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 Kensei Uchiha

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PostSubject: Kensei Uchiha   Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:58 am

Name: Kensei Uchiha
Age: 15
Birthdate: May 21
Sexuality:  Bisexual
Clan: Uchiha || Uzumaki
Rank: Chuunin

Village: Morigakure
Element(s): Raiton | Katon
Specialties: Weapon Tech [Kenjutsu/Kyuujutsu base] | Fuinjutsu [+1 to Fuinjutsu power]
Special Characteristics: 



Hair Color:Red with short spikes swept backwards
Eye Color:Gold
General Description: Kensei is a tall man with red hair that spikes backwards in a windswept way. While most of his hair is red, a portion of it in the back is brown. A noticeable trait of his appearance is the mask he wears, which obscures his eyes and upper face. This mask is whitish-tan with red, Japanese style, flame-like symbols decorating the front, brown beast-like-ear pieces of cloth on the top of both sides, and two slits on each side, presumably to allow for vision

Kensei wears a long-sleeved black trench coat with slit sleeves and more red designs and a white symbol on the left side. His trench coat is red on the inside with red flame-like accents at the bottom and a large emblem on the back, with a white tulip design covered by a red rose design.
He wears long black pants and black shoes that are red on the bottom, and black gloves with more red emblems on their forehand, appearing to be a variant of the Greek letter Ω (Omega), the last letter in the Greek alphabet.
He wears a black belt with white domino marks on it. His appearance generally consists of black and red.

About You!
Personality:  Basic/Social:
"Please, do not mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, nor my kindness for weakness."

Kensei is a quiet individual, an introverted and reflective soul. He does not speak unless spoken to, nor does he speak without thinking first. The outcome of this patient approach to socializing is often a witty remark, or wise saying. Even then, his responses are short. His voice is soft, almost fragile, as if he is shy. His quietness often sets him apart. His elders often said that he would grow up to be "the strong, silent type". He is a thinker, not in the battle sense, but philosophical, due to the teachings that the monks of the Monastary instilled in him. He’s polite and even gracious, particularly to people who treat him with respect. Those who do not treat him this way or those who insult him should know he will not hesitate to spit words of venom and bile in response and, when necessary, punch out a few teeth.


"Remember that guy that gave up? Yea, neither does anybody else."

Kensei takes his training seriously. There have been many a time that he's gone out to train in the morning and not returned until well after sunset. While not power-hungry like most of his kin, he does believe in pushing himself past his limits. He lives by the philosiphy of "If you place limits on yourself, then they will spread over into the rest of your life. There are no limits; hard work pays off -- you get what you put in. So why stop?" Kensei will try his best to train with multiple partners, just to increase his effectiveness in battle against different styles. He often practices jutsu and taijutsu combinations for hours on end, simply because he wishes to use them to thier most effective potential i.e, practicing a jutsu to the point that he no longer needs to speak the jutsu's name to use it.

"Be polite. Be professional. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet."

In combat, Kensei tends to remain silent under the motto 'I'm not here to talk with you. If I am sent to the front line, then my orders are clear: I am to end your life by any means necesary, even if it costs me my own." In his eyes, the people who boast in battle annoy him greatly, often to the point of him breaking his code of silence to scream at them to shut up and let thier skills do the talking. In battle, he often forgos speaking a jutsu's name, just to throw his opponent's off balance or even weaving false hand seals to confuse an opponent. 

History: Once upon a time, there was a little ninja that could! What he could do, he didn't do, and what he did do, he shouldn't have done. His days were filled with happiness, sunshine, and rainbows out the ass. He positively skipped everywhere he went, and the world was just so ha-- Sorry. I can't do that anymore. The false happiness is gonna make me puke.

This story isn't filled with happiness. There are no fucking rainbows, no eternal sunshine and no ponies talking to each other about what a wonderful day it is to go on a picnic. If you're looking for that, you're in the wrong place. No, this story is a bit darker than most, and not for the 'faint of heart'. Or, I could be just completely bullshitting you. Time will tell if you are capable of separating the truth from my ramblings. For now, please have a seat-- no, not that one. That one is reserved for the porcupine.

The story begins like so many others: a man and a woman. His father was a retired Anbu captain from Morigakure whom wanted a quiet life: His mother was a seamstress from a small town outside of Morigakure. Together they built a life outside the busy walls of Morigakure, one where they could live out their days in happiness. Uchiha Tenji was tired of the political posing and in-fighting of his family, tired of the looks of contempt that he and his wife, Reimei Uzumaki, received from the other Uchiha. He moved himself and his wife to her home village. Tenji used his skills as an shinobi to to become a hunter for his family, providing them with a wealth of food while Reimei was able to save them money by using her skills as a seamstress to keep the family clothed. Together, they built themselves a simple yet beautiful life.

Imagine their joy some three years into their wedded bliss when Reimei announced to Tenji and their close friends that she was carrying their first child. Tenji quickly wrote home to his family, excited about the bundle of joy on the way. Tenji's father was overwhelmed with joy-- but not many other people of the clan were happy. They did not like the prospect of their 'pure blood' being mixed with that of commoners, yet no one would dare voice their opinions against Tenji's father. But nothing could stop the sour expressions and mocking tones that were given to the couple when the elder Uchiha's back was turned as the young couple came to visit.

After nine months, Reimei gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, one whom she named Kensei. The child was born healthy with a head of white hair, much to his parents shock. Thinking nothing of it, Tenji, Reimei, and Kensei lived happily together for years. As the child grew older, Tenji taught Kensei how to fend for himself in the wild; to hunt and track game, how to formulate traps with Fuinjutsu for smaller animals and the like, which Kensei took to like a fish to water. By the time the child was nine, he was was spending several days a week camping in the nearby forest, coming home with enough small game to supplement his father's earnings. It was also around this time that Tenji taught Kensei Kyujutsu, or the art of archery as well as basic practice in Kenjutsu (strictly for the purpose of self defense against some of the larger creatures of the forest). Under his father's tutelage, Kensei's skills grew to be comparable to that of a genin shinobi.

On a personal level, Kensei was not one to always play nice with others. On the days that he went to the market with is mother, Kensei was in charge of watching the stall while Reimei handled the money. After a particularly nasty incident in which most of their trade was stolen, as a precaution, Kensei always rigged his stall with Fuinjutsu traps. As the thieves would attempt to steal skins from the stall, they'd find themselves rooted in place and staring down the shaft of an arrow until they either payed or were arrested. He had no mercy for would-be thieves -- even the children. An arrow launched near the foot to snare them with Fuinjutsu, followed by another to 'heat' their feet until they returned what they attempted to steal. As time passed, thieves grew wary of the child and his mother when they came into town, avoiding them entirely out of fear for their own safety; the child was less forgiving as he grew older. What were once simple traps designed to protect his wares evolved into more sinister displays of brilliance -- fingers were often lost, sometimes a whole hand. Of course, Kensei would return the appendages -- after the local police were informed.

It would be these 'incidents' that would prove to be the downfall of the happy family. The local mob boss was not happy with this little 'rebellion'. Other merchants, seeing a mere teenager protect his wares in a such a way, were refusing to be exploited. Deciding that the best way to stop this newfound bravery was to make an example of the Kensei and his mother, the boss ordered his men to follow the family home and ambush them.

As the family settled down to dinner at dusk, there came a knock at the door. As Tenji got up to answer the door, the windows of their cabin were smashed inward, through which numerous armed thugs jumped through. The men, expecting to only see Kensei and his mother, were shocked to see the enraged Sharingan of Tenji, who promptly began to beat the life of the nearest thug with the door of their cabin. Tenji ordered Kensei and Reimei to get out of the house-- something that Kensei was able to accomplish with a bit of a struggle. Miraculously, the teen was able to snatch up his bow and quiver before grabbing his shrieking mother and pulling her with him through a window as Tenji covered their escape. Several of the thugs got out of the cabin to follow the duo as the cabin erupted into black flames...

For the three men following Kensei and Reimei, life was about to take a fatal turn for the worse. Kensei and his mother fled into the parts of the forest that was laced with various hunting traps. The following were relatively simple for Kensei. He waited amongst the treetops until a trap had been activated, before moving closer and firing arrows into the unfortunate soul whom been caught. Once the last man was dead, Reimei and Kensei made their way to the main road, and traveled to Morigakure. Once there, the duo met with Tenji's father, explaining what happened. The elder Uchiha allowed them to remain in his house until the situation had been handled.

When Tenji's father returned a week later with news of the mobs 'sudden' vanishing in a sea of black flames, he offered Reimei and Kensei a place to stay until they were able to get back on their feet. Reimei declined, opting to instead go back to her own home town of Hachō, with Kensei deciding to go along with her. Reimei herself had no family to speak of, but was determined to make it on her own with her son. As a precaution, they changed their surnames to keep any remnants of the old mafia from tracking them down. 

So far, they have lived in peace, with Kensei taking up the role of providing food for them, and Reimei opening a small shop for them to sell in. Life was good for quite a while, until Reimei took ill. With no one to look after the shop because Kensei had to look after her, they pair soon were running low on funds. Desperate to find a solution, Kensei began to take on odd jobs to provide for them. That is, until he was approached by a man named Fate with the promise of a job, housing, and someone to look after his mother constantly. Seeing no other solution, Kensei took up the man's offer.

The deal that Fate proposed was simple; Reimei would be taken care of at a temple within Morigakure's borders, where Kensei would be free to visit her at anytime. In exchange, Kensei was to simply live his life as normal, and when Fate called upon him, Kensei would be expected to answer. Kensei, seeing no other alternative, accepted the conditions readily, without even questioning.

With his mother taken care of, Kensei left to pursue the life of a shinobi in Morigakure using the skills his father taught him in his young life. He was quickly able to impress the teachers of the shinobi academy who recomended him to be placed into advanced courses due to his prior knowledge. 

Genin life was fairly easy for Kensei; the combination of his fuinjutsu and kenjutsu skills proved to be a wonderful combination for him. Though he declined to participate in the Chunin Exams, his superiors were keen to push through a promotion for him, citing his numerous acomplishments and volumous knowledge of his Fuinjutsu.

RP Sample: Market day, otherwise known as a chance to sell off his wares to the people of a new village, with the hopes of making more money. Money that would no doubt go towards a new bow for himself -- the rest would be sent back home to his mother in order for her to live comfortably. Not that she would ever need much-- his grandfather was a very kind man, and saw to it that they were very well off, despite living so far away. They didn't need much of anything, but it gave them something to do-- it kept them alive.

The male stood behind his stall, shivering slightly in the cool air with a bear-fur cloak wrapped around his body. At top the counter were a various assortment of animal pelts, hand-crafted materials from bone and sinew, as well as dried meat that was meant to last the winters. The day had been relatively slow so far-- not much more than the normal people coming through to browse and see what was for sale. So far, he'd managed to sell off a few of the wolf pelts, as well as two rabbit skins. It wasnt much, but it was enough to cover his travel expenses to use the warp system to get here. Black eyes stared at the world, waiting for the next custom--


What the ship?

People, running and screaming like they had no fucking sense. Screaming shit about cookies and NOMNOMNOM -- chanting about flour eggs, milk and butter like it as a temple hymn. Was there something he didn't know? This was his first day in Kumo-- did the short wagon crash nearby and all the patients were escaping? Almost immediately, the male placed a hand on his stall, activating a repulsion seal, one that would push away people until Kensei deactivated it. And judging by the looks of things, he was gonna until the madness died down.

Madness. People running, dropping their kids and kicking them home like field goals. Pirates, running around and demanding sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla and shit like it was a natural thing, and Kensei was just sitting there like it was a natural thing. He was in shock-- wondering just how this village was surviving if this was happening. And where the f*ck was security? seriously. Were they all at McNinjas on lunch break or some shit? 

And at that, where the f*ck did these pirates come from? were they just letting them in? Seriously, this was crazy--

"Oi, you got some kind of death wish or something? Most people run away when they see pirates: even if they're not actually doing anything wrong at the moment."

....The urge to become a sarcastic ass was rising. Though he felt pretty damn safe with his repulsion seal, the urge to look over and see who was talking before commenting was... rational. Black eyes slid over to where the voice had came from, expecting an old, one-eyed hag with a hook hand a peg le--

Oh. Oh damn. This.. was not expected. A young female, holding a bottle of what appeared to be rum admist the chaos. A trap if he ever saw one. There had to be a catch-- wait. Her style of dressing was very reminiscent of the people running around, demanding the weird shit from merchants.. was she with them?

"Perhaps. But, I'm not about to run off and let me work be stolen from me. Who're you?" 

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Kensei Uchiha
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