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 Special Characteristics

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PostSubject: Special Characteristics   Thu Aug 27, 2015 3:51 pm

Special Characteristics

Special Characteristic are, in general, cosmetic in nature. They serve little to no function beyond distinguishing you from the other nameless and faceless masses in the world. They can be something you are born with, such as animialistic characteristics or Heterohromia; so something aquired like missing limbs or Senjutsu effects. There are, of course, exceptions; advanced elements/releases (EX: Dark, Nova, Dust, Swift, Light, etc) while trained as elements, are treated as special characteristics.

All Special Characteristics will be considered on a case by case basis. Just because X got something approved, doesn't mean Y will be able to have it too.

Non-Combat SC:

Combat SC
[b]Training Requirements:[/b]

Advanced Element/Release SC:
[b]Ability Tier:[/b]
[b]Minimum Rank:[/b]
[b]Unlock Requirements:[/b]
[b]Special Training Requirements:[/b]

Tiers are a way of determining the power or rarity of an SC. Only Advanced Elements/Releases and Combat SC's need to be labeled with a tier, unless stated by the staff. They come in 4 levels:

Tier 1 abilities are the most common of the SC abilities, and the ones that anyone may start with; so long as they meet any of the requirements.

Tier 2 abilities tend to be personally specific in some way, or else are a combination of 2 or more Tier 1 abilities. However, a fair amount of Tier 2 abilities may be unlocked without any Tier 1 abilities, so long as the requirements are met. These would be things like special bonds with pets or siblings, etc. Animistic characteristics that you are born with are classified as tier 2.

Tier 3 abilities are powerful and require chakra of some sort. In general, these are the advanced elements and releases, as well as any sort of chakra based ability.

Tier 4: These are the legendary abilities that only the most powerful of ninja posses. Very few are able to obtain these powers; and many are considered impossible until they appear. Admin approval is required for any ability of this rank; and the vast majority require possession by chakra beast or some sort of plot-related reasoning to obtain.
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Special Characteristics
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