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 Escort [Mission, C-Rank, 486 words]

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Akira Uchiha
Akira Uchiha

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Escort [Mission, C-Rank, 486 words] Empty
PostSubject: Escort [Mission, C-Rank, 486 words]   Escort [Mission, C-Rank, 486 words] EmptySun Dec 20, 2015 10:59 am


mission taken:

Akira woke up late night to slip his clothes and ninja tools on, quietly making his way out of his room and downstairs past the snores of his siblings and parents. He was determined to make the Kuraikage proud by doing as much as he could for the village. This meant missions... After fixing himself a small sandwich he slipped quietly out of the house and made his way to the mission board.

Another escort mission. Like his first mission with Heiwa, an important guy from a smaller, lesser known village nearby needed someone to go with him through the wilds to make sure he got home safe, in an attempt to cement relations between the two villages, no doubt. Akira wouldn't mind doing this again, alone this time. He didn't really think someone would attack the likes of this guy, but shit happened. Better to be safe than sorry...

Along the way, the young man asked Akira many personal questions, all responded to with vague answers since Akira bagan to take on a secrious demeanor, at least while on the job. The young leader began to figure that Akira was either very secretive, or just asocial. Not very much else was said during the walk through the wilds, and Akira didn't mind this. He was just here to do a job and head back, not make friends.

After about a half hour walk, they came upon the young man's village. It was when he was saying goodbye and to have a safe journey back to Kuraikage that the two genin brandishing Kunai appeared. Their headbands both had scratches through the symbols, meaning they were Missing. Meaning no one would care what happened to them. Akira made sure the young leader was inside of the village gates before he turned to engage them.

Neither of them saw a weapon in Akira's hands, and saw that he was just a kid, so they figured it would be an easy fight. They were wrong. The first one ran at Akira and tried several times to stab him; all attempts were avoided. The arm wielding the weapon was grabbed, broken at the elbow and disarmed. While the missing nin screamed, he was kicked in the chest. The second ninja tried attacking Akira while he attacked the first, only to be elbowed in the nose, causing an eruption of blood as it had been broken. After a swing of the kunai, the arm was grabbed to allow Akira to kick this individual numerous times in the mid-section.

He was kicked in the chest to be sent rolling and tumbling next to his broken armed partner. With both of them figuring they were outmatched, they gathered themselves and began to run away. Akira didn't give chase. Perhaps their injuries would make them wise up and change their tunes.

Akira turned to head back home...

486 words
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Escort [Mission, C-Rank, 486 words]
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