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 Stinky Shoe [D Rank][WC 430]

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Heiwa Uchiha
Heiwa Uchiha

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Stinky Shoe [D Rank][WC 430] Empty
PostSubject: Stinky Shoe [D Rank][WC 430]   Stinky Shoe [D Rank][WC 430] EmptySat Dec 19, 2015 3:30 pm

Mission Taken - Find a lost Shoe:

Heiwa was enjoying the fact that there was a newly erected mission board in the village not because of the ryo she was being paid but because it was a chance to further increase her skills while helping those who had helped the whole village out. If she could do missions, even little D and C rank ones like she was, then that would take more stress off of the shoulders of the higher ups. Plus, it really was just something to do to keep her out of the house, and it made her father happy to see her following in his footsteps. Her mother was proud of her too, and her brother was taking after her example and pestering their father to train him too anytime their father wasn't busy.

Still though, there were some strange individuals in Kurayamigakure. Or, perhaps strange wasn't quite the word for it but perhaps eccentric? I mean, she had just been tasked to find a shoe after all. There wasn't a lot of information to go with it, either. It was a shoe, in semi decent condition, and the owner couldn't honestly remember what it even looked like but they still wanted it found and were willing to pay to have that done. A simple task, but then again what else were budding little Genin like herself for? She couldn't imagine this kind of task being left for one of the super strong individuals of the village to do, it would just be a waste in her opinion.

So, she was walking down the street, or skipping rather, on her way to find some sort of shoe lying around in semi decent condition. Normally this task would have taken her just a few minutes back when the village was trashed and filthy, but since it had been cleaned up it was a lot harder than she had originally thought. Still, she wasn't going to give up and instead pressed onward.

Her determination paid off nearly five minutes later when she found a shoe laying off on the side of the road she was walking on. It was in semi decent condition though it was a bit filthy. A bit of time spent wiping it down and beating the dirt off of it by hitting it off of a nearby pole did the trick, though. With the shoe in hand, and held a bit out away from her since it smelled kind of bad, she returned to the mission board so she could pass the shoe off to its (hopefully) owner and get paid.

Word Count: 430 / 100
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Stinky Shoe [D Rank][WC 430]
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