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 Travel and Intervention Rules

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Travel and Intervention Rules Empty
PostSubject: Travel and Intervention Rules   Travel and Intervention Rules EmptyFri Dec 18, 2015 8:12 pm

Travel is fairly common from one village to another but there are several rules you must abide by while doing so.

  • Before you travel you must get permission from your Kage. If your Kage is inactive then you must get permission from an Admin.
  • If you are leaving the village without permission of your Kage then you must wait 12 hours between posts at which time your post is open for intervention by any of your fellow village mates, ANBU, or Kage's.

If you're looking to intervene in someone else's travel thread such as if they're a missing-nin or are attempting to flee you must follow by the following rules.

  • Any ANBU / Kage is capable of entering into any thread without permission.
  • Anyone else wishing to intervene in a thread must get Admin permission to do so and there must be a legitimate IC reason as to why you are trying to intervene.

These will likely be updated at staff's leisure, so check back often for updates.
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Travel and Intervention Rules
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