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 Temaki Inuzuka

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Jounin (S)
Jounin (S)

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PostSubject: Temaki Inuzuka   Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:07 pm

Name: Temaki
Age: 10
Birthdate: March 11th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: [???]
Clan: Inuzuka | Kamizuki
Rank: Jounin A-Rank

Village: Umigakure
Element(s): Katon | Raiton | Bakuton
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Taijutu | Fuuinjutsu
Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Telepathy
    Type: Clan-Mental
    Description: One of the signature abilities of the Kamizuki clan; Hiroyuki is a talented telepath; able to project his mental voice to anyone and everyone with an unprotected mind with ease. The ability is strongest with those he shares a strong bond with (siblings, parents close friends).

  • Name: Animal Communication
    Type: Linguistic
    Description: Thanks to his Inuzuka blood and training; Hiroyuki is able to converse with all manner of animals with the same ease that he communicates with other people.

  • Name: Explosion Release ( Bakuton-爆遁)
    Type: Advanced Element
    Requirements: Katon (S) || Raiton (B)
    Ability Tier: 3
    Minimum Rank: Special Jounin (B)
    Description: By focusing the power of fire and lightning together in proper amounts, the user is able to create a explosive reaction that can blast holes in solid steel. The Size and Power of the ferocity of the explosion depends on how much Raiton chakra is added to the base Katon amount.
    Unlock Requirements: Katon trained to S-Rank. Raiton trained to C-Rank.


5 Foot 0 Inches
Weight: 125 Pounds
Hair Color: Golden Blond
Eye Color: Green
General Description: Explosives. It's precisely what young Temaki smells like. As if she rolled around in them, however it's nothing more than her natural scent due to her Explosion Release affinity. The child is wild looking; long blond hair is like a messy mane, and green yes pierce out through the locks of golden-ness.
The child dresses simply; a white long sleeved top and a pair of overalls; shoes when they're forced upon her feet and barefoot when she can actually get away with it.

About You!
Personality: Explosive. This is as much a description of Temaki's fighting style as it is her general personality. Temaki is, to best describe it, a walking ticking time bomb with a very short fuse. She can go from happy and energetic to pissed the fuck off in less time than it took you to read that sentence. Of course, that isn't to say she's a violent maniac... oh wait, she is, especially when she fights.

She's a dare devil with little to almost no fear of death. It is her personal belief that everything is to be tried at least one. Cliff diving? LETS DO THIS! 8D! Racing through a forested area at insane speeds that would snap a neck of a collision happened? Been there, done that, got that t-shirt.

Fun is something that Temaki loves to have: anything from hanging out at a bar in her after-work hours, to going on some grand and glorious adventure, to getting into a bar fight.

Of course, that isn't to say that Temaki is completely irresponsible. She takes great pride when it comes to protecting her village. It's a task that she takes most seriously and pours her heart into each and every day she wakes up and gets out of bed.

Temaki is beastly protective when it comes to her family, her belief is that any who threaten them or their way of life are to be eliminated at all costs.

Temaki can be brutal and she can be caring and gentle handed: it all depends on the situation and what she deems is necessary to handle it. She completely understands and knows the difference between situations that need a firm touch and those that require a more gentle hand.

Temaki was always surrounded by family, whether it be her immediate family which consisted of herself, and her sister and brother - Yuki and Hiroyuki - and her father's Kenta Inuzuka and Michizuka Kamizuki. She was born last in the set of triplets, making her the baby of the family. Her youth was spent constantly surrounded by her siblings. At a very young age she showed a knack for explosives. When her father, Kenta Inuzuka, the former Hakage of Umigakure wasn't busy doing office work they spent hours doing survival trainings. Learning to survive and to turn nothing into something. How to live off of the bare minimum. Training came hand in hand with this; as each one of their strengths was put to the test and honed to perfection. Though, a great deal of this childhood fun came to a halt right about the time Temaki was preparing to enter into the Academy. Given Temakii's knack for telepathy she could tell rather quickly that something was wrong, and becoming more so as time went on. Then, the news of Kenta's condition, of the fact that he was becoming sicker, came home.

Even though her father was sick, Temaki was still pushed into the academy at his father's wishes. If her father wanted her to be all she was capable of being then she was going to oblige, even if she would have rather been home at his father's side. But, for the most part she was happy to be there.
The lessons were easy enough, and came like second nature to her. Though, she didn't care for the more academic aspects of the academy, she made up for her lack of this with her prior training. In spars and practice fights it quickly got to the point to where only her own cousins and siblings dared face her, the other children being far too frightened to want to face up to her in such a manner. A lot sooner than most of her classmates she was up for promotion, the Academy no longer capable of teaching her anything new. Therefore, she was allowed to graduate a lot earlier than most of her peers and start her life as a Genin.

While the normal activities still happened, and survival training had picked up once more on her days off that weren't being spent training, - normally with her younger cousins - she always kept close to her father, Kenta. She knew her father was becoming sicker and sicker, and the inevitable day happened to where her father ended up in the village's hospital, of all places. The children remained by his side through the whole ordeal. Her normal quiet and reserved nature took on a complete one-eighty, as she became quiet and withdrawn while her brother started lashing out over even the smallest thing. She didn't want her father in such a place, she wanted him home where she knew he'd be safe. Kenta's release came soon enough, and with it came the announcement that he'd have to step down as Hakage. Hiroyuki, being the eldest of his siblings, was one of the first who were next in line to take the title. However, none of the children wanted it. They were far too concerned with their father's well being to want to take on any sort of responsibility that would cause them to have to leave his side. Therefore, Hiroyuki offered the solution to their problem, and offered up the suggestion of Aisling as his father's replacement. She was one of their favorite cousins at that time. She was also one of the most intelligent people they knew; and one of the few that could handle the pressures of running an entire village. They knew well the insanity that came with the job; as they'd spent a large portion of they childhood mentally synced with his fathers; and she knew all there was to know of them, and their experiences. This left Hiroyuki in a unique position to help his cousin; while Temaki and her sister made for the perfect bodyguards; Yuki being the epitome of Inuzuka skill and power, and Temaki being a trap and explosives expert. They would keep her, and the village, safe at a distance; while he would offer wisdom gained through his fathers and everyone around him, as well as protection on a mental level. He could shield her mind; and alert to threats no one else could. It was a perfect arraignment. They were able to stay close and protect their Kage, cousin, and village; while being close enough to their father to help out when needed. In the preceding few years; her father's health had stabilized to some degree; he was no longer in the hospital 9 days out of 10, and had actually begun to improve; but there where still bad days, good days, and those terrible days they spent huddled together in waiting rooms silently trying not to destroy the world that left father so sick.

Aisling had been in power only a few months when word came down that promotions had been approved again. Temaki and her brother and sister; along with a few others where being promoted for various reasons; some because they where specialists in specific areas and fast tracked to Special Jounin (as Temaki was); or for reasons that where slightly more nepotistic then others. Yuki and Hiro hadn't even attempted an exam; they where too busy with life and helping to care for their father to even give a flying fuck; but the skills the two had could not be denied; and even if someone had tried to protest; well, they would have no problems proving their worth as Chuunin. Genjutsu specialists where rare enough; and Inuzuka had easily established themselves as the predominant protectors of the village over the past 20 years or so. It wasn't unexpected; nor was anyone surprised. If anything; it gave Temaki's placement as guard to the kage more merit; and the ability to sit on her protection details on the rare occasions she traveled. Combined with her father's slowly improving health, and the general prosperity of her family and village; she was finding herself to be more of the happy child she'd once been, versus sullen and overstressed.

Special Jounin
Time passed and they grew stronger in power and skill; each in their own ways. Aisling continued to manage the village, with Temaki acting as one of her main guards; often times acting as the main guard when it came to her cousin traveling. Her way with traps and explosives and her knowledge of the outside world made her the perfect choice for the job; and it was during this time that she truly began to blossom. Her work with Fuuinjutsu had done much to increase her already sizable intellect, as well as having a secondary, somewhat odd effect. Something about her Fuuinjutsu training was helping to improve her explosive abilities; which while this had never been a weakness was certainly interesting. She never really bothered to care, choosing instead to enjoy the increased explosive control she'd finally gained. Her time as a Special Jounin was rather short; it was only a matter of a few months before the elders decided she was ready to be promoted to full Jounin.

Jounin A
Despite her young age still Temaki was promoted to Jounin A-Rank at just shortly after she turned ten years old. Even though her cousin was no longer in power Temaki had still more than proved her ability when it came to it, and therefore the promotion was more than in order.

RP Sample: Inuzuka clan meeting? Inuzuka clan meeting! They were fun, that much was for sure. Of course, they would have been a lot more fun had her father not attempted to strip her of every last explosive tag she had hidden on her person. 'Course, she had still managed to slip some out. Which, happened to be why as her newest Inuzuka cousin almost landed on her head, she pulled one out and was about to slap him with it before it was grabbed out of her hand by her father. It was then that hell broke lose especially as her brother began to speak using his telepathy instead actual words.

"Hiro... words. You have them. Use them, son."

"...Yes... father... I am sorry..."

"Hiro is a scardy-cat!`"


"But Daaaaaa'! He iiiiiiiis!"

And suddenly: Yuki used Low Kick! It was Super Effective!

Or rather; she caught her sister behind the knee and took her to the ground; using her natural grappler skills to subdue the rowdiest of the three. "LISTEN TO DADDY TEMAKI!"

Make them stop father...


Aaaand now crying children. Weeeeeee!~

"So... yeah. Welcome to hell; everyone."

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PostSubject: Re: Temaki Inuzuka   Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:48 pm

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Temaki Inuzuka
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