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Clan Name: Itachi [Weasel]
Location: Unknown
History: The Itachi clan was once known by another name now long forgotten to time itself. The clan has been around for centuries, though in the past several decades has nearly completely disappeared. Long ago they used to teach their skills and abilities to any who came seeking their guidance but after being betrayed, and several of the clan being killed off due to this, they went into hiding once more.
Now it takes extreme skill, and willingness to catch their eye as well as a good heart. All who attempt to reach this clan will find themselves being judged by Kama: those who pass will be given great gifts and skills, those who fail however will likely face death.
Description of clan ability: Weasels are a cunning animal; quick and fast, with a great deal of perception. When the clan member enters sage mode they likewise gain these animal like perks. (Raises Speed and Perception and Chakra to a maximum of SSS-1 rank (At Master Rank)).
Whether during Sage Mode or not the members of this clan have a constant passive wind shield that protects them against danger: this is due to the Itachi clan being heavy users of Fuuton.
Passive Wind Shield:
Members of this clan are also given a giant folding fan which must be carried with them to be used for their summoning (this does not need to be on them for them to enter Sage Mode, only for them to summon the weasels).
Giant Folding Fan:

Drawbacks:  Sage Mode can be used indefinitely, with the drawback of having to cooldown and recuperate for every post used. During the cooldown period, the user's skills and stats are decreased to B rank. The only way to get around this recuperation period is by prepping the sage mode ahead of time: in which case you would be able to be in sage mode for exactly the number of posts you prepped it for.
To summon any member of this clan the user must have their Giant Folding Fan with them (an item that is given to them freely from the clan and which ranks with them) and must cut themselves and smear a bit of the blood on the fan before summoning can be attempted.
Quick Beheading Dance:
Summon: Kama:
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