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 Kurayamigakure's History

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Kurayamigakure's History Empty
PostSubject: Kurayamigakure's History   Kurayamigakure's History EmptyTue Dec 22, 2015 12:21 am

Kurayamigakure is likely the strangest of the villages; the sun has never been known to shine here, though the exact reasons are unknown. The village was originally established nearly three hundred years ago by a criminal organization named Akumu. This organization used the village as its outpost for nearly ten years while attempting to build up a private army: their soul purpose was to rule the entire world, and have their hands in every shinobi village. They got quite successful, which the village showed as it grew bigger and bigger in size throughout the years that Akumu reigned. The organization was wiped out, however, and the village all but abandoned save for the low life and scum that chose to call it home.

Over time, a newer, smaller group of people come along, calling themselves "The Headbands." While ruling the village through fear and extortion, some of the group pick up where Akumu left off, experimenting on people in hidden labs around the village in an attempt to create super humans.

This rule would last nearly 10 years, with residents of Kurayamigakure scared to even set foot outside of their own front doors, until a new group arrived, lead by Alec Kane. He and his friends and family systematically exterminate each member of The Headbands, rescue captives who'd lived their lives as experiments, and bring the village back from the brink, turning it into a proper hidden village. (Complete story here. )

Alec takes over as the Kuraikage. Renovations are still underway...
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Kurayamigakure's History
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