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 Oracle of Dawn - Game of Thrones RP (Staff Needed)

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PostSubject: Oracle of Dawn - Game of Thrones RP (Staff Needed)   Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:22 pm

After the Targaryens created the iron throne, all of the other great houses realized how much of a threat they were to this world. The targaryens and their dragons could threaten westeros and the existance of the human kind. All of the Lord agreed upon themselves that they should work together to annihilate the Targaryens. It took them a year to fully kill all of the Targaryens.

After this full on war against the Targaryens, the decisions of which house would hold the iron throne is yet in decision. Every lord wanted this title, yet only one could have it. All 8 Lords worked together, but now enemies would have to be made. People would betray each other and more war will come. All of this for an iron throne, not everything is about a title though. You are a character in the midst of the chaos, your decisions are up to you and how you play your character. Good luck my friend, you'll need it. Only the strong prevail.

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Oracle of Dawn - Game of Thrones RP (Staff Needed)
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