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 Tsukino, Kohaku

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Tsukino, Kohaku Magi___jafar_by_moonu17-d50kgz8

Name: Tsukino, Kohaku
Age: 8
Birthdate: May 16th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: [???]
Rank: D-Rank

Village: Wanderer
Element(s): Kohakuton [Amber Release]
Specialties: Ninjutsu
Special Characteristics:
Kohakuton (Amber Release):

Height: 4'6
Weight: 100lbs
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Golden
General Description: Small, but not weak; Kohaku is definitely the product of his parents. He and his sister are like mirror images of their families; with Kohaku taking after his father in many ways. He carries the same desert features, but with the far paler skin of his mother. His silver hair is a bit odd, as neither of his parents have such light coloration, but it is his, and he rather likes it. his golden eyes scream his father, but there is a angle to his eyes that is more his mother than not. He dresses much as any other child of the desert, covering most of his skin during the day in order to protect himself from the harsh sun and biting sands. His normal attire is usually solid white in color, with emerald and golden trim, and a hat very similar to what the local scholars and specialist scribes wear. The hat has a draping tail that hangs down across the back of Kohaku's neck and down to hi lower back, with a single ruby-colored crystal hanging from a point in the front, centered roughly in the middle of his forehead, just above his browline. Beneath his clothing, he wraps his body in thick bandages, a habit more than anything, although it does help to protect his fair skin from the sun and desert extremes.

About You!
Personality: A happy child, Kohaku shares a lust for knowledge that seems to run heavily in his family; in another life he would have been a scribe, or a priest; but he was training to be a ninja, same as his father. He was a endless black hole for knowledge, which make his many relatives extremely happy, as he would spend hours sitting in rapt attention listing to ever story and song he possibly could. He would beg his mother and older sister for more stories at bedtime, he and his twin would sneak as many books and scrolls as they could during naps and 'play' time, sneaking out late at night to watch his parents training and discussing philosophy and what not. He has never found a point of being satisfied, he craved information and knowledge in all forms; demands to experience the world as much as he can. He has always been this way, and he strives to know everything he possibly can. Beyond this, he is a rather normal child: giving him toys that allow him to learn and discover new things brings out his inner child, and he becomes very similar to others his age. He does love to play and frolic and have fun, and he has his odd quirks when it comes to food and all that. All in all, he is normal, or as normal as you can be given his family and his life.

History: Born deep in the high desert, Kohaku is the child of two worlds; neither of both, yet belonging to all. His parents are outcasts, traitors to their homeland and wanted on trumped up charges that are so painfully fake that no village outside of their former home believes them. Kohaku doesn't know this, all he knows is that he is happy, and his family is massive and loving and kind. He was born and raised in a happy life, full of laughter and light and fun and everything his parents could have ever wanted for him. He and his twin sister, Misaki, have spent their short eight years investigating all they could find; while she was more of a slightly normal child, he has and will always be the consummate scholar. From his earliest memories he has been buried in books and scrolls and everything he could find that would help him learn more. His parents dotted on him heavily in this regard, his father's great goal in life was to bring knowledge and truth to the world, and it seemed his only son was poised to inherit that drive; in his own way.

Born between the times of sandstorms and monsoon, the twins where the blessing their parents never thought they would have; after the heartache and pain that had surrounded the birth of their first child, the sheer ease of the experience with the twins was a welcome relief. With no danger of the children being taken, they where able to experience what their older sister was not; a normal (relatively speaking) childhood. They existed within the realm of Yokuchi, born to the desert and of the bloodlines of the ancient sands, but they were not to be part of the village's power and might. Trained by their parents and elder sister; they grew to be strong children, in might and body; and had they been given to Yokuchi, they would have been considered valuable assets. They were that, anyway; however the current leadership of the Desert Gem understood the reasoning why the children were not put into the general population with the rest of the children, and respected Raijin and Ai's decision thusly. It did help that Raijin and Ai where on excellent terms with Kin and Sephora, and as the leadership of Yokuchi respected the claim to nobility of Raijin's people, the powers that be did not wish to offend their populace by attempting to take the children away; even given Raijin and Ai's status as wanted criminals in an 'allied' village.

RP Sample: "Sister! Come down from the tree, before you hurt yourself!" He was standing in the deep shade of the orchard, it was a clan compound that was protected, so them being above ground and without their sister or a cousin to watch them wasn't an issue; however that didn't mean that they couldn't still get into trouble. Misaki was always more adventurous than he was, and she was gone and climbed into a high tree and gotten stuck, or so he saw. In reality, she was perfectly capable of getting down, but he still worried for her, and he didn't want them to get in trouble for misbehaving.

"Come up here, Brother! I can see over the walls!"

"Sister! You're going to get us in trouble!" He was fidgeting where he stood, arms full of the scrolls they where supposed to be studying in during their free time. Or rather, that he wanted to study; while she wanted him to play. "Please Sister, before Mother comes to get us!"

"You worry too much, Brother.~ Is it not learning for us to see the world beyond the walls?"

"That's not the same, Sister! You're going to get hurt climbing that high!"

"Peace, Brother.~ I will come down when I have had my fill of the view. Join me!"

"He will not, Misaki. Get down, before I have to get you myself." Raijin had appeared, literally out of nowhere. His speed was legendary, and he used it to surprise his children all the time. "Must I fetch you, or will you come down?"

"Father! I want to see!"

"Father, I tried to call her down..."

"I know, Son. I heard you talking. Misaki! If you come down, I will take you both to the top of the walls after supper."

"Yay!" She was down the tree and hugging his leg in an instant; speed ran in the family after all, and while Kohaku was a bit of worry-wort sometimes, they where both fast and agile and very good at moving around the world.

"Father, will we ever get to visit the world beyond the walls?" Kohaku was hugging Raijin's other leg now, knowing their Father they would end up riding on his feet as they headed back into the main house of the compound for a family supper.

"Soon, my Children. We will be moving across the desert and into the Golden Plains, then beyond into the deep jungles. You will see the world, my Little Ones; I promise."

Contented with this, they children merely cheered and begged for their father to walk them in; it was a game they played where they would sit on his feet while he walked and he would move as fast as he could without hurting them; which given his strength and speed was fairly quickly. The game was on, and they where happy one more.

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Tsukino, Kohaku
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