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 Protect the Merchant [C-Rank WC: 315]

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Protect the Merchant [C-Rank WC: 315] Empty
PostSubject: Protect the Merchant [C-Rank WC: 315]   Protect the Merchant [C-Rank WC: 315] EmptyFri Dec 18, 2015 11:04 pm


Huang was insufferable, that was for sure. He was a portly man in white robes carrying seven small packages full of Ancestors-know-what as they walked. Okami was dressed in his usual white long pants with leg wraps, and a short-sleeved black Uchiha shirt with the traditional high collar. A pouch on his belt held around ten Kunai and the same amount of Shuriken, and five scrolls sat adjacent to them. Coming up on the first stop, his senses, which were honed to supernatural keenness, told him something was off. A man rushed him from behind, where Okami spun and tripped him faster than lightning. Stabbing a Kunai down, he punched a hole through the man's ribs and into his heart.  A cursory inspection of his corpse showed a tattoo that belonged to a gang that was as insufferable as the sniveling wretch that stood behind him. Spinning, Okami grabbed one of the packages and tore it open, revealing what was really inside. It was a root that had psychedelic properties when the oil was imbibed. Tossing it and the other packages on the ground, Okami burnt them with the Uchiha's signature release, the art of Katon.

Turning to Huang with a wolf-like smirk on his face, Okami grabbed his wrist and began to drag him to jail. The man spluttered and squirmed, but Okami's fist was iron and his will was strong. The bribe wasn't even worth it with his pay grade, and he told the man so. With the revelation that they had sent a Jounin to do a Genin's job, the man blanched, knowing that he was screwed. Breaking away finally, he ran around ten feet before Okami tackled him, dragging him along to prison with the same kunai that had killed the gang member pushing into his back. If he ran again, it would be the last few steps he ever took.
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Protect the Merchant [C-Rank WC: 315]
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