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 Returning you to Mori [Travel, Kura --> Mori][Kurai & Luke]

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PostSubject: Returning you to Mori [Travel, Kura --> Mori][Kurai & Luke]   Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:39 pm

Kurai was on his way to Morigakure with Luke the Missing Nin in tow. Kurai was using his flight technique to keep in the air, while Luke was riding a bat summon. Surprisingly, Luke decided to some along without a fight, while his friend Okami decided to threaten Kurai and pull a sword.

Kurai quickly dealt with him for interfering with village business, even if he were from Mori, and even if he and Luke were old friends. Kurai would explain the situation to Temaki herself. He memorized the rout to Mori from his time first traveling here, so he knew where he was going. Little Kong was on Kurai's back, keeping his eyes on Luke, just in case he tried to make a break for it.

They flew out of the darkness and over the desert. The forests and cool air came next, signaling their entry into the forest lands. Soon the village was in view, and they began their descent.

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PostSubject: Re: Returning you to Mori [Travel, Kura --> Mori][Kurai & Luke]   Mon Dec 21, 2015 6:58 pm

Luke was flying Kōmori with Kurai flying besides him, using some sort of flying technique to keep up with him, the monkey kept to Kurai's back, giving him the stink eye, although Luke had no intention of doing something as stupid as fighting someone he knew he couldn't beat and had no idea the sort of powers that Kurai was backing, so Luke played the smart game instead of a brute's game. He was thankful that Kurai remembered the way to the hidden forest, it had been a while since he had travelled the route, so he kept in line, following him as they travelled over the desert to reach the vast forest that contained the hidden forest. Luke did enjoy the view from above, but eventually, had to follow Kurai down to land in the hidden forest village as he dispelled Kōmori to let him get back to sleep.

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Returning you to Mori [Travel, Kura --> Mori][Kurai & Luke]
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