exam that, if passed, allowed the student to graduate early. To the young man, this sounded like a dream come true. Old Jinto had made his life a living nightmare by this time, taunting him, turning other students against him, and having his posse, a gang of Sixth-Years, beat him to a bloody pulp. Going to the main study hall, Okami sought out the instructor responsible for the exam. Signing up for it, he learned that the test itself consisted of only one thing: He must defeat Old Jinto in full combat. At hearing what the exam entailed, a slow, sadistic smile spread across Okami’s face that sent chills down the spines of more than one instructor while the other students cowered and ran. He was going to enjoy this.

The harsh shriek of steel grinding on steel sounded throughout the academy as Old Jinto and Okami struck in unison. The entire student body was watching, enthralled by the clash of reiatsu before them. Jinto’s katana strained under the force of Okami’s nodachi, both blades being swept to the side as the swordsmen each parried the other’s blow. A wave of reiatsu blasted outward along the blades’ path, collapsing a set of stands by the Academy Arena. Students went flying as the instructor disengaged, using Earth Style to restrain his opponent. The exam judges watched on in horror as Jinto released his chakra restraints in order to finish off the struggling student.

A single tear fell down Okami’s face as he watched the man who would kill him in order to keep his already-damaged reputation. Something in the young man’s heart snapped as Old Jinto stepped forward, no doubt to crush him with his Earth-Type jutsu. Okami watched as the dirt that had restrained him burned away with fires as black as pitch, and as he stood up he could hear Jinto screaming. Looking at him, Okami saw the proud bastard sink to the dust, sobbing and moaning. In his hand was his sword, a blazing inferno enveloping the misshapen weapon as a pool of metal flowed from between his fingers onto the sandy ground beneath their feet. Flashing in the sunlight, the sword sang through the air as Okami slashed through Old Jinto’s chest and buried her blade into his abdomen. Smiling to himself as the other students cheered, Okami closed his eyes and recalled the one memory he had of his mother. She had only held him for around 5 minutes before she passed out from blood loss, but over the long years he had seared the scene into his memory. She had whispered a few words as a glow of power enveloped her hand, his own chakra responding as she gave him her final words and blessed his eye. “In your heart shall burn an unquenchable fire, the only gift I can give to you. One day that fire will spread to protect you, but only your heart will know when the time's right.”

As a fresh Shinobi, Okami was asked to work on the outskirts of the Village. This suited him perfectly, as he was still unsure of what had happened not a year prior. The elusiveness of the family member who saved him bothered him greatly. He was, however, able to put the thought out of his mind easily enough with his work. As the years went by, he had almost forgotten completely about the tragedies that had torn his life apart. Time seemed to blur past the young man, and before he knew it, he was approaching the 5th anniversary of his graduation.

That day, a riot had broken out in a small town outside the Village, Zaraki. He and two recruits were dispatched to investigate and quell the uprising. Approaching the source of the infighting, the three Shinobi were disturbed by what they saw. One of the patrols sent to the outskirts that day had been murdered, their bodies strung up to pikes as the residents of Zaraki engaged in a bloodbath below. Two parties had formed, one clearly supporting this outrage, and one attempting to retrieve the corpses to return them to the Village. Steel hissed against wood as the two newer Shinobi leapt in to join the fracas. Sighing, Okami drew his blade. Increasing his chakra in a display of power in hopes of stopping the riot peacefully, the young leader scanned the battlefield in search of his charges. When he finally found the raw recruits, his face fell in dismay and horror. One of them, a young lady by the name of Nami, was fighting a losing battle against 3 others. She was holding her own, but couldn’t gain any ground. The other, a youth by the name of Hanji, had already met his fate. His mouth twisted into a mask of pain and terror, the recruit plucked helplessly at the spear thrust through his abdomen. Letting out a cry of despair, Okami felt something was off. A sharp pain tore at his eyes as chakra gravitated toward his face. His vision started to fade as he gradually lost control of his body. Opening his mouth, a roar of hatred and agony escaped his throat. An empty voice doubled his own, echoing with the sadistic grin Okami felt widen as he was forced to witness the carnage that ensued. Whispering goodbye to the memories of his friends and family, he faded into the warm abyss that grew within him.

Opening his eyes, he recognized the inner workings of the hospital. Sitting up, he found his personal belongings, along with a note explaining what had happened. Feeling his face, he felt several scars forming along his lips and cheek. Eyes tearing up, he looked down at the letter form the doctor. They hadn't managed to save his Genin, and it was a fluke that he was still alive. He owed his survival to his heritage, apparently. Standing up, he refused to let the nurse look after the once-smooth skin of his face, wanting to keep the scars. It was worth it, he thought, to always remember his first team. He would never let another one of his comrades die. Ever.

RP Sample: Okami, dressed in his usual garb of black pants and long sleeved black shirt with a white flak jacket over it, would leap from building to building stealthily, headband tied loosely around his neck and kunai blade slung over his back. It was back to the grind, 2 days after his mission to protect Miss Hai, and he was again tasked to kill. He was fully loaded, and was on the hunt for Hayato Mamush, the lord of a crime syndicate that sprung up recently. There was a rumor that he was passing through the Port of Dreams, staying in a bar called The Sleeping Dog. Getting there was a chore, as it was on the west side of the port city, and Okami was STILL sore from his previous missions. Breathing lightly but harshly, he would stop a moment, orienting himself before sniffing the air. There was a faint smell of blood, sweat, and sex directly below him, meaning he had gotten to the right place, as the Sleeping Dog was a renowned brothel. Dropping off the rooftop, Okami would then walk in, smoke from a hookah blasting him in the face as he stalked into the main room. Seeing several other shinobi surrounded by women, he slowly shook his head before turning to the bartender. Ordering a soda, he would wave off a pair of girls that decided he was a decent mark. Turning to the bartender, he would ask under his breath where the crime lord was, and the bartender would motion him upstairs. Finishing his drink, he offered to pay the man, who politely declined with a statement that members of the military got free drinks every night past 6. Walking upstairs, Okami noted the tasteful décor and good construction of the building. No wonder it was so popular. The women were all well dressed, and the place was classy.

Stepping into the first room on the right, as instructed, he soon noticed something was amiss. His suspicions were proved when a light came on and 9 men were standing in the spacious area. All had weapons drawn, facing him, and the four in front charged. Adhering to the tenets of Iaido, he slashed through the first one with ease. The second swung at him, and he toyed with the boy for a moment before dispatching him with a quick slash to the throat. Killing them all was no problem for him at the moment, as he was capable of compartmentalizing his thoughts. They were the enemy, no matter their face, no matter their age. If they had to die, so be it. Kicking at another of the Genin, he heard the distinct sound of ribs breaking as he flew into the wall. Moving on to the last one, he sliced once, twice, three times, severing both hands and bringing the sword down into his torso from his shoulder. It saddened him that he had to kill his opponents, but they were in his way of the cowardly man sitting in the back of the room.

Faceclaim: Custom/Hand drawn

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PostSubject: Re: Okami Uchiha (DONE)   Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:40 pm

Just a few issues with your application.

  • Your missing your characters image at the top of the application.
  • Your missing your characters name where it says Name:.
  • Jounin A can take 3 elements and 3 specializations to start with; you have 1 element and 2 specializations so you can add more if you wish.
  • Given that this is your first character on this site we'll need an RP sample for your application.

Bump when you're made the edits, please.
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PostSubject: Re: Okami Uchiha (DONE)   Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Okami Uchiha (DONE)   

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Okami Uchiha (DONE)
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