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 Thieves [C Rank Mission][WC 650]

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Heiwa Uchiha
Heiwa Uchiha

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PostSubject: Thieves [C Rank Mission][WC 650]   Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:46 pm

Mission Taken – Catch that Thief:

”Stop, thief! Somebody stop that man!”

Heiwa sighed as she looked up from the book in her hand: she had been walking and reading at the same time again while she ventured through the market. She had been so busy with training recently, and then moving into a safer and newer apartment, that she had been neglecting to do some serious shopping. Now it was to the point to where she didn't have a choice: she was completely out of food. Of course, she had been hoping to multi task some reading into this equation.

A sigh escaped the female as she looked around with yellow cat like eyes for the source of the shouting: so much for having a peaceful trip to the market place. She saw in the distance a panicked looking shop owner who was pointing at something that was causing people in the crowd to stumble and bump into each other. The thief, in his attempt to get away, was giving no regard to anyone else' safety. Rolling her eyes in an annoyed fashion Heiwa turned to the right slightly and began to move; her much smaller form making it easy for her to bob and weave through the people as she headed to intercept this thief and stop him in his tracks.

”Please! Somebody stop him! Don't let him get away!”

"Geesh man, I'm working on it...”, Heiwa muttered beneath her breath. Thankfully, it didn't take her long to reach her intended spot and she stopped, waiting. If she had calculated properly, and she was damn sure she had, the thief would come straight towards her in less then ten seconds. Sure enough the sounds of annoyance from the crowd were growing nearer, and with a last shove of yet another person the thief skidded to a halt in front of Heiwa. It was at this point that Heiwa's pet black widow spider, Minerva, attempted to make her presence known by poking out of her hood: she was the size of a tarantula and not easily missed. The kid fell backwards with a shout and landed sprawled on the ground.

Grinning to herself Heiwa raised her kunai in a threatening manner, and changed her voice to sound intimidating, ”You need to give back what you've stolen. Give it back, and never steal again. You know it's wrong to steal, don't you?”

The kid's eyes glazed over and he nodded his head yes. The kid got to his feet then and began to walk back to the shop owner. Heiwa followed him, ensuring that her jutsu remained in effect. As the kid returned to the stall he emptied his pockets of everything that he took just as the market guards arrived on the scene. Before too much attention could be drawn to herself Heiwa simply gave the guards a nod of acknowledgment and then turned and left.

Word Count: 650 / 250
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Thieves [C Rank Mission][WC 650]
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