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 Catch the Animal [C-Rank WC: 301]

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Catch the Animal [C-Rank WC: 301] Empty
PostSubject: Catch the Animal [C-Rank WC: 301]   Catch the Animal [C-Rank WC: 301] EmptyFri Dec 18, 2015 10:43 pm


Okami grunted, rushing through the undergrowth to find a damned pet deer. Who kept those things, anyway? Walking through the forest was a chore, and finding a deer in it's natural habitat was worse. Of course, he could always blaze through it with his Katon, but that would likely start a wildfire. Temaki definitely didn't need the paperwork for that one. The deer was supposedly wearing a pink bow, and was an 8-point buck. Lovely. He could just imagine the poor thing's thought process on that one. A rich elderly woman was the owner, and she was a benefactor for the Village, donating money and political support to the Shinobi. For that one, he could let it slide. Pink just wasn't dignified for any man.

Gripping the rock he sat upon, he saw the creature grazing in a clearing. Jumping down, he would walk up to it gently, wrapping a rope around his neck. Walking back to the village was just as much a chore, and it would be dark soon. Feeling his way through the brush and undergrowth would get a lot harder in the dark. Getting his antler snagged on a low hanging branch, the deer stopped suddenly. Huffing, Okami would slash off the offending antler with a kunai faster than the buck could blink. Tugging on the rope, Okami rushed the poor thing into town before the gates shut and it got dark. It would have been a whole hell of a lot harder if they had been out for another hour, he noted as the sun began to set. The deer snorted and rebelled as he dragged it back to his owner. His head was lopsided, but it would be better than if he were being eaten right about now by the wolves that inhabited the area.
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Catch the Animal [C-Rank WC: 301]
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