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 Uchiha Heiwa's Multiple Mission Thread [Thread 3]

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Heiwa Uchiha
Heiwa Uchiha

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PostSubject: Uchiha Heiwa's Multiple Mission Thread [Thread 3]   Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:14 pm

Ninja UPS!:

"Come on, Fa Mulan! Let's hurry to the mission board and see what else we can snatch up! Maybe we'll get something adventurous today!" Heiwa called out to her albino monkey companion. From their bedroom came the sound of an excited chirping sounding noise before the monkey came out and ran over to her. The monkey was dressed in a white shirt which had the Kurayamigakure no Sato village symbol on the back and the front of it: something that the blue and white creature had been wearing with pride since she got it.

Once Fa Mulan was positioned on her back, her preferred spot for when they traveled, Heiwa took off out of the house with a "Be back later on!" called over her shoulder. Her parents were extremly proud of her and the strides she had been making lately as a shinobi, so her coming and going was becoming all too normal and accepted: especially when she was leaving to go do missions and train. At full speed Heiwa ran with Fa Mulan holding on tight around her neck, while also ensuring that she didn't choke her out in the process.

The pair made it to the mission board in plenty of time before it got too crowded. After a quick glance at what all was available Heiwa spotted a quick and well paying D rank mission. Her and Fa Mulan would have to take a package from Hoshi to Hiro. Given that Hoshi was a glass maker who made a variety of beautiful glass products she figured that this meant the package was going to be very valuable and breakable - they were definitely going to have to be careful to make sure that it didn't get broken. "Let's take this one, Fa Mulan. We have to deliver a package for Hoshi to Hiro. Hoshi makes stuff with glass, so it's likely going to be something breakable, so we'll have to be really careful, okay?" The monkey gave out another chirp noise and nodded her head: she could speak the language of humans fairly well, but chose not to, and Heiwa had no intentions of pushing the issue.

The pair, after claiming their D rank mission, left the mission board and headed to the market district where Hoshi would likely be at this time of day. Sure enough as they arrived they found him busy at work molding and sculpting some red hot glass. It was fascinating to watch him work, turning what was essentially a formless glob into something stunningly beautiful. When he was done, and the glass cooling, the pair made their way over. "Hello, Hoshi. Fa Mulan and I heard that you needed a package delivered, we're here to do that for you."

"Ah yes, it needs to go to Hoshi. It's very breakable, so you'll have to be careful.", he instructed before handing the package wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine over. After a nod Heiwa took the package carefully, making sure she had a good grip on it so that it wouldn't slip out of her hands.

"We'll be very careful, Hoshi. We promise." Hoshi nodded to them and then left them to leave as he got back to work sculpting more glass. Heiwa and her monkey companion made quick but careful work in making their way down the street and towards Hiro's house. While they both were have preferred running to get the job done faster they kept at a careful and steady pace to make sure that what was inside of the package didn't break. Soon enough, though, they made it to Hiro's house and after Fa Mulan knocked since Heiwa's hands were full they waited until the door was opened by Hiro. "Package for you, Hiro, from Hoshi.", Heiwa would say before carefully handing it over. Hiro thanked her and she grinned and waved goodbye, as did Fa Mulan, before the pair headed back to the mission board to turn in on another successful task completed and to get their ryo.

Word count: 680 / 100
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Heiwa Uchiha
Heiwa Uchiha

Posts : 132
Ryo : 23195

PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Heiwa's Multiple Mission Thread [Thread 3]   Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:26 pm

Mission – Stop that Thief!:

”What are we getting from the market today, Heiwa Heiwa?”, Fa Mulan asked as she looked up towards Heiwa whom she was walking hand in hand with. Heiwaemis looked down at Fa Mulan, grinned mischievously, and simply shook her head in response. ”Come on, Heiwa Heiwa! I don't like secrets! Tell me! Tell me!”, the monkey continued on, bouncing and walking at the same time in her excitement: she knew enough to know it was a present for her, but she had absolutely no idea what it could be since Heiwaemis had been very careful to keep it a secret.

”If I tell you Fa Mulan it'll ruin the surprise.”, Heiwa responded, chuckling.

”I don't like surprises!”, Fa Mulan whined playfully at Heiwaemis. Heiwaemis just laughed and shook her head.

”You just don't like surprises when you're not in on them. But, you're not going to be able to get me to give it up. You'll just have to wait until we get there.” Fa Mulan grew silent as the pair continued to walk deeper into the market proper: Fa Mulan was now too busy contemplating what it was that Heiwaemis could have gotten her to bother commenting again. It was a guessing game, one that the monkey was enjoying rather well.

Heiwaemis glanced down at Fa Mulan as they neared the stall they were heading towards and could only shake her head and chuckle again: the monkey looked deep in thought. As they neared the owner of the shop they were headed towards spotted them and waved. He turned, picking up a white box that was roughly four inches deep, four inches wide, and ten inches tall. As they reached the stall Heiwaemis reached into her pocket and pulled out the ryo she owed the man for this special order and then took the box and handed it to Fa Mulan. The monkey opened it excitedly to find a small stuffed kangaroo toy. Fa Mulan gasped, screeched, and began to bounce up and down in between doing both front and back flips in the air. ”Heiwa Heiwa! I love it! I love it, Heiwa Heiwa! Thank you! Thank you!” The monkey jumped up to Heiwaemis who caught her and hugged her.

”You're very welc--”

”Stop! Stop that thief! Please somebody stop him!” Heiwaemis was cut off mid sentence by the shouting, and quick look in the proper direction showed her that it was coming from the shop owner nearby who sold expensive jewelry. The shop owner was pointing towards a man wearing all black who was fleeing with a handful of what Heiwaemis assumed to be jewelry that he had just snatched and grabbed. Fa Mulan jumped off of Heiwaemis immediately and took to the stall's roof tops while Heiwaemis bobbed and weaved instantly through the crowd. The pair had been working together a lot recently, and because of this they were easily able to now work together.

Heiwaemis glanced at Fa Mulan who was keeping an eye on the thief from up top, and the monkey – knowing what she was looking for – pointed the thief's direction out. Heiwaemis headed in that direction, bobbing and weaving through the people with glances up towards the monkey who was following from up above and providing constant feedback of directions. And then Heiwaemis spotted him with his own eyes and quickly tackled him; restraining him easily enough given their strength difference. ”You're in a lot of trouble buddy...”, Heiwaemis spoke while Fa Mulan went to locate the nearest market guard. The pair arrived back within seconds and Heiwaemis made the hand off after removing the jewels from the man's pockets where he had stashed them while running. ”You can have him, and I'll go return these.” The guard nodded and Heiwaemis took off towards the jewelry stall owner. Upon arrival she handed over the merchandise. ”I hope this is it; I don't think he dropped anything while running. You won't have to worry about him again.”

”Nope, not again!” Fa Mulan chimed in from beside her.

”Thank you very much, both of you. This is all of it., the man said as he took back his jewelry and gave it all a quick inspection.

”You're welcome. Glad we could help. Come on Fa, let's get some fruit, kay?” She reached her hand out which Fa Mulan took as she nodded and the pair walked away.

Word Count: 912 / 250
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Heiwa Uchiha
Heiwa Uchiha

Posts : 132
Ryo : 23195

PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Heiwa's Multiple Mission Thread [Thread 3]   Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:28 pm

Protection Mission - Escort the Ninja:

"Come on, Fa. I don't want to be late.", Heiwa called out to her monkey companion who was busy in the other room doing only the god's knew what.

"One second, almost done.", Fa Mulan called back. Seconds later the albino monkey appeared and climbed right up on Heiwa' back, which had been her usual perch when she was much younger, but which she still liked to use from time to time when she didn't feel up to walking. "What are we doing again, today?"

"We have to escort the leader of a minor village back home since he's done meeting with Alec Kane. It's not supposed to be dangerous, but Alec Kane thinks it'd be better if he had someone to go with him just in case."

"That makes sense. Given his position of power he's likely worth a bit of ryo."

"That's exactly what I think Alec Kane was thinking too. Plus, it betters village relations."

"Eww, politics. Enough said." Fa Mulan stuck her tongue out; she didn't like village politics at all. The monkey, for as smHeiwa as she was and as well versed as she was in everything, keeping it simple was still the best. She preferred to be handing bad guys their asses instead of worrying about shmoozing up to another village and making nice. Heiwa happened to agree, but she hadn't voiced it given who all she lived with. Heiwa simply laughed and walked out of the house and to the meeting point which happened to be right at the north most village gate.

When they arrived Heiwa looked around as Fa Mulan climbed down from her back. Their escortee hadn't arrived yet which was all well and good because it gave them a moment or two to talk and work out a plan of action. "Fa, while we're escorting him I want you to keep to the trees as much as possible; the way you can move through them so smoothly will work wonders and give us a height advantage over the area. I'll be to the right of our escortee so my dominate hand is free at all times in case the need for action arises. Alright?" Fa Mulan nodded, hopping up and down in place; she was excited to get going.

Shortly afterward their escortee arrived wearing tradiational leader - not kage mind you but close enough - robes. "Hello, I'm Heiwa and this is Fa Mulan. We'll be your escorts today."

"Ah, splendid. A lovely young lady to converse with, and a lovely young monkey too.", the escortee teased lightly; he meant no offense as the twinkle in his eye and his playful voice dictacted, so neither female was insulted in the least. Heiwa simply chuckled and Fa Mulan hid her face in mild embarassment before taking to the trees like they had discussed.

"Fa Mulan will be our eyes from above while we walk. I'd like you to keep to my left please, this way my dominate hand is free."

"Alright, sounds like a plan. Are you expecting trouble?"

"No, but I prefer to be safe instead of sorry."

"Brains too? Splendid."

Much of the trip went without cause or incident; gentle and light chatter, some mild flirting which was so innocent and harmless that Heiwa couldn't even be insulted or irritated by it. It wasn't until they got near the escortee's village gates that a warning came from above in the form of a monkey like chirp. Heiwa threw her hand out, stilling her escortee who took one look at the kunai now in her hand and knew he had to keep silent.

From behind them she heard footsteps and turned in their direction as Fa Mulan dipped deeper into the trees shadows; if she hadn't been spotted then she would use her position for a sneak attack. "How stupid are you? Traveling out here with only one bodyguard, and a woman at that.", one of the two spoke.

Heiwa took a moment to look them over; they didn't look all that strong - she placed them at genin level strength. They also didn't look to be heavily armed; though she could assume they likely had some sort of projectile weapons at aleast on them. The most prominent trait of course was that both of the Kurayami hitai-ate they wore had a slash mark through them, marking them as missing-nin. "You shouldn't talk like that to the lady, she might kick your asses.", her escortee responded; he too had caught on to the fact that they hadn't mentioned the monkey, and he knew better than to bring it up.

"If she's so great then can she dodge this?!" One of the two shouted, suddenly slipping a kunai from its sheath and flinging it at Heiwa. Heiwa simply caught it between her index and middle finger, flipped it up into the air, and as it came back down she spun to pick up momentum before kicking the handle of the kunai and causing the thing to go speeding right back towards its owner. Given their lack of training there was no dodging the kunai that lodged itself into the genins eye, killing him before his body even dropped to the ground. Before the remaining missing nin could respond Fa Mulan launched herself from her hiding spot, kunai in hand as well, and landed on the genin. She made quick work of slitting his throat open, and was off of him again before the blood could even begin to squirt out. The remaining missing nin was dead seconds later, laying in a pool of his own blood.

"Well, can't say I didn't warn them, right?", came the voice of the escortee whom was now looking at both Heiwa and the monkey with fascination in his eyes. Heiwa nodded with shrug of her shoulders, and then nodded towards the village. "Go ahead and get inside before anyone else shows up. I need to get back and report this, and get someone to handle the bodies."

She would wait long enough for her escortee to get inside before her and Fa Mulan would take off back to Kurayami, and off to report in on what had happened as well as the two bodies left behind which would definitely need cleaned up properly.

Word Count: 1,044 / 250
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PostSubject: Re: Uchiha Heiwa's Multiple Mission Thread [Thread 3]   

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Uchiha Heiwa's Multiple Mission Thread [Thread 3]
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