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 Curse of Hatred [Private - Luke or Invite]

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PostSubject: Curse of Hatred [Private - Luke or Invite]   Tue Dec 22, 2015 3:54 am

Okami woke up, ready. Getting his gear out, he donned his...No. He didn't need armor for this. It had gotten him into enough trouble anyway. Wearing his usual gear, sword in place, he stepped out into the village from the rowan tree he called home. Today would be different. Today, he would take down Luke. Walking out into a wide, open area in the training grounds, he was sure that it would be there that he would find the shinobi. Or rather, that Luke would find him. He waited until he caught the man approaching, waiting for the right opportunity to speak.

"Luke, I know you're there. Come out, you bastard. We have unfinished business, you and I."
Okami snapped. He wasn't his normal cheery self, and he hadn't been for years. It had just gotten worse now that he nearly joined his beloved in the afterlife. Luke would notice this, and also notice the odd body behavior he would put out. It was too fluid to be normal, almost as if he had trained since the last time they met. Spinning around, Okami would face Luke, ponytail whipping him in the back as it spun lazily around. Staring the man in the eyes, Okami would continue. "Last time we talked, you made fun of me. You reminded me of my Genin squad. You know, the one whose deaths you made light of before you left? I want to finish this. Let's spar like we used to."

It would be clear to Luke that Okami wasn't bluffing. He wouldn't walk away like he used to when Luke picked on him. He wouldn't let himself get beaten. He had changed a lot since his Academy days, and it showed in his face. The scars were only the tip of the iceberg. His face was stern, harsher than normal, accentuating the handsome, wolf-like features he possessed. Waiting for Luke's response, he would frown, another sign that something was off. Okami never frowned. Ever.
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PostSubject: Re: Curse of Hatred [Private - Luke or Invite]   Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:26 am


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Luke had sat himself on the academy building, a place he came for peace and quiet since back at the academy, few people could get up here, so for the most part, he was left alone. Luke always did enjoy wanting the sun rise up through the tree leaves, it had this most pleasent of aesthetics that only nature could provide. But, as yet many things, the peace was interupted by someone rather annoying; someone from Luke's past who ended up with a short temper and fewer brains then he would like to admit. He might be good, but he was lacking the intelligence part of ninja work, after all, he was one to show off those flash jutsus of his.

Luke simply, as always, looked down at him, this time literally looked down at him as well. Seeing how angry he was, he wasn't at all surprised, although he was interested to see he had left the armour behind and Luke chuckled a little; whether or not Okami wanted to admit it, Luke's taunting during yesterday's capture mission threw him off, caused by Luke's manipulation of his feelings and ending up with having Kurai fight for him. He had hoped that Okami would have leant some humility, but he had presumed wrong and was disappointed by it.

"To what business do you refer to? as far as I am concerned, our "business" last night was already concluded with Kurai beating you and taking the reward for himself, you should have seen the size of the reward on my head in ryo as your beloved Harukage gave that to the one who gave you a beating and more. But, let's say I'm curious, to what business have you come for?" Luke would start telling Okami from seemingly nowhere before leaping down from the shade he hid in on top of the academy building and leapt down to the training ground, asking what Okami had come for, to which he got the stink eye for his trouble as Okami explained about his genin squad and how he had made light of them before he had left with Kurai, asking to finish this and to spar with him. Luke laughed at him a little before giving him a serious look.

"Whether you like it or not, a squad leader who couldn't even protect his own genin has no right to call himself a jonin in my book, I'm more surprised you haven't been demoted for such a act; your brash, hot headedness is what got them killed, if you had any brains, they might be still alive today, whether you try to blame someone else for it isn't my call, but at the end of the day, you have only yourself to blame. And, if I recall correctly, "we" never even started the fight since Kurai handed your ass to you, but if your so desperate to spar, let's do it old school," Luke said with a cool intelligence; he thought that at least he had made some valid points and would keep such things in mind before he would walk into the academy building and return, moments later with two wooden practice swords, the ones used by the students and genin to practice Kenjutsu if there were in that class or wanted to train it as a speciality. He would toss one to Okami and keep the other in hand.

"So, come at me then, Okami or are you not prepared to strike at me with a wooden stick?" Luke called out to him mockingly, taking up a guarded position to prepare for a incoming attack.
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Curse of Hatred [Private - Luke or Invite]
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