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 Scare Tactics [Mission, D-Rank 607/100 words]

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Akira Uchiha
Akira Uchiha

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PostSubject: Scare Tactics [Mission, D-Rank 607/100 words]   Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:33 pm


Mission Taken:

...And next was something that seemed to be out of a soap opera. A woman found that her significant other was cheating. She requested the services of a shinobi to confront the cheater and teach him a lesson. Upon his arrival to the household which had several kids running around making lots of noise, the angry housewife, in a nightgown, her head full of rollers, shoved 2 pictures into Akira's hands. One was of her husband, the other was of a rather attractive young lady.

"Feel free to kick his ass!" she exclaimed. "But don't kill him. The bastard is the father of all of these brats after all. Just remind him that he has responsibilities as a husband. Scare that floozy bitch off too while you're at it!"

She indicated, as Akira was leaving, that they could be found around the park near the center of the village. A bit of detective work and it wasn't hard to find the two of them sitting under a bridge over the pond in the park, upon a bench, secluded under the bridge so that they wouldn't be seen.

"Excuse me," said Akira, snatching the husband out of a smooch with his lover by his collar.

"What---What the--" was all the husband could get out before Akira dragged him over and dunked him into the pond by his left ankle. He began to thrash and struggle. Many standing and walking stopped to look. The female got up next looking hysterical as it appeared that Akira was drowning him.

"What are you doing!!" she yelled down at Akira, hitting him several times with her tiny hands. Akira looked down at her with those blue eyes unfazed.

"You do know this man is married with kids, right?" he asked calmly.

"He told me he's leaving her!"

"Doesn't look like he's quite left yet. The wife's paid me to bring him home. Do yourself a favor and find someone with a little less baggage, yeah? With all those wild kids, he's needed at home."

With a huff of frustration the female turned and stormed off. Akira tossed the husband behind him, tuning to see him roll several times across the pavement. "You should be at home taking care of those kids instead of messing around in this park, you know?"

The man caught his breath after a coughing fit to jump up and take a swing at Akira. A knee to the gut sent the husband back to the ground into another coughing fit. "I told the wife i'd go easy on you. Why don't you make this easy on yourself and just go home."

"Back to hell with that bitch? Screw that! She got fat and turned into a grouch!" He replied, getting up again. He swing again and Akira kicked his hand. His foot met the man's fist with a cruch sound, making him yelp.

"That's your problem. Work it out, or leave her, i'm just here doing what i'm paid for. I don't care what you do. For now, you're going home, correct?" Akira made like he was going to kick him again, making the man flinch backwards.

"Yeah, yeah! Fine! I'll go home! Just let me go!" he yelled, and Akira did as he was told.

The husband went home, and Akira escorted him. Akira could hear the loud argument and the sounds of excited children squeals as he left...

607/100 words
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Scare Tactics [Mission, D-Rank 607/100 words]
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