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 Ōkoku, Kidani

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PostSubject: Ōkoku, Kidani   Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:53 pm

Name: Ōkoku, Kidani
Birth Surname: Uchiha
Age: 12
Birthdate: December 4th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Not interested~ <3
Clan: Uchiha
Rank: D-rank

Village: Kurayamigakure
Element(s): Katon | Suiton
Specialties: Ninjutsu | Kugutsu
Special Characteristics: N/A


Height: 4'9"
Weight: 85 lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue-grey
General Description: Choppy shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes, Kidani is a rather adorable child, fond of clothes that are usually a bit too big for her.  One of the reasons is that she's a tomboy and delights in confusing adults and making them think that she's the opposite sex as she hasn't really started developing a lot of womanly features yet. Another reason is that she's just simply not really one to wear something form fitting at this young age, finding herself delighting in the fact that she can practically disappear into the slightly too big animal hoodies that she commonly finds herself in.  Her favorite one is a blue bear hoodie. It has red eyes, ears, and teeth lining the hood that makes it look like it's eating her. One might thing that this might be something that's frightening to a child her size, but it isn't. She delights in her hoodies. Under her hoodies on her skinny frame she commonly wears a red shirts that's also somewhat larger than her frame. She's not really sure why, but she likes the color red a lot. On her legs, Kidani wears simply black pants and simple shinobi-style sandals.

About You!

Personality: Kidani is kind of an odd mix personality wise. On one hand you have the childlike girl who has an innocent  air about her that's kind of hard to compare to anyone else. But there's also an aspect of distorted innocence there within her, that also has a darkness to it. She's someone who is fully aware of how life can be hard, as her own parents were killed when she was very small, and the life of a nomad is hard in general. She and the others have come accross a few times where they've had to scrape by to survive, even if they spoiled her and the other children. There's a mischievous aspect to her as well. Kidoni wears animal hoodies that typically have an almost creepy nature to them. Mostly because she enjoys confusing adults into thinking that she's a strange girl with the hoodies that usually seem to be 'eating' her. She also likes making them think that she's a boy considering that she wears over-sized clothes that often obscure what feminine features she might be developing.

Kidani's blue eyes, while they may have that young and innocent look to them, there's a curious and intelligent sparkle to them. Behind them she's always observing, and even when she might not seem like she's listening, she's paying attention to her surroundings. She's dedicated to using what's around her to get by, as she was raised as a nomad. Even at this young age, she's beginning to dedicate herself to being logical with the way that she handles herself, never rushing into things, and thinking things through. Making her own opinions.

Among others, Kidani is kind hearted and outgoing, never hesitating to introduce herself to others in an attempt to make friends with everyone she meets. However, young as she is she does sometimes have bouts of shyness where she has a tendency to hide behind her bear bag. But, that's few and far between now that she is growing older. Now, while she is mostly amicable with others, Kidani does have a temper. There are certain things that she simply will not put up with. However, her temper is not the  brash sort that causes her to lash out or act without thought. Her methodical anger is something that is quite a dangerous thing, silent and very very cruel when someone happens to step into it.  

History: Once, twelve years ago, there was  a pair of Uchiha who were delighted to be bringing a little girl into the world that they traveled and had made their home. They had wanted and been trying for a child for some time now, but complications simply wouldn't let them have a child until it was Kidani's time to be born. At the time, her family were nomads, traveling around in order to avoid the stipulations that came from living as Uchiha. Yes, they were proud to be Uchiha but there was a certain amount of secretiveness that they needed to hold in order to live normal lives. They didn't wear the family crest, and they certainly didn't really live as shinobi in order to keep themselves and their prospectively growing family safe. They'd made a place for themselves in a little band of nomads consisting around thirty people at the time, becoming friends with the people that they lived with for a few years before it was Kidani's time to arrive. And, for the first two years of her life, Kidani was spoiled as a child by her family and those friends who loved her very much.  The world was her playhouse. But, as fate would have it she would not be able to live with them for the rest of it.

For her parents, their past had caught up with them, and shinobi from their past attacked their nomad group. It was a brutal fight, but her parents were reluctant to reveal their true abilities as Uchiha, and because of this, they lost their fight against the shinobi as they didn't use their abilities, and it ended in a slaughter. Kidani had been hidden by family friends, and taken away. The fight was a slaughter. The nomads held their own though, and while Kidani's family was killed, so were the people who had killed them by the end of the slaughter. It... took some time for the nomad group to recuperate from the fighting, but slowly things fell into place, and Kidani who was still just a baby was adopted by one of the families in the group, as they had no idea that she was actually an Uchiha. And it was a good thing they didn't, as withing the group there was a stigma against the people with the burning red eyes.

Still, given the name Ōkoku as her surname by her family's friends and now adoptive parents. Her true true surname became forgotten as her family had given their group a false one, the legacy for the Uchiha was forgotten for the little girl. There was no one to tell her where her skills in katon came from, or why she had the abilities that she began to develop.  As she was raised, there was no one to teach her about being a shinobi in their world. So she was raised in the same group, still loved and cherished by her friends and adoptive family, with the knowledge that her first family had been slaughtered by ninja for unknown reasons. Kidani was raised in a modest life, tending the animals that her nomad group kept with them when she was old enough, and learning the life of a traveler. It became something that she loved, and her love for nature developed this way.

However, when she started to near the age of eleven, it was decided that they were going to stop in the next village for some time. This village happened to be named Kurayamigakure. It was a hidden village, and because of that it meant that individuals called shinobi were the ones to rule it. Thinking that it might help her to see what they could do, her parents decided to stay with her there once the others had decided to move on because Kidani had begun developing skills that would do well as a shinobi, rather than just a simple nomad. And this was something that Kidani was excited to do, train with others who had similar abilities to her.

In Kurayamigakure, the blond girl was a whirlwind student with her first teacher, quickly being recommended for genin within the year as she had been developing her own skills on her own time as a nomad. She'd found her calling, and being a shinobi was something that she was going to do with her abilities. Not that she knew that one day she would become an Uchiha, the very thing that her family and group despised. Perhaps at some point in the future this information will be found out for the child. But for now she is here in Kurayamigakure, content to develop her skills as a regular shinobi for the village, even if one day she may travel on the path of a nomad again like she was raised to do.

RP Sample: Taking a deep breath, Kidani looked up at the home of her teacher, her eyes rather wide. As a nomad, she'd never really seen so many buildings in one place, but here she was in front of one now, and she was to learn inside of the home in front of her. Her parents had already told her that it wasn't going to be like the way that they had taught her. They'd told her that it was going to be tough, and she was nervous, but excited at the same time. She was ready for this. When they had told her that she would be able to be a shinobi, it was something that excited her. She delighted in the abilities that she had developed on her own, and she wanted this, even if she knew that it would send her on a path towards bloodshed that the ones who had killed her parents.

Another deep breath, and Kidani was padding towards the home for her first day, eyes bright as she hugged the stuffed toy that doubled as her backpack to her chest. Her first day being taught like this. This was going to be interesting to become involved in, and she desperately hoped that she would like it, though her parents said that if she didn't want to do it anymore that they would probably go join the others again. Still, she brightly stepped into the building and went to the room that she knew to be where they were going to be taught, since she had memorized the schedule they had given them already. Slipping inside she moved to a seat and greeted the child who was sitting next to her place. "Hello."

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PostSubject: Re: Ōkoku, Kidani   Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:13 pm

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Ōkoku, Kidani
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