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 Defeating a bandit [Mission, C-Rank 428 words]

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Akira Uchiha
Akira Uchiha

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PostSubject: Defeating a bandit [Mission, C-Rank 428 words]   Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:17 pm


Mission Taken:

Things seemed to be getting interesting now. With other missions out of the way, now it was time to step it up a notch. The next mission scroll indicated that there was a bandit who attacked at night, stealing money and other goods. It was a chance to beat on someone, so Akira was all for it.

Akira decided to hang around the market until night. He didn't know if the guy would be brave enough to attack during the day, so he decided to stick around just in case. His parents couldn't argue with him anymore since he was an official shinobi of the village, doing jobs for the Kuraikage, and this fact made him grin, knowing he was able to stay up late, and be outside at that.

Night fell, and Akira was one of the only people left around. It wasn't long after the darkness enveloped the area before the individual in question poked out his ugly head. He began smashing open display cases, taking anything of value and stuffing them into a bag. This bag was suddenly snatched out of his hand as he approached the 3rd display case.

He instantly drew 2 Kunai knives with either hand as he tuned to face Akira, his new opponent. Akira didn't look worried or amused. The bandit twirled them in an expert fashion, but still, Akira showed no reaction. He simply stared walking toward the bandit, who made several quick swings. Akira blocked with Kunai of his own, easily, and watched the bandit's eyes go wide as he was being matched muscle for muscle with a seeminly little kid.

The bandit was floored by a kicking combination that consisted of hard kicks to the leg, mid-section then the side of his head. "Think you're tough, do ya kid?" the bandit asked, getting back to his feet. "It's past your bed time. I'm gonna gut you like a fucking pig--" He was unable to finish this sentence due to the hard kick that impacted his jaw, loosening several teeth from the gums. As he was falling down again, he was grabbed and yanked into a flurry of punches. after 3 more kicks, the 3rd knocking him airborne, through his haze he was able to make out Akira leaping above him to execute an axe kick, which sent the bandit to land on his chest and neck area roughly. He didn't move after that.

Village ninja arrived to take the bandit into custody as Akira left the scene...

428 words
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Defeating a bandit [Mission, C-Rank 428 words]
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