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 Alec Kane

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Alec Kane

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PostSubject: Alec Kane   Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:32 pm

Name: Alec Kane
Age: 30
Birthdate: 10-24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Rank: Kuraikage

Village: Kurayamigakure
Clan: Kurayami
Element(s): Wind, Lightning, Fire, Dark
Specialties: Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Weapons Technician:

Chakra Radar "Blind Eye"(SSS-Rank):



Master Sensor:

Specialization Mastery:


6' 6''
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Unknown
General Description: A towering individual, Alec stands 6 feet 6 inches tall. He has shoulder-length white hair. Due to the blindfold he wears it is unknown what color eyes he has. Alec normally wears a long robe-like cloak with a hood. Underneath he wears a sleeveless leather top that zips in the middle, baggy jogging pants, Mesh Gloves and Mesh Boots of his own creation. He has a single strap black bag that contains all of his items and equipment. Alec has no visible tattoos or piercings.

About You!
Personality: Alec Kane is a sarcastic individual. Often seen grinning or smirking, he frequently cracks jokes while remaining calm and collected, even in dangerous and deadly situations. While quick to rage in his earlier days, Alec, for the most part, has put that behind him. It takes much to get beneath his skin. Some consider Alec to be crazy, or a villain, a title he actually has come to embrace, being that he will kill people with no hesitation, and think nothing of those that he killed after they are dead, but it has been shown that Alec does not kill without reason, and that he only kills people he deems worthy to die. Alec is not without some form of compassion; he does not kill innocent people, nor does he kill women or children. While being highly skilled and confident in his abilities, some would say that Alec is a "Fighting God" or consider him unbeatable, but Alec does not have much of an ego, often saying "I just got lucky" or passing credit to someone else, being well aware of the fact that no matter how strong you get, there is always someone stronger. Alec is highly adventurous, having traveled many places in the world. He has never been one to back down or run away from a confrontation. Alec is fiercely protective of his friends and family members, and will not hesitate to spill blood on their behalf.

History: (Complete story here.)
(Note: This history is not a work of fiction. It all actually happened IC, on various other forums.)
Alec lost his memory at a young age. The first 20 years of his life are a mystery. His story begins in a technologically advanced village named Hanagakure. The specialty of the village is an art called "Weapons Technician," the ability to forge magical weapons. Alec quickly masters this art. He procures himself some goods and does much research about the world, it's villages and it's many clans. Alec attempted to be a "regular" citizen of the village, but he finds this process quite boring. Furthermore, the leader General fancied himself a god and planned on placing himself and the village above all others. At this revelation Alec develops a villain mentality, and bombs several areas of Hanakagure using Explosive Tags. Several villagers try to stop him - villagers with the same elitist mentality as the leader General - but he kills them, effectively turning him into a villain. Alec bombs the Administration Complex, the brains of the village where the leaders reside, and deserts Hana. Leaving a village caused one to become "Missing." Those that went missing were often hunted down, brought back by force, or killed in order to prevent that village's secrets leaking out to the rest of the world. As Alec was in possession of very valuable knowledge of creating chakra enhanced weapons, a very high bounty was put onto him.

Alec traveled to a village in the snow called Korikagure. He begins to encounter members of his family. Mistukai, a relative, was in charge of Kori. Mistuaki allowed Alec the use of a Blacksmith's shop to forge The Kane Katana, a weapon he would become notorious for using in the ninja world. Alec next traveled to a desert village called Yokuchikagure, where he would encounter Destiny, his young daughter. Alec quickly befriended the village's medical genius, a child prodigy named Holeman. By then, wanted posters had began to pop up everywhere, noting a sizable bounty. While drinking in a bar, some of the village's ruffians got it in their head that they were going to cash in on Alec. Having created himself an arsenal of weapons, some of which included Hidden Blades and wrist mounted firearms, Alec dispatched them quickly, leaving a bloody display of them in the bar. The Kage  of the village, a man by the name of Strafe, entered the bar and asked Alec to leave, stating that he knew he was a wanted man, but would just settle for him vacating the village. Alec, drunk, responded by saying he'd leave once his bottle was empty. Strafe insisted that he leave right then, or be removed by force. Alec, not one that responded lightly to threats, attacked Strafe with a combination of a bottle, an Explosive Tag, and a shot from one of his wrist guns. Strafe managed to avoid this, but this was merely a distraction for the real attack. Displaying that he had the foot speed to match even a Kage, Alec cut off Strafe's right leg at the knee with his newly forged katana.

One of Strafe's underlings were outside, lying in wait to ambush Alec when he came outside. This ambush is foiled by Destiny. After paralyzing the kid, she is joined by Alec, who comes to find that the kid is part of the Uchiha clan, notorious for their martial arts skills, their usage of fire techniques, and special powers in their eyes which activated when they faced a very stressful or life threatening condition, though not all of them were able to activate them. Alec had even found out through underground channels that these eyes could be stolen from them, surgically implanted and used by others. Alec decides to try triggering the eye condition in this kid by scaring him half to death with Destiny and it works. He steals one of his eyes and invites the kid to come and try to take it back when he got stronger. After having Holeman implant the eye into his head, he and Destiny vacate the desert.

Hearing a rumor of a clan of intelligent and powerful Apes that lent their great strength to those they deemed worthy, Alec and Destiny travel to a forest village called Niwaurushikagure. Before he could go searching for the whereabouts of the clan, Alec and Destiny encounter Demi, another one of his daughters. It was at this point that the message reached his ears that the leader General of Hana was calling Alec out for a fight. Upon his return to Hana, several villagers tried to kill Alec for the loss of some of their family and friends at his hands, but Alec killed them as well. The leader General, a man named Izanagi, is revealed to be a part of the Uchiha Clan. The fight does not last long. Utilizing his extreme speed once again, Alec slits Izanagi's throat. Before he dies, both of his eyes activate. Alec immediately loots Izanagi's corpse of his 2 new prizes. All the while, a female sits behind the scenes, watching the entire event transpire. Having been prepared to deal with Izanagi herself, as he was a incompetent and lazy leader of the village, her job is done by Alec. She reveals herself as Natalie, the next leader of Hana. She also has a firing squad surrounding the area, with many firearms pointed in his direction. Natalie offers Alec the chance to join her and reform Hana. Alec declines, says he's disgusted with the village, and invites her and her firing squad to shoot him if they could. Alec then goes to leave, and no one attempts to stop him. On the way out of the village, Alec encounters an incredibly beautiful female named Avery. Something at that moment tells Alec that she would play a part in his future, so he kidnaps her and runs out of the village. Surprisingly, she doesn't attempt to stop him.

He returns with her to Niwa, where they all explain the situation. Avery decides to stick with them, much to Alec's surprise. Alec makes a quick trip back to the desert in order to have Holeman transplant one of the eyes he stole into the other socket. As the eyes need to be covered when not in use, Holeman also teaches Alec his special radar sight, which Alec later goes on to evolve into an even more powerful form. Demi transplants the remaining eye into her head, and enters into a comatose state. With Alec and Destiny thinking she's dead, Alec's eyes undergo a change and evolve into an even more powerful form. Demi wakes up from her coma and it is seen that her eye also evolved. A special power is born between the two of them that is called "Kamui."

Alec decides that they have the makings of their own village, so they should take over one. It is decided that they would claim a deserted country for themselves; a country known as "The Land of Shadows." At it's center is a village called Makkurakagure, a haven for drunks, scum and murderers. Alec and Avery travel to this village. Alec offers it's inhabitants the chance to join up, and some of them respond by attacking them. Alec and Avery make examples of several, leaving them in bloody pieces. Those that remain began to see that it was a bad idea to oppose them, and quickly jump on board. Alec pays the inhabitants to shape the village up. A tower in the center of the village is said to have been sealed up for over 3 decades. Alec unseals the tower easily. He finds that the tower, fortified to withstand almost any assault, is a technological marvel, having it's own power supply, libraries of ancient books, and countless secret rooms and compartments containing long lost and powerful secrets. A symbiote creature attaches itself to Alec and forms a bond with him. Reluctant at first, he learns to control the creature. He finds that it transforms into articles of whatever clothing he can think of, as well as transform his appearance. In times of danger, the symbiote can form armor.

Alec shapes up the village, and begins to call the villagers loyal to him "The Dark," his own personal criminal organization. Makkura slowly turns from a slum into one of the most powerful villages on the map. Demi is made Kage, a title she soon passes to Avery. Hanakagure, it's parent village (And primarily responsible for the slum state it was in) attempts to re-take control, but this attempt is easily quelled by Alec, so Hana simply cuts off all ties, declaring The Land of Shadows it's own individual country.

Alec noticed that the other countries each have what is known as a "Jinchuuriki,"  which is an individual that has a powerful creature sealed inside of them, in turn making them powerful in their own right. He desires one of these for Makkura should another country come looking for war. Using the Global Monitoring Device in his room of Dark Tower, he comes to see an entire ocean village wiped out by a single person. Ascertaining that the person who did this must have a beast sealed in them, Alec sets off to kidnap them. Using clever means, Alec uses his special eye power to nab the girl without a fight. He takes her back to Makkura so that Destiny, who discovered and occupied a laboratory in Dark Tower's lower levels, can examine her. After the examination, Alec releases her. Alec would next kidnap a young girl named Aeila, daughter of Aisling, who was also a distant relative. It wasn't technically a kidnapping since Aeila wanted to go, but he took her without the permission of Hiroyuki, the Kage of Niwa. Despite kidnapping her, Aeila learns several new techniques in her short stay in Makkura. Aisling eventually comes looking for her.  

Ninja from other villages began to defect and migrate to Makkura. Holeman and Mistukai, feeling neglected in the desert, are among them. Mitsukai's older sister Emiko, a Jinchuuriki, comes with them, as does Kinzoku, an individual known to control "Iron Sand." A prodigy brother and sister duo show up, one of them being a Jinchuuriki, who could manipulate the Earth and had a special way of seeing similar to Holeman's radar. Jr, Alec's son appears, having traveled across countries to look for his family, as does Demi's daughter Nanalie. Jr finds a book in one of Dark Tower's libraries that describes a powerful phoenix in the deserts around Yokuchikagure. Jr and Nanalie travel to the desert and after a short fight, Jr manages to convince the phoenix to merge with him.

After a short visit to other lands where he learned several powerful ninja techniques, Alec returns to find that a person named Saito has appeared and claimed leadership of Makkura. Alec simply laughs at the man, as does family members and most of the villagers. Saito indirectly threatens Alec, and Alec responds by quickly decapitating him. Avery has no desire to become Kage again, so as Jr had recently become more powerful than all of them, the mantle is passed to him, even though most considered Alec the true leader.

Arguably, Makkura becomes the most powerful village on the map. A Kage summit is called in Niwa, requiring the attendance of all village leaders, mostly due to the terrorist acts of The Dark. Jr attends this summit, where he states that The Dark would no longer engage in terrorist acts (mostly because no one was doing anything about them) and attempt to coexist with the rest of the world.  Hiroyuki's father, a man named Kenta Inuzuka, a retired hero, has nothing nice to say to Jr, stating that he was merely a child at the table full of grown ups, that shouldn't feel proud for building up a dump like Makkura, and that Amara, a friend of the family, (and the very female Alec kidnapped from the water village) built up a similar village in half the time. He said the Kane family were jokes and weak, their days were numbered, that they had 2 strikes and a third meant that he would personally come to Makkura and erase it from the map.

Jr responded by saying he wasn't afraid at all. He said the Kanes all grew up in war, and that if he wanted a battle then to bring it on. He then angrily stormed out of the summit to return to Makkura and inform his father and family of what was said. Alec decides to travel to Korikagure with Jr. With interference from another villain named Ranmaru, Alec has Jr transform into the phoenix spirit, known as Hi No Seishin, and blow the village sky high. After this act, nothing is heard of the other villages for 5 years. In this time, Alec and Avery become close. Avery soon gives birth to a girl whom is named Artemis.

Mitsukai and Kinzoku travel across the ocean, where there are more villages. Mitsukai becomes the Kage of another desert village called Sunakagure, with Kinzoku becoming her personal bodyguard.

Alec and Artemis follow them across the ocean. It is in the desert of Sunakagure that Alec comes to find that he is part of a clan that once used a long forgotten and once forbidden technique called "Dark Release." He found it appropriate, being from Makkura and all. There are several other villages on this side of the ocean, with more who talked big but did little to back their words. Slipping back into his villain mentality, Alec bombs a village called Kumokagure. The Raikage, an individual who called himself Daiko, appears and attempts to stop him. After hypnotizing him with his stolen eyes, Alec performs a technique taught to him in his vacation away from Makkura, a sword technique called "Dance of the Crescent Moon." Daiko is struck down and killed. A rouge ninja who had nothing to do with the village or the fight attempts to jump in, but Alec, making use of another ability taught to him called "Lightning Release Armor" which drastically raised his speed and defense, quickly dispatches the rouge by way of decapitation.

A Kage summit is scheduled on this side of the world, but most of the leaders back out due to fear. Alec engages in a minor scuffle on a training ground in Konohagakure, a legendary ninja village. A hopeful in training named Itaden engages into a fight with a female several times stronger than he, and while originally planning on involving himself to deter the female's attention off of Itaden and onto him, Itaden attacks Alec. He is forced to kick Itaden in his head, but doesn't realize the strength of his own kicks, and kills him. The entire village is evacuated upon the realization that Alec is a notorious villain and a wanted criminal. Before leaving, Alec encounters another member of his Dark clan, an individual known as Daruma. As he'd come to find that most of the members of the clan were insane and evil, Alec decides to take no chances and kills him.

Alec moves on, traveling to other unknown areas of the world. His story is continuing...

Rp Sample: With an almost psychotic smile upon his face, it would take but a mere thought to trap the man's mind into an illusion of his choosing, freezing him to the spot, and most likely causing Daiko's clones to poof into smoke clouds.

While the torture of his mind and the breaking of his will would begin, Alec himself created 2 clones. All three of them drew Kane Katanas while either clone spread from the actual Alec in either direction.

"I'll be relieving you of your duties as Raikage, Daiko."

Possibly one of the last things that would reach Daiko's ears. The three Alecs rush toward the Raikage at a nearly blinding speed. With him trapped in such a powerful Genjutsu, there'd be nothing he'd be able to do to avoid what was coming. The actual Alec jumped airborne, while his 2 clones approached from either side.

"Mikazuki no Mai!"

So, were this attack to be successful, it would mark the end for Daiko. The Genjutsu upon his mind making him feel as if he were nailed to the spot, accompanied by the illusion of extreme pain; added onto the actual pain of the attack just executed would prove too much for his mind and body. Unless he had a skilled S-rank medic to perform immediate medical techniques upon his body, as well as therapy upon his psyche, Daiko was a dead man, either due to bleeding or the shock of his mind being broken. Either/or, it didn't much matter. This was the end. The 3 Alecs would slide to a stop, all sheathing their swords at the same time, and his two clones poof into smoke once the weapons were fully housed.

Faceclaim: Riku, Deviantart

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Alec Kane
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