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 The Wolf Cub Travels! [Mori -> Kurayami]

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PostSubject: The Wolf Cub Travels! [Mori -> Kurayami]   Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:30 am

It hadn't taken nearly as much pleading as Nyx would have thought to convince her mother to go traveling to Kurayamigakure. Her mother agreed easily that it was in her best interest to see the other villages so that she could learn and continue to expand her knowledge. Plus, now that she was on incredibly friendly terms with the other village it was safe for her to go. Of course, she wouldn't be traveling alone: an eight year old little girl making the journey by herself? No. She would be escorted by three ANBU.

Three ANBU and some private information her mother wanted her to give to Alec. It was currently sealed in her pocket, safe from being touched by anyone but her. Who would think a child would carry important documentation? If anything it'd be safe to assume the ANBU carried it. But, they didn't.

Nyx left with her guard in tow, giggling quite a bit as the journey was made across the ocean, through the desert, and into the darkness...
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The Wolf Cub Travels! [Mori -> Kurayami]
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