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Name: Jiro inazuma (Jiro meaning "Second Son" and Inazuma meaning Lightning)

Former names:
Alias: The Shadow Shinobi/The Demon of Kurayamigakure (formerly), now the "Hidden forest's lightning devil"
Age: 11
Birthdate: June 6th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Transgender (Male-to-Female)/Gay
Rank: Genin

Village: Morigakure/Hidden Forest village
Element(s): Lightning style and Fire style
Specialties: Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu
Special Characteristics:

Name: Demonic-like pupils
Type: 1
Description: A birth mutation gave Luke's pupils a sharp, lizard-like appearance, along with the unnatural red eye color, they give Luke a demonic appearance. However, he can control this, but if he gets angry or serious (like in a fight), his "demon eyes" return and stay like that till the fight is over or he's calmed down. This might be mistaken for a Dojutsu, but its simply Luke's birth mutation. This has now been past onto Jiro, but without the control.


Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 78 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
General Description:
Jiro, as from the basic appearance, is a short yet appears soft and almost effeminate in terms of his body structure, leading to many underestimating him as a weaker opponent. However this cannot be further from the truth as he many not appear to be packing many muscles on the outside, he has now decent core muscles, meaning he can be a lot stronger then his physical appearance will lead people to believe as he's able to defend himself from people much bigger then he is.

From this, He has blood red eyes; a rare trait outside of a dojutsu which the pupils change to lizard-like slits when donning his mask. They normally appear sad and if anyone was emotionally sensitive (like Hinata for example) could see that he carries a great burden and pain within him and something that he struggles with everyday from the suffering he has seen. He has a soft facial shape, which fits with his effeminate appearance, but can be referred to as "cute yet handsome". His hair is soft, covering his left eye sometimes while also possessing two little horns on his head, although they appear to be horns, they are in fact hair that appear to be such.

In terms of his outfit, he wears a black karate Gi with red outlines with a large, red silk obi that wraps around his waist as a gift from his mother as a way to keep her close while he's away from the village. He also uses this to keep a wakizashi attached to it. The Wakizashi has a black wrapping and sheath and has a unique guard of six thin, but wide flat rods, around in a star-like formation with a thin ring around it to keep it all together. Near the spacer (the small bronzer clip between the blade and the guard) on the blade itself, is kanji for "Zetsubō no Sākuru" (Crushing Despair) etched into the blade. He wears his ninja headband around his forehead or around his left shoulder.

When in female form or the form he desires more then any; "she" shrinks down a little to be at six foot exactly, gaining buxom curves and D-cup breasts. Her hair is done in a 1940's style with long flowing curls and two horn-shaped pigtails down either side, behind her head. These pigtails are wrapped in red silk to keep them together. In this form, her outfit changes little, only enough to adapt to her new feminine features, but she does gain a black bra and panties with red frilly lace around them. She also wears long black soaks with frilly ends and a bow on them and either flats with bows on them or black and red high heels with similarly coloured bows on them. She can also change her outfit to a black swimsuit with a bow at the front, covering the breasts or a black and red babydoll if she's eager to seduce a target.

About You!
Once upon a time, Luke grew up as a carefree and happy kid. He was eventually made to grow up and mature in the harsh environment of his crime ridden village, becoming distant but never loosing his desire to help others, leading to him helping those boys and even when he was made to watch both himself and the boys get beat up, it only made his resolve to help greater. Growing into a man, he acts respectful and gentlemanly, but also with a subconscious distant to others as from the ninja academy, he felt alienated from his peers, but his high intelligence and great skills lead to him coming across as arrogant or acting superior to his peers, however, he just preferred to be alone instead of getting into a large crowd that wanted to be around him, something about how emos are hot in some strange way.

There was a time where he considered his team mates and others like family and he still does care a lot for innocent people, especially those who cannot fight back and hates when someone attacks people who clearly cannot defend themselves. However, during that fateful mission, he resolved to never again work with anyone, not out of hatred of having team mates to replace his old ones, but because he feels responsible for the murder of his fallen team mates and friends he had grown up with and will argue angrily if he is forced to do so as he cannot emotionally and mentally cope with loosing another team mate or even the possibility of killing them himself.

Luke also is transgender; desperate for a female body and enjoys his female body in his succubus jutsu, wishing it could last forever, but since without one specific criteria being met, he returns to normal and has lead to self loathing of himself and hates to see his still male body in a mirror. He does deal with it by wearing women's underwear under his regular uniform, cross dressing in private and in some occasions, replaces his boots with his feminine flats. He's also attracted to males due to him believing himself to be a girl, feels its only right for a girl to seek out a attractive male to have as a boyfriend and future lover. However, he doesn't mind seducing a woman if its necessary for a mission, but will show displeasure afterwords, showing he doesn't enjoy having to "act like a man" in that regard.

He's quite intelligent and analytical; able to understand things relatively quickly and tends to think before acting as well as seeing details others would pass by; however, he does get critical when observing both his own appearance and how he sees things. In combat, he prefers speed over strength; using kenjutsu and his high speed technique; Kageoni Kōtei to take care of enemies. As for his jutsus, he goes for lightning styles as main jutsu style to relay on, then fire. He uses Lightning style as a defensive style, either radiating it to get people off or channelling it through his sword or objects to either enhance his offensive capabilities or to lay electrical traps. He uses fire style offensively for more large scale destruction and more offensively focused.

and In many ways, Jiro shares a similar personality, but due to him loosing some of his earlier memories and his death; he wishes to "make up for lost time" and try to have a better childhood then his "other self" had


Luke Yasenha was born in the Hidden Dark Village into the Yasenha clan, he grew up there, often inside his head to pass the time as he watched birds pass his home. He did not mind the odd looks people gave him at that age of his strange demon-like eyes, although he saw people talking in whispers as he passed them and the other kids didn't want to play with him due to the "weird eyes" he had, meaning he was for the most part left alone.

One day, during an outing, he spotted some kids getting beaten up by some older kids, Luke went to stop them, only to get a punch to the gut and forced onto his knees by one of the gang member, who then forced him to watch them beat the living daylights out of the kids he tried to save until some Ninja on patrol came along and chase them away and arrested them, taking the kids that were beaten up to a local medical station to be healed using medical ninjustu.

After that day, Luke vowed to become a ninja to protect those who could not protect themselves, entering the academy in Morigakure to learning the ways of the ninja outside of his crime ridden village at the time. he spent ten years at the academy, becoming a somewhat popular student due to his ability to quickly learn jutsu and his somewhat unreachable attitude, this was because he wanted to be left alone since he disliked the attention that his popularity caused him so he more than once left people to be alone as he couldn't handle that many people and more then often, a teacher would come to console him as they were concerned that even though some could call him a genius, he had self-loathing and depression which keep him from making many friends from the academy, he spent a total of seven years in the academy, more then he needed to in order to vastly improve his mental performance, even though he passed the final exam without a problem, he continued to study to better improve himself, finishing his extended learning when he was fourteen years old, he then took the chuunin exam the following year with his two teammates, a Hyūga member who was one of his few friends at the academy for his excellent ability in his clans technique and dojustu and the other was a female taijustu master, although she was normally quite annoying happy and overenthusiastic, she could more then hold her own in a fight, they managed to complete the first two exams was relative ease before reaching the preliminaries, when Luke faced off against a genin with excellent fire style abilities, but, after a climatic final blow, Luke was victorious and made it to the finals when once again, he was force to use his tactics to defeat his opponents, even the point of using his most power jutsus and all of his training to pull through and win both for and with his team.

After his promotion to chuunin, he lead a squad of genin through different D & C rank missions, making sure his team was ready before he were given a B-rank infiltration mission, his first solo mission, he took off for a brothel where, according to informants, the leader of a high stakes slave trader was staying for the night for some good times as he had a weakness for beautiful and buxom women of the brothel, Luke then used a special version of one of his techniques to turn himself into a women, with a voluptuous body, D-cup, hourglass figure, nicely peach tanned skin, long black hair with two longer versions of his horn hair extensions coming down either side from the back of his head while her long, silky smooth hair ran in the middle of the two horn pigtails, now also with two large bat wings, enough to support flight and a tail with a tri-pronged end, sharp enough to cut flesh and stone, he also modified his clothes so his normal karate Gi was exposing his abdomen and his back but still keeping the sides, while his trousers changed into a black skirt that reach only to where his now smooth knees came to while changing the haori into a jacket of the same color, he also gave himself black bra and panties with matching red lace.

Confident his body was ready, s/he walked into the brothel, where partying was in full swing, there was wild love making to if the cries and moans of pleasure were anything to go by, s/he found herself at the attention of her target who came up to her, being rather flirty with her, so he came onto him in the most seductive way he knew how, wrapping his arms around this man's neck and taking him out the party and into a bedroom where he seemed to enjoy having a different kind of women in her chambers, having never seeing a women with bat wings and a tail before before he went down on him, servicing him before letting him take her, letting the pleasure of being united with a man take hold of her for a few minutes before she pulled her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss so while he was kissing her, she sent her tail into his neck, killing him almost instantly, he got to see the sadistic look on her face before he fell onto the bed, dead, she got off his now dead body, getting dressed again and cleaning her tail before locking the door behind her, making sure no one would know until she was far away and she had deactivated his technique.

he continued these missions for some time and once returning back to his own village, now possessing a functioning ninja village system, including a academy. His exploits away had caught the attention of the Kuraikage, who decided to reward him for his efforts by promoting him to jounin, he now continues doing missions either solo or with his team of genin as he teaches them to ways of ninja, while also teaching classes at the academy, teaching advanced ninjustu techniques or the arts of seducing a man or women and the benefits it has to ninja missions.

However, things came to a tragic end after a simple misunderstand lead to him being marked as a missing-nin, where he was forced to fight for his life, eventually being taken in my Kurai after he defeated Okami Uchiha. He was taken back to the Harukage for trail, but before his sentence could be carried out, he was mercilessly killed by Rin, husband of the Harukage, simply for calling his wife dear and for making what would prove to be a valid point about his capacity as a ninja before having his head cut off.

But, it seemed like even beyond the grave, his will to live remained and, after finding an unknown source of power, was granted a new life and a chance to start again from the beginning, in this case, literally. As Luke had been recreated into his eleven year old body, but having lost the memories of that encounter with the source and damaged memories of his past, he would awaken as Jiro. Having first having his "what the hell, I'm a child?!" moment at the base of the tree, once he had calm down, realized this was probably for the best as he had a chance to start his life again while also vowing to seek revenge on the man who killed him in cold blood and to be reunited with his original parents.

RP sample:

Luke was heading out of the hidden dark village; the kuraikage himself had asked that Luke do some missions for the hidden dark and Luke understood that although the kuraikage made him a A-rank jonin, he hadn't done any missions for the village since returning from the hidden forest village, where he had spent many years learning the way of the ninja. He remembered one of his fellow genin that he used to see from the hidden forest's academy: Okami Uchiha. He was skilled, but Luke sometimes like to make fun of him since he seemed to like running away then facing his opponents. Although that was a long time ago or at least, it felt that way to Luke. It really amazed him how all that time past, remembering things he did as a child and thinking about the time growing up in the hidden forest village, away from the hell of his true home, the hidden dark village, which wasn't even a ninja village when he left as it was controlled by gangs, thugs and anyone who would kill you six days to sunday if you even looked them wrong, but fortunately, thanks to the kuraikage and the new ninjas of the hidden dark village, they took back their home and brought it back to what it should be as one of the major ninja villages of the world they lived in now. It was funny to think that the rest of the world enjoy three hundred years of peace while the hidden dark village rotted in crime, murder and brutality that only heard of when in the hidden forest village and in a way, recent the peace of the other villages that they had a stable way of life compared to what the hidden dark village used to be.

But it mattered little now, Luke was eager to rebuild the village, make it into a place worth living for and he was determined to do just that, no matter what the cost of such a thing would mean for him, even his own life. He had packed some supplies in a couple of bum bags that fit on his red silk obi which also doubled as a utility belt of sorts as it held by his sword and the bags on his back, it would do till they reached the village of Jigoku no ana; a place not many visited due to it being the home to a crime lord and a decent force of guards at his beck and call. From what he was aware of for this mission, he was to infiltrate the village and find the hidden dark's wolf in sheep's clothing as it were and to bring him the Intel both from the village and anything else that he learns from the time here. Luke had tortured before and he almost enjoyed it in a sadistic kind of way; playing psychological games on people and if that didn't work, a show of force and if the show didn't work, the performing of the show was almost a guarantee way to get information or it ended up in the informant's death, but normally, there were always more people who held the information he desired, the only question was which one would snap the easiest and the quickest.

He made his way to a lake, where a few lone wooden cabins sat under the ever dark sky as these cabins were rented out to any who wished to spend the night by the lake. The said lake with the forest surrounding them and the never ending night made it a somewhat popular spot for romantic couples to come and spend a nice and normally quiet evening in the romance set by the surroundings. Luke had rented one of those cabins as a midway point and had paid in advance. The land lord seemed quite relieved to see the hidden dark shinobi as his presence alone might scare of any would-be bandits from attacking the place. He settled into the two bed cabin with the view of the lake and forest as he put down his supply bag and his equipment bag on the bedside table and sat on the chair that faced the window. There was minimum lighting in the cabin with candles to help with the mood, but Luke was keeping a eye out for the hidden forest's uchiha, who was meant to meet him here for the mission ahead.
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